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Update on "If Clothes Could Talk"


With the above cap and the entry on Sam's White X-Striped Shirt (or maybe I should call it Sam's DEATH Shirt), I've finished posting all the entries for S2 clothes! Yay!

Let's look at the numbers:

In S2, Dean and Sam collectively carried around...

5 Unique T-Shirts
4 Long-Sleeved Ts and Sweaters
8 Polos and Henleys
1 Hoodie
35 Shirts
13 Coats

Specifically, Sam carries around...

4 Unique T-Shirts
4 Long-Sleeved Ts and Sweaters
3 Polos
1 Hoodie (assuming it's his)
21 Shirts
7 Coats
Total: 40 articles of clothing (not including, suits, costumes, jeans, and shoes)
Total actually worn: 39

Dean carried around...

1 Unique T
4 Henleys
14 Shirts
5 Coats
Total: 24 articles of clothing (not including suits, costumes, jeans, and shoes)
Total actually worn: 23

So, Sam still has more clothes than Dean, by a considerable amount.
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