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Fic: Vile Violent Vacations 25/30 (SPN/HP) PG-13, Gen

Title: Vile Violent Vacations 25/30
Author: hells_half_acre 
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Supernatural
Rating: PG-13 (for language)
Genre: Gen
Warnings: Spoilers for all Harry Potter books, spoilers for Supernatural until 5x10.
Disclaimer:  This is a transformative work of fiction for entertainment purposes only.
AN: Sequel to Damned Demented Demons and Bobby and Hermione - An Epistolary Fic . Updates every Wednesday (PST).

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Summary: In which Harry and the Winchesters locate Carrow, much to their dismay.

Castiel arrived first. Ginny was setting Albus and James up in the kitchen with crayons and parchment. The poor boys had both been woken up from their nap at the playgroup, and Ginny just knew she was going to pay for that later. Still, she couldn’t argue with the fact that she much preferred to have her children with her when things like this happened. The Auror team that she could hear Harry debriefing in the other room helped too.  When the angel in the trench coat suddenly appeared right beside her, she felt a sliver of relief, even if she did almost hit him with a stunner again out of reflex.

“My apologies,” Castiel said, wincing as he had done the first time he had arrived.

“That’s ok,” Ginny said. “Though, maybe if you used the front door, the wards wouldn’t hurt you as much.”

“Cassy!” James greeted.

“Samdean?” Albus asked.

“They will be along shortly,” Castiel answered. “I must speak with your father, excuse me.”

Castiel walked out of the room, his trench coat billowing behind him – and Ginny realized it was the first time she had seen him walk anywhere. She quickly moved towards the door of the kitchen, to eavesdrop on the Auror meeting currently being held in the living room. Harry only allowed a select few Aurors to know his address.

“It’s okay stand down,” Harry was saying. “He’s a friend. He uh...works under Sam and Dean – He’s a... specialist.”

“Harry,” Castiel said, “Amycus Carrow may still be able to sum-“

“I’m just saying that a little WARNING would have been nice!” Dean’s voice interrupted as Sam, Dean, and Ron spilled in through the front door. “You don’t just send a man’s wheels careening through space and time without letting him know first! What if she had been running! Who knows what that might have done to her!”

“I’m sorry,” Ron said. “I thought it was clear that we were in a rush. I didn’t mean to-“

“Harry, where the hell are your kids?” Dean asked.

“The kitch-" Harry’s voice came from the living room, but he was cut off by two small bodies running past Ginny and into the foyer.

“Here we are!” James said.

“Guys, I told you to-" Harry started.

“Lily is sleeping!” Albus declared.

“Not for long at this rate,” Ginny muttered to herself.

“Hey guys!” Dean said. “You staying out of trouble?”

“We’re drawing! Come see!” James answered.

“In a minute,” Dean said. “We gotta talk to your daddy first.”

Ginny stepped forward, and called the boys back to her, as Harry dismissed his team to take up their positions. She was sure to keep the kitchen door open.

As she parked Albus back in his chair in the kitchen, she could hear Ron checking in with Hermione, while Castiel talked about what pages had been ripped from some book, and the fact that one of them could be a summoning ritual. Finally, Ginny got tired of not being included in the conversation. After all, she had more personal experience with Amycus Carrow than Ron and Harry put together.


“So, fill us in, who is this Carrow guy?” Dean asked, sitting himself down on the couch. “Malfoy seemed to have personal experience with him-“

“Well, he would wouldn’t he,” Ron started to say.

“So do I” Ginny’s voice suddenly added in, as she appeared in the room with James and Albus walking obediently in front of her, their drawing supplies clutched in little hands. Ginny waved the boys over to their usual play area. “So don’t go bad mouthing Malfoy unless you’re talking about his father.”

“Gin, the boys-" Harry started to say. Ginny waved her wand in the air, and Dean felt the hairs on the back of his neck prickle.

“Won’t hear a word now that I’ve muffled this half of the room,” Ginny said. “Now, it may have been under different circumstances than Malfoy, but I believe out of everyone here, I’ve spent the most time with Amycus Carrow, and seeing as how he’s after my husband, I feel like as though I should be included in this little meeting, wouldn’t you agree?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Dean said, surprising himself.

“Good,” Ginny said. She sat down between Harry and Ron on the couch facing Sam and Dean. Castiel stood stiffly off to the side. “Now, Sam, Dean - Amycus Carrow was a death eater, and also a teacher at Hogwarts during the year that Voldemort was in power, which is why both Malfoy and myself are acquainted with him.”

“What did he teach?” Sam asked.

“The Dark Arts,” Harry answered.

“Is that what it sounds like?” Dean asked. “I thought you said they don’t teach that sort of stuff at Hogwarts. I mean, weren’t we there teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts? Why would they-"

“They don’t teach it,” Ron said. “Only that year – only under Voldemort.”

“His specialty was torture,” Ginny continued. “Before the war, Harry broke up with me in the hopes that it’d stop them from trying to use me to get to him – it didn’t work. I had sessions with Amycus, as he tried to get me to tell him where Harry was, what he was doing. In class, his favourite lessons were the ones where he had the students practice their torture techniques on each other.”

“Malfoy said he’d go after Harry’s kids,” Dean said. Ginny nodded.

“Anyone you love is a point of weakness – something that can be used against you,” Ginny said, “and children’s screams can affect even strangers, if they’re still in possession of their soul in any case. To love is to invite your own destruction.”

Dean nodded. These were all things he had heard before, in a different place – for years.

“Ginny, stop now,” Harry said.

“He can handle it,” Ginny said, and Dean didn’t quite know what she meant, until he saw the concerned look Sam was giving him.

“Maybe,” Harry said, “but I can’t.”

Dean looked away as Harry reached over and carefully picked up Ginny’s hand, and kissed it gently.

“So, you’ve got the teams outside,” Sam said to Ron, “and I heard you send a team to your own house-”

“Yeah,” Ron cleared his throat. “We’ve got a protocol for this type of situation – Harry and I, we’re the most in the public eye, and my family was heavily involved in the war. We receive the most threats against us from former death eaters and Voldemort sympathizers. So, when this happens, Hermione or I barricade ourselves in our house with a full Auror team outside. Harry does the same. We also send a team out to watch over my parents, and sometimes my siblings. The rest of the Aurors are off poking at our snitches and gathering information. In this case, actually trying to find Carrow is the priority. So a lot of our best men are off doing that. This is usually the part where we try to convince Harry to stay here, but he insists on going out in the field and tracking down Carrow himself.”

“And who do you have at Hogwarts?” Dean asked.

“Hogwarts?” Harry repeated, “No one. Why?”

“You don’t have anyone up at Hogwarts?” Sam asked again.

“No, Hogwarts is safe,” Ron said, “it’s warded to the gills, and Ernie and Neville are both there, and Carrow is after Harry anyway, so-"

“Listen, maybe me and Sam don’t usually deal with humans, but ghosts were all once human, and we know ghosts really well,” Dean explained. “And if we had a ghost who targets children and used to teach at a school, well, that’d be where we’d figure on finding it.”

“Yes, but Harry is the target,” Ron said.

“And the guy works through children,” Sam said.

“Exactly, he-" Harry started.

“Harry, man, not all your children are here,” Dean said.

Dean watched with no measure of satisfaction as all the blood seemed to drain from Harry’s face.

“But Hogwarts is safe,” Ron said, though the conviction was gone from his voice.

“Like it was while we were there?” Harry snapped, jumping to his feet.

Dean got to his feet, and nodded to Sam, who nodded back. They had the knife, and rosaries. They didn’t have any holy water, but hopefully there’d be time to make some when they got there. Castiel looked concerned, but Dean didn’t have a chance to ask him why, because at that point James and Albus realized something was horribly wrong and came running over to their mother.

“Neville?!” Harry was shouting into his mirror, but he didn’t seem to be getting an answer. Albus was looking at his father with wide watery eyes.

“Calm down, Harry,” Dean said. “You’re freaking out the kids”

“The map,” Harry said to Ron, “the map is in the study”

Ron ran up the stairs.

“Try the coin, Harry,” Ginny said, hugging James tightly to her side.

“Right, the coin,” Harry was patting his pockets, then finally produced a small pouch. He pulled out a small gold coin, and then touched his wand to it. Nothing happened. Harry didn’t seem surprised though, so Dean figured maybe nothing was meant to happen.

Ron appeared then with a ratty looking folded piece of paper, which he laid on the coffee table.

“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good,” Harry said, touching his wand to the paper.

“Uh, something you want to tell us, Harry,” Sam said.

“It’s how it works...my Dad - and Teddy’s dad - they made it,” Harry said. “It’s Hogwarts.”

Dean watched in fascination as ink slowly spread across the paper, revealing what looked like a floor plan – little dots with small flags on them moved slowly throughout the building.

“Wow,” James whispered, leaning over from where he sat with Albus on their mother’s lap.

“Look for Teddy,” Harry said. “It’s Friday, at...two in the afternoon. He...would have class. What class? Goddamn it, why didn’t I ask for his schedule!”

Dean and Sam both knelt next to the coffee table. Dean didn’t know much about the layout of Hogwarts, even after having been there; so, he just started reading names wherever people were gathered, figuring they must be the students in their classrooms.

“McGonagall’s in her office,” Ron said. “I’m going to go floo-call her from the kitchen.”

“He’s not in Ernie’s classroom,” Harry said, disappointed.

“They had all day DADA yesterday,” Ginny said. “It would have messed up the schedules for the week. They would have some of their classes changed. I don’t think anyone would have class with Ernie today.”

“Ernie is in the library,” Sam said, pointing to the name.

“Go tell Ron to tell McGonagall that Ernie’s in the library!” Harry commanded, and Sam leapt up and left the room.

Dean was starting to go cross-eyed from reading the little labels, so he decided that maybe he should look outside the building, to see if there was a label on its own that said ‘Sonofabitch lying in wait to hurt innocent kids’ or something equally useful. Instead, he found another clump of children. This time, with names he recognized.

“I found him,” Dean said. “But what the hell is he doing in the woods?”

“What?” Harry said. Dean pointed to the clump of labels at the very edge of the map, deep in a large section of the map labelled ‘The Forbidden Forest’. The clump of students were slowly moving back towards the castle, all being lead by a label that read ‘Neville Longbottom.

“Oh, I found Neville too,” Dean said. “He’s already with him.”

“Bloody hell, it’s the winter harvest,” Harry said.

“The what?” Dean asked, just as both Ron and Sam re-entered the room.

“Certain plants need to be harvested in the middle of winter in order to be potent,” Ron explained. “According to McGonagall, Neville’s got his class out collecting. She’s gone to tell Ernie to be on alert, but Neville shouldn’t be back until the end of class.”

“He’s headed back now,” Harry said. “He must have the coin on him.”

“Good,” Ron said.

“No, it is not good,” Castiel suddenly said. Dean nearly jumped out of his skin, because he hadn’t realized that Castiel had been nearly plastered to Dean’s back for the past who-knows-how-long, in order to look over his shoulder at the map. Castiel reached over Dean’s shoulder, and pointed at another label, also traveling through the woods, but on an intercept course with Neville and his clump of students – Amycus Carrow.

“Let’s go!” Harry said, and before either Sam or Dean could react, Harry’s hand clamped down on Sam’s arm and Dean watched as his brother and the wizard disappeared right in front of him.

“Son of a bitch!” Dean said. “He can’t-"

“I guess you two are with me” Ron said, and Dean felt a hand on his elbow, and he only had a second to glimpse Castiel’s startled expression before they were pulled into the tight darkness.


Harry steadied Sam as they apparated in front of the gates to Hogwarts. Even through his spiked adrenaline, and fear for Teddy, Harry had noted the difference when apparating with Sam. Last year, he would have noted it because it was remarkable, this year – it was because it was not.

“That was normal,” Harry said.

“What?” Sam said, confused for probably multiple reasons.

Before Harry could answer, Ron arrived with Dean and, surprisingly, Castiel. Harry had assumed Castiel would travel on his own, and it seemed Castiel had assumed that too, if the expression on his face was anything to go by.

“Sam? Are you ok?” Dean asked, even though Dean looked a little green himself.

“He didn’t pull at all,” Harry said. “It was just like apparating a normal person, I don’t-“

“Oh,” Dean said. “Then it was just the-, right...that’s good then. Hey, Cas? You ok?”

“Yes,” Castiel said.

Harry didn’t understand what could have possibly changed or why the Winchesters suddenly seemed to be having a silent conversation with their eyes and shoulders.

“Come on,” Harry said. “If you’ve all recovered, we’ve got to run – you can’t apparate on the grounds of Hogwarts.”

“I could go ahead,” Castiel said.

“No,” Harry replied, “Neville doesn’t know you, neither does Teddy, you’d only confuse them.”

“I could tell them I’m an angel of the Lord,” Castiel replied.

“Just run with us, Cas,” Dean said.

“Fine,” Castiel replied.

They took off through the gates, Harry ran off the path in what he hoped was a straight line towards Neville’s approximate location in the Forbidden Forest. He sent a snow clearing charms ahead of them, to ease their way through the various snow drifts that filled the forest. He could hear Ron yelling orders into his mirror, as he took up the rear of the group. “Target is at Hogwarts, inform the Headmistress that Harry Potter already has a team taking up position. Possible student hostages, proceed with caution.” Harry tried not to think of that last part. He had wanted better for Teddy – he had wanted Teddy to never know fear like he had. He tried not to think of how he had left Ginny to deal with James and Albus, who had heard all of that last part of their conversation – who were no doubt terrified for their big brother. Harry was as rubbish a father as...well, he was a rubbish father.

Then suddenly, sitting directly in their path, Harry saw a silver boar. He stopped running and held up his hand, the others coming to a stop immediately behind him.

“Whose?” Dean asked, just as the boar turned, and calmly started walking away.

“Ernie,” Harry said. “We’re close, everyone quiet – we still have surprise working to our advantage.”

Slowly, they all followed the boar, Harry’s nerves wanting him to run blindly forward instead – just run up to Carrow and give him anything he wanted, just as long as he left Teddy alone – but if he played his cards right, they could possibly catch Carrow without anyone getting hurt.

Finally, they rounded a copse of trees to find Ernie lying on his stomach near the top of a small hill. They could hear voices, from whatever lay beyond the hill. Ernie turned sharply at the sound of their approaching footsteps, and the boar vanished. Ernie beckoned them up, so Harry quickly dropped to his knees and crawled up beside him. The others followed, though the angel looked confused about it. Ernie gave Castiel a curious look, but Harry just gave him a nod, and that seemed to be enough to set Ernie at ease.

“Neville’s been keeping him talking,” Ernie said softly, “most of the kids aren’t sure what’s going on, but they know it’s not good. Teddy’s been keeping his form still – I think he knows he’s the target.”

Harry pulled himself to the top of the hill and peered over. Sure enough, Neville stood in front of his small class – about nine boys and ten girls, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw – his wand at the read. Ten feet in front of them stood Amycus Carrow in a black robe, his wand also held out – and a slight shimmer of light encasing him. Neville and the class had almost made it back. Beyond Carrow, Harry could see Hogwarts looming on the hill, only the rounded curve of the lake and an open field separated them from the safety of the castle walls.

“Just give me what I want Longbottom,” Carrow said.

“No,” Neville replied.

“Cas?” Sam said softly. “You think you could zap you and me behind those trees over there?” Sam pointed across clearing to a copse of trees that would shield him from Carrows view, but put him close to the students.

“Yes,” Castiel said.

“You can’t apparate-" Ernie started to say, but before he could finish, Castiel reached over and touched Sam gently on the arm, and they were gone. “How did-...what-"

“Not important,” Harry said, focusing his attention across the clearing where he could see Sam and Cas had successfully reached their destination.

“I could just kill you,” Carrow said, so far oblivious to what was going on around him, “it would make this so much easier. Is that what you’d like Longbottom?”

“You won’t,” Neville said. “If you wanted to, or maybe if you could, you would have done so already – surrender Amycus, it’s really in your best interest.”

“Why doesn’t Neville just throw some goddamn magic at him?” Dean asked Harry, “for that matter, why aren’t you guys?”

“You see that subtle bit of shimmering light around Carrow? That’s a form of magical protection. Also, once someone starts firing, the children could get caught in the crossfire,” Harry said. “Neville needs to be ready to throw up shield charms. If he attacks, he’s leaving his defenses open. The children are too young to defend themselves against someone as strong as Carrow.”

Harry watched as Dean pulled out a silver handgun.

“I could peg him off right now,” Dean said, “easy. I bet his protection is just for magic.”

“You really want to blow a man’s brains out in front of twenty twelve year-olds?” Harry asked.

“It’s better than that sick fuck hurting them,” Dean argued. Below them, Carrow continued to tease Neville about never learning his lesson, Harry could only listen with half an ear, as he signalled Ron that he was going to circle round and find Sam, then they’d have Carrow flanked by wizards and Hunters. He knew Sam was up to something, and he wished the younger Winchester had told him what it was before he disappeared.

“I saw plenty of things get their heads blown off as a kid, and I turned out ok!” Dean said.

“Dean,” Harry said.

“Yeah, ok, I see your point,” Dean conceded.

“I’m going to go find your brother, you stay here,” Harry said. “If he tries to lay a finger on Teddy, you shoot him...to hell with the emotional consequences.”

“Yes, sir,” Dean said.


It only took a second for Sam to reorient himself once Cas transported him.

“I could just kill you,” Carrow said to Neville, and Sam knew that so far he hadn’t been seen. While Carrow continued talking, Sam made a small snow ball and lobbed it close to the ground towards the nearest Ravenclaw girl. She jumped when it hit her shoe, and looked towards him. He quickly put his finger to his mouth to tell her to keep quiet, and then beckoned her over.

“You won’t,” Sam could hear Neville say, as the girl darted a glance towards where the two adults stood and inched two steps closer to Sam. “If you wanted to, or maybe if you could, you would have done so already – surrender Amycus, it’s really in your best interest.” Carrow started to laugh, and the girl darted behind the trees to join Sam.

“Hey, hey,” Sam said “Emily, right?”

The girl nodded. She had been one of the younger students helping him in the library the night before.

“Alright, listen Emily,” Sam said. “This is my friend Castiel. He can send you guys to the castle where you’ll be safe, but you need to tell the others about him. Alright? I need you to tell them that the man wearing the trench coat is a friend and they need to trust him. If I tell you guys to run, I need you to run this direction, ok? I need you to run to Castiel.”

“But, how?” Emily asked “you can’t apparate on school grounds, and Professor Longbottom told us to stay calm and not to move.”

“Castiel knows special magic, ok Emily?” Sam said. “You have to trust me on this. Now, can you pass the message on? Do you think you can go back to your friends without being seen?”

Emily nodded, giving one last look to Castiel, before moving to the edge of the thicket once again, and peaking out towards where Carrow and Neville still stood talking.

“I just want his beloved freak, Longbottom,” Carrow was saying. “We can solve this stalemate all the quicker if you just hand over the boy.”

“Do you honestly think I would do that?” Neville laughed. “You must have lost your mind in Azkaban, Amycus.”

“On the contrary, you fool...” Carrow said. Sam watched as Emily ducked and took the few steps needed to get back to her position at the back of the group of students. The girl next to her had already noticed her absence, and had been watching her and Sam talk. As Carrow continued talking, Sam watched as Emily whispered to her friend, and her friend gave Sam a shaking nod, and turned to the person beside her.

Sam leaned back and turned to Castiel, who was staring at him with a weird expression on his face.

“This is kind of a dangerous message to pass by broken telephone,” Sam said.

“I don’t understand, they have no phones,” Castiel responded.

“Just,” Sam shook his head, “when the shit starts hitting the fan, zap as many kids as you can back to the Castle, ok?”

Castiel nodded.


Teddy didn’t know what was going on. It had been a normal class, they had been doing winter harvesting for the past two weeks. Teddy loved it, because it meant that they were allowed to venture into the Forbidden Forest. He knew Neville kept them on a safe path, and that they were far from Centaur territory, but it was still a little thrilling. Today though, Neville had suddenly stuttered halfway through his lecture on the acidic properties of conifers, and turned his back on the class for a minute. When he turned back, he announced that they had to return to the castle at once. The thrill of being in the Forbidden Forest suddenly swooped into a much different feeling in Teddy’s stomach.

He had been so relieved when Hogwarts had finally come into view, just around the lake, but then a man in black dress robes had stepped out from behind a tree in front of the group of them. Teddy didn’t know who he was, but he found himself go still on reflex. He knew without asking his friends that his hair and eyes were mousy brown, because that’s what Harry had taught him to do around strangers since he was little – be so unremarkable that looking at Teddy made them bored.

“Stay calm, don’t move, and let me handle this,” Neville said to the class in a hushed voice, before turning back towards the man.

“Hello Longbottom,” the man said, “I see you still have a souvenir from our time together” and he gestured to his cheek – a mirror to the scar that Teddy knew lay on Neville’s face.

“Amycus,” Neville said, and Teddy watched as Neville’s wand appeared in his hand.

“That’s Professor Carrow to you, Longbottom, or do I need to teach you yet another lesson in respec,t” the man, Carrow, said. Teddy recognized the name, and fought to keep his hair still as his stomach dropped. Carrow was the name of two death eaters, siblings, during the war. They were supposed to be in Azkaban. Teddy needed to get a message to Harry. This was very bad.

“You’re welcome to try, Amycus,” Neville said. “Just allow the children to pass unharmed, and you can try to teach me whatever lesson you like.”

“Sorry, Longbottom,” Carrow replied. “But it’s actually one of the children I’ve come for, though, I must say, the offer to hear your screams again is tempting.”

Teddy felt his blood run cold. He heard the nervous whispers and gasps of his friends, but he couldn’t join in – it was taking all his concentration to keep his hair still, to not show his fear. He needed to be strong for his friends, he needed to make sure nothing bad happened to any of them. The best way to do that was to remain so unremarkable that Carrow wouldn’t notice him – maybe if he was boring enough, he could slip away and run and get Professor McGonagall to call Harry. He knew Harry would come right away.

He felt Iggy step closer to him. Maybe he was scared. Teddy tried to give him a reassuring look, but it didn’t seem to help. Then Nate moved closer to him too, and Teddy thought that was odd, since Nate was better friends with Penelope, and surely he would take better comfort in her presence than Teddy’s – but then, Penelope was towards the back of the group with her friends in Ravenclaw, so maybe Teddy was just closer.

While Neville and Carrow talked, Teddy tried to think of a plan. Neville had told them to stay calm and not move, so that was a good plan, but Teddy thought he needed another plan in case he had to move – in case he had to protect one of his friends. Professor MacMillan had taught them the protego spell, and Teddy was pretty quick with it, but Professor MacMillan had also said that their spell casting wasn’t as strong as an adult wizards. Teddy knew the chances were good that the spell would only slightly lessen the blow of an offensive attack, but not prevent it completely. Still, maybe it would be enough. If he knew who Carrow was going after, he could move closer to that person slowly.

The problem was, Teddy couldn’t figure out what Carrow could possible want from any one of them. Teddy didn’t know everyone as well as he knew Iggy and Andy, but as far as he did know, no one’s parents had a particular history with Carrow. Teddy wondered if maybe Carrow was after someone like Andy, who was muggleborn – the death eaters had hated the muggleborns. But why would Carrow break out of prison just to attack a kid he had never met before – and why Andrew, when there were plenty of muggleborn wizards to choose from. Teddy couldn’t figure it out.

Then suddenly, almost against his will, Teddy’s attention was pulled back to the conversation between Carrow and Neville, because he suddenly realized who Carrow was after.

“I just want his beloved freak, Longbottom.”

It was him. There was a death eater after him – Teddy Lupin. Teddy had been so focused on trying to figure out everyone else’s connection to Carrow, he hadn’t even considered that his parents had died in the battle that had won the war. He hadn’t considered that his godfather was the head of the Auror Department, the Saviour of the Wizarding World, and the man that had sat in on every single trial after the war was over. To Teddy, Harry was just Harry, but to everyone else he was so much more - a ‘symbol’ his Gran had explained to Teddy once. Harry was a symbol and Teddy...Teddy was his beloved freak.

“Keep still,” Nate whispered beside him, and Teddy refocused, willing his hair and eyes to remain brown and boring. Brown and boring so that eyes just slid away from him, never lingering – Harry had told him how Teddy’s mother had always been able to hide in plain sight, and that’s what Teddy needed to do now. Make Carrow believe he had skipped lessons today – or that Carrow had the wrong class altogether.

“You must have lost your mind in Azkaban, Amycus,” Neville was saying. Then Carrow laughed.

“On the contrary, you fool,” Carrow said, “I gained far more than I lost. It’s amazing, the books one can pick up at their local library. I’m fighting with much stronger forces now – magic you’ve never even encountered. Now give me what I want.”

“No,” Neville said. “You’ll have to go through me, and I can promise – you will lose. Now, let the children return to the castle, and we’ll settle this like men – in a duel, just the two of us.”

“Longbottom,” Carrow snickered. “You really think I’d come alone?”

Suddenly, Teddy was tapped on the shoulder, and he turned to Iggy who was glancing behind them in some confusion.

“What?” Teddy said, perhaps a little frantic.

“Sam says run back and trust the trench coat,” Iggy whispered.

“What?” Teddy said, in front of them, he could here Carrow saying something, but it sounded like a different language.

“Pass it on,” Iggy said.

Teddy nodded and turned to Nate, still trying to make sense of everything.

“Nate,” Teddy said, grasping Nate’s hand to get his attention. “Sam says run back and trust the trench coat.”

It was as he said the nonsense words to Nate that he realized what they really meant. They meant that Sam was here somewhere, and that meant that Dean was here too, which could only mean that Harry was here as well. Teddy felt a rush of relief.

“When?” Nate asked. Teddy shrugged.

“Pass it on,” Teddy said, and smiled.

“Stay still,” Nate whispered back, and he squeezed Teddy’s hand, before he turned to the Ravenclaw girl next to him and whispered the message.

Suddenly there seemed to be a change in the air, and Teddy’s grip on Nathan’s hand tightened as a woman seemed to appear from nowhere.

“My being at your beck and call wasn’t part of our deal, Amycus,” the figure spoke, a lilting drawl to her words, as though she hadn’t a care in the world.

“Who-“ Neville started to say.

“But you did promise you’d help me get my revenge,” Carrow said. “Now tell me, which child is he?”

Teddy held his breath and tried to stay still, but the newcomer looked directly at him as though Teddy were wearing his name on his forehead.

“That one,” she pointed, “And you already have the audience you want. I think I might just stick around and watch the fun.”

Teddy watched in horror as the newcomers eyes turned completely black as she smiled. Teddy felt his hair go white from the roots to the tips, and then Carrow laughed and raised his wand at the same time as Neville.

“NOW!” a voice suddenly bellowed from behind them.

And then everything became chaos.

Chapter 26 (how much do you guys hate me right now, eh?)
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    I'm still alive! Trying to do every two weeks at the very least, because every week wasn't working. I can't believe it's been over a year since I…

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    Happy 2021! Now that the holidays are over, it's back to work! Which means I will FINALLY watch the final 2 episodes of S14 and update the clothing…

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    I'm still alive! Trying to do every two weeks at the very least, because every week wasn't working. I can't believe it's been over a year since I…