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Quick Reaction: 4x15 Death Takes a Holiday

Man oh man, things are heating up....

Why can't Dean just get a second chance? Why does it have to lead to something nasty?! What could be worse than hell?!  Oh man...my poor Dean!

Man, even flirty blind psychics dying of knife wounds don't want Sam using his powers...

Castiel had an awesome cameo as usual. I liked that he impersonated Bobby. I like that he told Dean that he was special...I just wish I trusted him...because, damn, I WANT him to be there to save Dean. Sam might be a goner, but can't SOMEONE save Dean?!!? Man, it depresses me to think that Sam might be doomed too though...he was such a sweet boy. How come the road to hell is paved with good intentions? Can't it be paved with dead babies instead?

And oh man, that "You're such a prude" comment...is it as much fun when they hand us wincest on a silver platter? I'll have to ask a wincester, I suppose. Did I just invent that word? Possibly....I like it.  Wincester, it's only ONE letter off...they ARE handing it to us on a silver platter.

What else what else...Alistair is captured! Yay!

But man...you know, I had prepared myself for the Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid ending, but now I'm thinking it'll be even worse than that.

Oh oh! I'm glad they brought back Tessa and had Dean remember the hospital...nice.

Quick thought: It's not Sam's perfect life that Dean ruined when he pulled him out of that apartment building in 2005, it was his own...maybe not perfect...but Sam is going down, and Dean's devotion to him is just pulling him down with him - well, it has already really.
Alright, that's all my thoughts...I hope you only clicked the LJ-cut if you were prepared for spoilers, because that's what you got!

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