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The Christmas Cottage

So, my little sister and I were at the video store yesterday, and she spotted The Christmas Cottage on the rack...
Little Sister: "Aww..." *pokes the picture of Jared* he's so adorable...."
Me: "Hahaha"
Little Sister: *looks at me with slightly hopeful look*
Me: "...we could get it...."
LIttle Sister: *smiles deviously* "Really?!"

After picking out a second movie, we line up to check them out....
Me: *giggles to myself*
Little Sister: "The Christmas Cottage, right? I'm so excited!"

And thus we ended up watching The Christmas Cottage...which we found absolutely adorable. Little Sister thought that Peter O'Toole was "intense" and that it was super weird watching Jared play someone other than Sam. (We seriously have never before watched him in anything else, as neither of us are big into horror films and neither of us watched the Gilmore Girls.) We both thought that his wool hat was very nice. Little Sister thinks that Jared looks like a whole other person when he starts crying.

The second film we watched was Smart People, because we both like Ellen Page...but it wasn't very good. Just weird.

In other news, I'm thinking of moving out to Vancouver. It's brilliant here, and I think I really need a change. I had this crazy emotional breakdown before my trip back home...and as much as it would be killer more expensive to move out here, I think it might be better on the whole for my life and whatnot. We'll see though, it all depends on whether I can get work out here. I wouldn't move out here until the end of August, so I have a bit of time to figure things out...but I'm thinking of it.

Little Sister says that she's always on the look out for Jared and Jensen, but has never seen them. She did point out the section of town that she thinks they live in though...and I told her what kind of car Jensen drives...so our extremely casual stalking is going well.
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