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It's the end of my first day in Vancouver! Man...after spending so much time in large Asian cities, Vancouver looks so small. This is the weird thing about me, I never get culture shock when I travel to foreign places...I only get it when I get home. The mountains here go on forever, and the city is so small...Canada is so gorgeous, but it certainly knows how to make a person feel insignificant and vulnerable.

Anyway, enough waxing poetic on my beautiful country....

Only three episodes aired during the five weeks I was gone. That's a little bit disappointing, but at least it took less time to catch up.

4x12 - Criss Angel is a Douchebag - Haha...this one was a pretty good filler episode. I thought that the foreshadowing and symbolism could have been a little bit more subtle, but other than that, it was alright. I can't think of any real favorite moments, though...oh, there was the "are we going to die young?" discussion. That was really cool. The boys have never talked about that before. I think I've come to terms with the fact that yes, they are going to die young - and they'll have to die together.

4x13 - After School Special - YAY! I LOVE WEE!CHESTERS. Man, that kid who plays Sam is so good. He does all his facial expressions just like Jared. I'm wondering if it's just coincidence (amazing casting) or if that kid studied Jared REALLY carefully. He blows me away everytime. I'm glad they got him back to reprise this role.

The guy who played Dean could have been a bit younger, I think...plus he had a slightly weird accent...but he was also really good at immitating most of Jensen's standard "Dean looks".  The focus of this episode was mostly on Sam, but I like the little that they slid in about Dean, like usual they managed to cram a lot about the boys young personalities in very little airtime. The end of his flashback storyline broke my heart. And the teacher asking Sam if he's happy...the fact that Sam couldn't avoid "the family business"...it was a good note to end on, I think. A little reminder that none of this is what Sam wanted or wants.

4x14 - ....(I forget what this one was called)... - MAN! Things are falling apart between our boys! They REALLY need to have a talk. Oh man, you know, I TRY to avoid going the Dean/Sam route...but they're Siren was a GUY! Hahaha...too awesome. Also, when Dean wakes up to Sam talking on the phone and then pretends to go to sleep, I said "Oh! Sam's cheating on Dean!" and made my sister burst out laughing...she doesn't do the whole fandom thing, so for her it was an angle she had never considered.

And hey! For once Sam gets it on with a normal chick...good job. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next.

The awesomest part of watching these episodes is that I no longer have to avoid my friend's page! Yay! So, feel free to share any particular thoughts that you guys have on these episodes. I JUST watched them, so I'm sure there are things that will occur to me once I have time to mull them over a bit.

In the meantime, I get to see Vancouver! My sister was super excited that 4x14 ended with a gorgeous shot of her favorite Vancouver bridge.


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