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Fic: Vile Violent Vacations 22/30 (HP/SPN) PG-13, Gen

Title: Vile Violent Vacations 22/30
Author: hells_half_acre 
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Supernatural
Rating: PG-13 (for language)
Genre: Gen
Warnings: Spoilers for all Harry Potter books, spoilers for Supernatural until 5x10.
Disclaimer:  This is a transformative work of fiction for entertainment purposes only.
AN: Sequel to Damned Demented Demons and Bobby and Hermione - An Epistolary Fic . Updates every Wednesday (PST).

Previous Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 |
| 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21

Summary: In which Sam finally gets to use the library and Ginny and Harry get an unexpected house guest.

Nate excused himself before they got to the kitchen, stating that he had already told his other friends that he would eat dinner with them.

“They’re going to gossip about you two,” Teddy told Dean, once Nate had run off.

“Isn’t he a bit young for that?” Dean asked. Teddy looked at him in confusion.

“The girls all think you’re good looking,” Teddy said. “When they found out Nate was going to the Quidditch practice with you, they made him promise to tell them everything at dinner.”

“Right,” Dean said, “the girls.”

They stopped in front of a large tapestry of a bowl of fruit. Harry reached out and stroked the pear. Dean was about to ask him if he had a strange fetish for medieval tapestry art, when the pear morphed into a doorknob.

“Welcome to Hogwart’s kitchen, fellows,” Harry said, swinging open what was now a door and stepping into a room that was swarming with activity.

Dean felt his jaw drop as he realized that activity wasn’t all it was swarming with. Everywhere he looked were little elfin creatures – pointed ears, large eyes, and oddly disproportionate noses – all of them only as tall as Dean’s knee caps. They were scurrying back and forth carrying large plates of food.

Dean could feel his pulse start to quicken as every instinct wanted to take over. He shot a look at Sam, who had his eyes wide, but shook his head at Dean. The kids were smiling, and Harry was scanning the room quickly as if looking for someone in particular. It was only a second before one of the creatures spotted them and managed to pause all activity in the kitchen for a moment.

“Harry Potter!” it squeaked, and suddenly there were over a hundred doe-eyes staring at them. Dean couldn’t help but think of that scene in Jurassic Park 2, when the little girl had been murdered by the swarm of cute little dinosaurs. The kitchen was soon a mess of squeaky whispers, and an elf scurried forward.

“Harry Potter, Winky is happy to see you, but Harry Potter and his guests should be eating in the Great Hall,” the elf said. Dean scanned the room wondering which one of the creatures was Winky and why they didn’t just speak for themselves.

“I’m happy to see you too, Winky,” Harry said, and Dean realized this was some sort of Yoda deal. “If I ate in the Great Hall though, I’d have to sit at the staff table and I wouldn’t get to visit with Teddy.”

“Plus, this way it’s easier for my brother to sneak off halfway through the meal and go to the library,” Dean added, raising his eyebrow as Sam’s denying glare, which immediately turned into a shrug.

“We has heard Harry Potter was bringing Hunters to Hogwarts,” Winky said. “We is not approving. It is making the house-elves nervous.”

“I’m sorry,” Harry said. “But none of you need worry. Sam and Dean know not to hurt anything at Hogwarts. Also, don’t tell anyone they’re Hunters. It’s a secret.”

“We is not telling our master’s secrets” Winky said. “We is good house-elves.”

“Yes, but I’m not your master,” Harry said with a sigh.

“No, you is not,” Winky agreed, sounding depressed. “Winky’s master is dead or worse, and Winky is a free-elf. But we is not telling Harry Potter’s secrets, because they is Hogwart’s secrets too.” Then the elf snapped its fingers and a table and six chairs appeared beside them. “Harry Potter and Teddy Lupin and their friends can sit here, and Winky will serve them their meal.”

“Thanks Winky,” Harry smiled.

Dean waited until the elf scurried off, before turning to Harry.

“Care to explain what the hell I’m looking at?” Dean asked.

Harry laughed, and launched into an explanation of house-elves. He didn’t pause in his explanation when Winky came back with burgers and fries for Dean, a salad for Sam, and shepherd’s pie for Teddy, so Winky added in a few details too – mostly about how being paid wasn’t necessary and house-elves were happy to serve. Then Harry talked about his friend Dobby and how he had been a free-elf, and when Winky refilled their juice cups (and man, their juice was really weird), she added in about how Dobby was a strange elf, but had always been nice to her and had helped her when she had been depressed and drinking too much.

Dean tried to imagine an alcoholic house-elf, and thought it’d probably be pretty hilarious – but then it occurred to him that if Winky had been an alcoholic, then there was probably alcohol to be had. So he flagged her down like a waitress and asked if Hogwarts had any whiskey. That of course earned him a frown from Sam, but whatever. He’d been sober for way too long in his opinion...besides the wine at the Malfoy’s the previous night, he hadn’t had anything. Well, there was the whiskey he snuck from Harry’s kitchen just before Lily had started crying the night before, but that hardly counted.

Sam ducked out not long after. He gave Dean a nod while Harry was chatting with Teddy, and Iggy and Andrew were in a deep Quidditch debate. It was a full three minutes before Harry even noticed he was gone, and Dean really had to hand it to Sammy – usually tall people were not that sneaky.

“He’ll get lost,” Harry said.

“Nah,” Dean said.

“I’m supposed to be with you two at all times,” Harry replied. “She’ll murder me if she finds out.”

“That’s a bit extreme,” Dean said. “Sam’s just going to the library. He’ll follow the smell of old books.”

“Winky?” Harry said, and the house elf appeared beside him. “Can you make sure Sam finds the library and doesn’t get lost, and tell him to wait there until I come get him?”

Winky nodded and disappeared with a loud cracking noise. Five minutes later, she was back, taking their empty plates and reporting that Sam was in the library and would remain there.

They had desert – which was very delicious pie for Dean, and something called a treacle tart for Harry and the boys. Dean mostly just listened to Teddy ramble about his first week back at school, and Iggy and Andrew talk about their holidays. He kept his back to the wall and observed the creatures around them as well, still not being able to shake the feeling of unease. But then, they really did seem harmless. Dean wondered if house-elves existed in America too – if they did, they obviously never turned evil, or he and Sam would have known about them by now.

Soon everyone was finished, and Winky took their plates, and Dean’s empty whiskey glass. They all got up and Harry thanked the room at large for the wonderful meal and wished all the house-elves a busy term. Dean was a little thankful to get back out in the corridors, where the only strange things he had to worry about were enchanted paintings and wizards.

They made their way to the library and found Sam holed up behind stacks of books on a back table. He also seemed to be surrounded by students with blue patches on their robes, who were scurrying back and forth between the shelves bringing him even more books. Dean was about to make a joke, when he recognized the insignia of the smart-person house – so he just rolled his eyes. Apparently, Sam had found his people.

“Is it time to go already?” Sam asked a little fearfully. The young girls around him looked distressed, and the boys looked a little disappointed.

“We still have a bit,” Harry laughed. Dean watched as Harry read the spins of some of the books, and the smile dropped from his face a little. “Sam, what are you reading?”

“Oh,” Sam said, “Well, I’ve got the guys here researching alternative means to get rid of death-echoes, and I’m reading some other stuff.”

Dean reached over and pulled the book out of Sam’s hands and scanned the page he had been on quickly before Sam growled and yanked the book back.

“Possessions?” Dean said. “You’re researching possession?”

“I just-” Sam started. Dean took in the other titles in the books close to Sam: The Apocalypse, Angels and Overlords, Dark Magic for Protection and Defence.

“Sam, are these books from the restricted section?” Harry asked. Dean knew Sam’s newfound studying buddies weren’t reading anymore...no one had turned a page since Dean had yanked the book out of Sam’s hands.

“They told me that you needed special permission from a professor,” Sam said. “But I thought – you know, I am a professor, at least today. So, I have them looking up stuff in the regular part of the library and I’m researching the restricted section – I haven’t let them read any of it.”

“Sam, some of the books in there are dangerous. You shouldn’t have-" Harry said.

“Dark magic, Sam? Really? What the hell do you-" Dean said.

“I just thought that maybe-“ Sam tried to say.

“He did stab one of the books,” the girl sitting next to Sam said.

“What?” Harry and Dean both asked. Sam glared at her for tattling, and to her credit, she only dropped her eyes back to the book in front of her, rather than run from the room.

“It screamed at me,” Sam muttered, “it was reflex.”

“Where’s the book?” Harry sighed and ran a hand through his hair.

“I put it back on the shelf,” Sam said. Harry nodded and made his way towards the back of the library. The students around Sam, not to mention Teddy and his friends, were all still doing a very poor job at pretending they weren’t hanging on every word of the conversation.

“I just thought there might be something to help us,” Sam said softly. “Something they...they have in the books here...that we aren’t aware of. There’s just...so much, I mean...until last year we didn’t even know about...”

“But we know all we need to about possession, Sam,” Dean said, pointing to the book in Sam’s hands. “Besides, last time I checked, neither one of us was planning to get possessed.”

“Of course not,” Sam said. “No, no, of course not. I just thought...” Sam sighed. “I don’t know what I thought. I just...the colt didn’t work Dean, and I don’t know-"

“Put the dark magic books back, Sam,” Dean instructed, not wanting to get into anything in front of an audience of school children. “We’re never going to be that desperate – not again. Keep the books on the apocalypse out though – you’re right, there might be something we haven’t read yet.”

Sam nodded slowly, keeping his head down as he stacked a few books and then picked them up and disappeared towards the back of the library. Dean grabbed a book that Sam had left behind, and opened it, pointedly ignoring the looks from the students around them.

“We’ll just, um...” Teddy said, “do our history homework, I suppose.” Dean looked up and noted that the table was fairly full of the older students who had been helping Sam, but that there was still plenty of room at the table.

“Could you guys bunch up a bit, so that there’s room for Teddy and his friends?” Dean asked. There was the sudden noise of chairs and books shifting, and two seconds later there was a wide open spot at the table next to Dean.

“Why are you researching the apocalypse?” a voice asked to Dean’s other side. It was an older girl, one from the smart-house.

“It’s a hobby of ours” Dean answered, with perhaps not enough joy to make the statement convincing. As Harry and Sam returned to the table though, Sam asked if anyone had found anything interesting about death-echoes yet, and the girl lost the opportunity to question Dean further.

They read and talked until Harry announced that they had to leave if they wanted to catch the train. Sam was a little dejected about it, and Dean had to admit that the possibility that they could find something useful in the library made it tempting to just stay at Hogwarts all night and read, but they still had to figure out a way to help Draco, and see if Bobby had written them back about the runes yet. They had sent one of the students to find them books on runes in the library, but the ones they found didn’t appear to be the same.

Sam said goodbye to his study-buddies, and they waved a goodbye to Iggy and Andrew too. Teddy followed them down to the main entrance, where Hagrid stood waiting.

“Bye Teddy,” Harry said. “Do your homework and mind your teachers, and remember to write me occasionally.”

“Yes, Harry,” Teddy said, then turned to Sam and Dean. “Thanks for coming to the school. Your class was great! It’s cool to be able to do things without magic.”

“Thanks man, you’re a good kid,” Dean said, “and thanks for showing us around. It was a lot of fun.”

“Yeah, Teddy,” Sam said, “that Quidditch thing was something else. Wish Iggy and Nate good luck from me on their try-outs next year.”

“I will,” Teddy smiled.

“Alright, goodbye kid,” Dean said. Teddy’s eyes were still green, and his hair was still black and turquoise, and Dean wondered what memory of Teddy he was going to keep – this one, or the mousy-brown haired kid, or the one with a strand of colour in his hair from everyone in his family. Dean figured it didn’t really matter – the kid’s smile was always the same.

After they waved their goodbyes, they followed Hagrid down to the carriage and the creepy flying horses. Dean had to admit, as he watched Hogwart’s glowing warm windows disappear behind the trees, that although it set every one of his trained instincts on edge, Hogwarts was a pretty damn cool place. Judging from the look on Sam’s face, he probably felt the same way – or, perhaps he was just mourning the fact that they hadn’t been allowed to take any of the books home with them.


Harry wished that the Winchesters had been able to enjoy the ride through the highlands during the day, but they were thankfully blessed with a very clear moonlit night – and with what light there was reflecting off the snow, it was still a gorgeous trip. He left Sam and Dean alone with their thoughts, and the view out the window, while he used his mirror to check in with Ron. Sam and Dean both swivelled their attention to Harry when Ron mentioned that Hermione had received a letter from Bobby – but the letter had only said that he hadn’t immediately recognized the runes, and would look into it and get back to them as soon as possible.

The children were already asleep when they finally got back to Grimmauld Place. Ginny was still awake and waiting up for them in the kitchen. She had a plate of cookies made, and some butter beers ready – as well as what remained of Harry’s firewhiskey.

“They sleep better when they’ve had it,” Ginny whispered to him as he leant in to kiss her hello. Harry nodded.

“Neville sends his love,” Harry replied.

This, of course, prompted Ginny to ask how it had all gone, and what they had thought of Hogwarts, and had they met Neville and Hagrid and had Professor McGonagall given them a hard time. They were in the middle of recounting the Quidditch practice – Ginny was offering to show them the photos and newspaper clippings from when she played professionally – when suddenly there was another man in the kitchen.

Ginny had her wand in hand and a stunner headed towards him, before Harry could get over his shock at having an angel appear in his kitchen. Sam had leaped up in an effort to block Ginny’s stunner, but was of course just a fraction too late. Still, all Castiel did when the stunner hit him square in the chest was sway a little and look confused.

Sam quickly blocked the angel from any more attacks, while Dean scrambled around the table to the angel’s side.

“It’s okay! He’s with us!” Sam said, while Dean spoke over top of him,

“Cas, are you alright?”

“Gin, he’s-"

“There are a lot of magical wards on this house,” Castiel said, and then squeezed his eyes closed as if he had a headache. Harry wondered if angels even got headaches.

“You need to sit down?” Dean asked the angel.

“No one’s supposed to be able to get through the wards,” Ginny said. “How did you get through the wards? Who gave you our address?”

“Ginny, he’s-" Harry tried again.

“Bobby Singer told me that the Winchesters were with Harry Potter,” Castiel answered. “I simply located Harry Potter.”

“But how did you-"

“He’s an angel, Ginny” Harry finally managed to interject. “I don’t think magical wards work on him.” Dean turned his attention away from Castiel, who looked perfectly fine now, and towards Harry. And bloody hell, Harry hadn’t thought this though...still, he could cover easily if asked, after all, Dean had called him Cas – Harry could claim he recognized the name as belonging to an angel, and Dean would assume that he hadn’t recognized the man himself.

“I apologize for startling you, Ginevra,” Castiel said. “I tried to call, but neither Dean nor Sam’s phones are functioning at the moment.”

“Ginevra?” Dean raised an eyebrow and smirked.

“Ginny, um, please call me Ginny,” Ginny said. “I’m so sorry about the stunner.”

“Perfectly understandable,” Castiel replied, and then glanced at Dean. "I've had worse."

“Ginny, Harry,” Dean said. “This is Castiel”

“Pleased to meet you,” Ginny said. Harry kept quiet, technically, he had met Castiel before – but Dean and Sam didn’t know that.

“What brings you by, Cas?” Sam asked, taking a seat on the edge of the table.

“The runes you found,” Castiel said. “They’re demonic.”

“What?” Harry and Dean both chorused.

“Also, Bobby asked me to tell you that next time you leave the country, you should let me know” Castiel said. “I believe he was upset that I woke him up, because I had not been able to find you for quite some time.”

“Right, sorry,” Dean said, “but could we get back to the demonic stuff for a second?”

“The runes,” Castiel said, pulling a piece of paper from his pocket. Harry recognized it as the letter that Sam had sent Bobby. “Bobby asked me if I knew of them. I do. They are demonic in origin.”

“We’ve never seen anything like them before,” Sam said.

“You would not have,” Castiel replied, “they are very old – ancient, by your standards. Not seen nor used for millennia. Whoever has used them is playing with very dark forces, if they are not a demon themselves.”

“Shit, ok,” Dean said. “How about removing them? Can you just scratch them out of the stone, or do they have any sort anti-removal curse on them? And if you remove it, does whatever it called up go away or do you have to deal with that separately?”

“I can remove them from the stones,” Castiel answered. “Removing the curse will not rid the area of whatever spirits the curse brought into unrest, those must be dealt with separately. Tell me where the words are carved and we can go now.”

“Wait, Cas, now?” Dean said, “dude, we just spent the day teaching a bunch of kids – we need to sleep.”

Harry was shocked to see that the angel actually looked annoyed at this announcement.

“For how long?” Castiel asked.

Dean looked at Sam, who shrugged. Harry debated answering on the Winchester’s behalf. He knew Dean had slept at least a little bit the night before, but he didn’t have any evidence that Sam had. Not to mention the fact the original reason for this visit was for the Winchesters to actually get some rest – not that Harry had been entirely successful at ensuring it. He certainly hadn’t expected there to actually be a demon problem of all things.

“Four hours, maybe six?” Dean said, a note of hope in his voice.

“Eight,” Ginny spoke up. “You’re welcome to stay and rest too. I’ll make up another room.”

“Thanks, Gin, but Cas doesn’t-” Dean started to say.

“Angels do not require sleep,” Castiel said. “I’ll just wait here.” With that, he pulled out a chair at the table and sat down. Harry was pretty sure that he mirrored Ginny’s slightly stunned expression. He wondered if he’d be able to go to bed knowing that there was an angel sitting in their kitchen staring blankly at the wall.

Dean sighed and ran a hand through his hair. Sam, who Harry realized has been mostly silent since Castiel arrived, gave Dean a look that Harry couldn’t interpret.

“Um, listen Cas,” Dean said. “Maybe...maybe if we gave you the list of places, you could go and get rid of the writing while we slept.”

“Yeah, that’s a good idea,” Sam said. “It’d be much quicker that way.”

“We’d have to get permission from the homeowners to-“ Harry started to say, but Dean cut him off.

“Nah, we’ll do it unofficial like – plus, it’s not like whatever son of a bitch put the carvings there in the first place had permission,” Dean said. “Could you do that for us, Cas?”

“Yes,” Castiel said.

“I’ll go get the reports,” Sam muttered, and he left the room. Dean pulled the chair out next to Castiel and sat down, pulling his unfinished whiskey closer to himself.

“Um, would you like a drink, Castiel?” Ginny asked.

“It would do nothing,” Castiel answered. Dean rolled his eyes.

“Ok,” Ginny said. “Something to eat then?”

Castiel actually seemed to consider it for a moment before he shook his head.

“Angels don’t really require food and drink either,” Dean explained.

Sam returned with the incident reports then, laying them in a stack next to Castiel, before he sat down in a chair on the other side of the table.

“What were the other three, Harry?” Sam asked. Harry reached into his pocket and pulled out the details he had jotted down while talking to Ron that afternoon over the mirror. Three names only, no addresses.

“Um, I’ve got the names, but not the addresses” Harry said. “I could easily find them though, I’d just need to-“

“I know where they live,” Castiel said. “It won’t be a problem.”

“Great,” Dean said with a put on smile. “Just, don’t do the Malfoy house tonight. Sammy and I have to go see him anyway about a death echo.”

“A death echo?” Castiel asked. “Can you not destroy the remains?”

“No, gotta find another way,” Dean repeated.

“I should have the power to lay a death echo to rest,” Castiel said.

“Really?” Dean said. “’Cause we were just going to put these mojo bags in his walls – and I figured that’d piss him off, considering the holes we’d have to make in all that fancy wallpaper.”

“There’s no need for such crude measures,” Castiel said. Harry couldn’t help the little laugh that escaped him. As all eyes in the room turned to look at him, all he could do was shrug.

“I think Malfoy’s going to like him,” Harry said.

“Of course he will,” Dean clapped Castiel on the shoulder – then seemed to flinch and shake his hand out a bit when there was absolutely no give to Castiel’s body. “Cas is a great guy...little uptight, but then-"

“So’s Malfoy,” Harry finished for him.

Dean smiled, and Harry wished he could be a fly on the wall tomorrow. Sadly, after making Ron work the Auror department solo all day, Harry had promised that he’d help him out, which meant that while Draco would be meeting an angel of the Lord, Harry would be on his way to Azkaban.

Chapter 23

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