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Rec: Meta - Dean's dual role in The Male Gaze

Some of you might remember that I posted a rant once about feminism and Supernatural - more specifically, about how I didn't see a problem with the way Supernatural conducted itself. I originally flocked the rant, because I didn't want angry comments from people who didn't agree with me, but felt that they could sway my opinion if they yelled enough (they cannot...yelling just makes me hate you).

Anyway, in that rant, I mentioned how I thought Supernatural was actually pretty gender-equal because more often than not, the boys were just as objectified as the girls, or as powerless as the girls...and overall I thought the show did a great job of showing that either gender can be strong and either gender can be weak.

Today, I was putting off working by reading missyjack 's LJ. I haven't friended her for some reason - instead I enjoy just going to her journal occasionally and seeing what she's been up to. 

She has this great piece about how Dean is both the possessor and the object of the Male Gaze in Supernatural. If you do not know what the Male Gaze is, missyjack  has a link to one of my favorite comics that explains it.

I suggest you check it out!
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