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Tomorrow is my last day...

I leave Wednesday morning for home. Vancouver has been brilliant. Beautiful and so Canadian...you never realize how nice home is until you are away and then come back to it.

Sadly, my casual stalking has yielded no results. Even worse, there was a completely missed opportunity! One evening, I checked the only site I know that gives a heads-up to where shows are filming (the updates are infrequent, but accurate when there is one), only to discover that the boys had been filming at Front Street that morning - meanwhile Little Sister and I had walked the sea-wall for lack of anything better to do...sigh...if only I had checked that morning! Since that posting, there has been no updated info about location shoots, so sadly I missed my only opportunity this trip.

Little Sister had some funny suggestions for my last day...wander around town looking for them, find out where they live and sit on the sidewalk all day (I laughed really hard and then pointed out how insanely creepy that would be, not to mention the fact that if I couldn't find out where they were filming, I doubt I could find out where they lived), go sit outside the studios in Burnaby...all of which I pointed out would actually be very very boring ways to spend the day, if they yielded no results. Plus, I pointed out that even if we did find them, I probably wouldn't even talk to them - I have this thing about not wanting to bother people, Little Sister is the same way, actually.

So, we decided that if I were to move to Vancouver, what we would do would is have a Supernatural Day, where we drove around and visited all their FORMER filming locations.  I joked about "The Bridges of Season 4" to which Little Sister responded: "We'll bring a camcorder. Then I'll say, 'Hell was horrible! The things I did there...!' and you'll say 'You were in hell' and have the big puppy-dog eyes and clench your jaw a lot."

It only occurs to me now that *I'm* the elder sibling and therefore it would make more sense for *me* to play Dean....but whatever, we had a good laugh.
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