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Supernatural Official Companion Season 5

My Supernatural Official Companion to Season 5 came in the mail yesterday, so I read it all!

There were a couple of things that I liked:

First, Jensen explains why he was glad to get rid of the amulet:

"It's a solid piece of brass. I would forget to change it out with the rubberized one every now and again when I was doing stunts, and I've lost little chips of my teeth from the horns hitting my mouth."

Ok, I forgive you. Chipping teeth is not good.

Second, Jensen digs that hole a little deeper while trying not to:

Another thing that made them laugh was playing with the Castiel action figure. Ackles claims he did some fun things with the mini-Misha, "But I'd probably get in trouble if I told you," he teases, "so we'll just leave that one to the imagination."

Third, Cindy Sampson is awesome:

Cindy Sampson and her onscreen persona both practice yoga, and Sampson has some advice for balancing exercising with eating. "I live in Montreal, so I eat a lot of poutine [French fries with cheese curd and gravy]," she says. "It's an essential part of a healthy diet, I think."

In Small World News: I also lived in Montreal for a time and practiced yoga while I was there...and I also absolutely love poutine. If Cindy can eat poutine regularly and look the way she does, there is hope for all of us.

Fourth, some episode information:

Both 99 Problems and Hammer of the Gods were short, so the scenes at the end of them (Dean arriving at Lisa's house, and Pestilences entrance, respectively) were originally actually supposed to be the opening scenes of the episode after. So, originally Dean arriving at Lisa's was supposed to open Point of No Return, and Pestilence visiting the gas station was supposed to open Two Minutes to Midnight.

Five, Ben Edlund has the best analogies:

"It's a great crew and a great cast. By season five you either have a solid family or a completely dysfunctional blimp that's crashing - and this is the former."

Six, Mark Sheppard is awesome (as if we didn't know):

[On the Crowley-Brady beating:] "I asked, 'Can I try something?' He's like, 'What?' I'm like, 'Can I just beat the crap out of his head?' Bob said, 'What do you mean? Show us.' So I was bang bang bang bang! Bob said, 'Whoah, that's just really, really ugly.' I'm like, 'Yeah, it's nasty.' I was whaling on that guy's head for the better part of two-and-a-half minutes by the time we finished. I thought it was great."

Seven, Awww, I love Jared:

Literally speaking, where they are now is Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, which has given Padalecki a bit of an identity crisis. "Vancouver feels like home of sorts," he says. "I know it really well. I know it better than any other city in the world...[...]...we're on location so much that I've seen so much of the city, and I've had a car here and gone out on the weekends and driven to Whistler and Kelowna and Seattle, so I know the city really well. It still doesn't exactly feel like home,  but I don't know what feels like home anymore. San Antonio or LA or Vancouver? But it feels like a very warm friend."

*Vancouver Hugs for Jared*

Ironically, of course, Jared is more of a Vancouverite than I am. He's been here far longer than me.

Eight, Awww, I love Jensen:

"A lot of people say, 'You don't know what you have until it's gone.' Well, I know what I have." he says, "I know that this is a great show, a great crew, and the characters are well-written. I love my character. I love playing Dean."

Nine, Kurt Fuller is humorous and reminds me of my Dad in a good way:

"The thing I love about Supernatural and playing Zachariah," says Kurt Fuller, "is the themes are huge and mythic. You don't just get angry you get furious. If you're upset, you don't just slap somebody in the face, you take away their lungs!"

Ten, Richard Speight Jr. has a great way of phrasing things:

"To see that when the defecation's about to hit the oscillation he makes the right decision, that was really important to me."

Eleven, I also love Sera Gamble:

[When asked what she would do if there was a real apocalypse] "I wouldn't eat anyone!" Sera Gamble exclaims. "That's terrible!" Then she reconsiders, "I mean, unless I was a zombie, then whoever's closest, obviously, because my brain stem would be detached from my empathy center."
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