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I'm going mad with the desire to write. I've got all these ideas and all this energy for it. It's amazing. I tried to write something last night though, and it didn't come out right. It's super frustrating. I know what I want things to look like, I know the feeling that I want to express, I just can't seem to get it right on the page and it's driving me bonkers.

Anyway, just thought I would complain. :-P

The stories I have lined up is:
1) A short piece on Dean's pendant - Bobby's POV
2) John's parenting/Dean's parenting  - Dean's POV
3) A short piece about Dean - Sam at Standford POV

The third one is what I tried to write last night and am completely unsatisfied with. But, for those of you who are curious about whether I have any upcoming fics...those are them - all swishing around in my brain.

I wouldn't mind writing something a little more CURRENT...all of those are basically wee!chester stuff (which seems to be a habit of mine), but alas, them's the breaks. I thought about setting #2 in a S3 retrospective, and even at one point thought of a particular episode that I could base it around, but I've since forgotten which episode I was thinking of. 

So, that's what's up with me!

Here are some general shots from my week in Vancouver...just for the hell of it:

Man, my country is frickin' beautiful. I have a couple of picures of bridges that we HAVEN'T seen in SPN yet, so I might post those later. Ironically, I don't have any pictures of the bridges we have seen. However, my sister and I decided that, were I to move there in the fall, we would organize a Supernatural-Day and go visit all the location shoots from S1-S4 that we could.

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