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Rewatch S5: Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid (5x15)

Back to the rewatch! This is the slowest freakin' rewatch I've ever done...seriously. I apologize to all those eagerly awaiting my S5 timeline (...let me have my illusions that people care, please).

On with the show...

There's nothing like a classic zombie rising from the grave scene. It reminds me of Thriller...which used to scare the beejeesus out of me when I was a kid. It's why I was never a huge Michael Jackson fan...well, that and we were raised to be into classic rock/blues. Hmm....I wonder why I like this show?

I also absolutely love the nature documentary narration of the zombie attack. So nicely done. I also love how that actor guy didn't even have any lines, yet we all probably drew the same conclusion as to what kind of a person he was. Ah, judging. So useful!

What I'm saying is that I'm kind of sad Jeremy Carver (the writer for this episode) has moved on to other projects...though I wish him the best, and the new series he's writing for sounds interesting.

Where was I?...

"Digger? Who gave you that name?"
"I did"
"You did? You gave yourself your own nickname? You can't do that!"
"Who died and made you queen?"

-Hahaha, love it.  I love how serious Dean is when he reprimands Digger...like he actually did break some law of nature.

When the Sheriff comes in to the diner, she's on the phone to her son...nice.

One of the things I like about this episode is that we get an Outsider POV on Bobby. We've had Outsider POV's on Dean and Sam before (in the first few seasons during the cop episodes...man, I miss those)...but we've never had one on Bobby before. We learn that he has a few "drunk and disorderlies" - who wants to bet those are from when Dean was dead? *raises hand* -  and mail fraud - the mark of every Hunter.

"What's that smell? Soap? Did you clean?"
-The first sign that something is wrong! Also, nice to know that Bobby's house usually does not smell like soap, nor is it clean.

"I can't believe you were going to kill me!"
"You're a zombie!"
"I'm a tax payer!"

-Nice. I love the nod to the typical zombie metaphor.

"This is incredible Mrs. Singer"
"Thank you, Dean"
*Dean smiles at Sam, all proud of himself*
*Sam glares at Dean for being nice to a zombie*

-Oh man, so good. Jensen does that little-boy smile SO WELL. 

"I can explain"
"Explain what? Lying to us? Or the American Girl zombie in your kitchen?"

-I think Dean's more concerned about the lying part. Dean really doesn't take kindly to being lied to.

"There were no signs, omens?"
"Well, there were the lightening storms"
"That's what we said! What else?"

-I love the way Dean says "that's what we said!" It's the whole "you actually had me doubting myself because I trust you and you said it was nothing" vibe to it.

Jim Beaver just kills me in this episode...when he's listening to his wife hum...and later, of course.

"You hunt things. I'm a thing."
-I have no comment. I just like this line. I will say, however, that I like Dean telling Karen that Bobby is like a father to them...and I think Karen is genuinely happy that Bobby has Dean and Sam watching out for him.

"I can see it in his eyes - the guilt. It weighs on him."
"Why don't you just tell him you remember?"
"I'm going to go out on a limb here and say you've never been in love. I'm his wife. My job is to bring him peace, not pain."

-Sometimes you have to go through the pain to get to the peace though, Karen. And Dean has totally been in love...he's currently in an emotionally incestuous relationship with his brother. (NOTE: read that carefully. I'm not into wincest. I'm just saying this co-dependency thing is a lot like marriage.)

So, Sam goes to the old ladies out and it's DISGUSTING...and why didn't he smell that dead body? Especially if it's stomach was ripped into...that thing would reek. Now, that all being said...I like the wallpaper.

Oh also:
"You think maybe you could tell me from here? ...yeah, I'm going to regret this."
-Yes, yes you are. Get your nose checked...or, you know, try looking around a bit.

Bobby: "Time to go"
Dean: "What?"
Bobby: "You heard me. Off my property."
Sam: "Or what? You'll shoot?"

- God, Jared kills me with the tiny voice break on "shoot"...also, this is heartbreaking. Did I mention that my heart was broken?

"He's crazy"
"It's his wife, Dean"
"So he goes full metal jacket on us? We're his family, Sam!"

-Can I just say that I love the fact that Supernatural is as much about the family you choose as it is about the family you are born into? Because I love it. I love that in Dean's mind, Bobby should be more loyal to them than his wife...even though they are both basically family that Bobby chose. I also love that Sam is defending Bobby...even though with his fear of rejection, he's probably just as torn up about it as Dean is.

I also like the fact that they split up here, with Sam taking on the job with more danger and a higher body-count. Dean's faith in Sam might be rocky, but he still trusts him enough to get the job done.

"Karen, stay away from the windows!"
-I love how Bobby knows exactly where Dean is.

Meanwhile, the poor sheriff not only loses her son, but also her husband.

Also, SUPER GROSS - I didn't realize before that the kid was HOLDING INTESTINES! UGH!

I think I said this in my quick reaction post when the episode aired, but I really liked how Sam kept repeatedly calling Sheriff Mills "Sheriff" - it not only reminded her of her responsibilities, but it's also a sign of respect. Did I mention that I don't agree with people who complain that Supernatural is misogynistic? I don't. (If you do, please don't argue with me in comments. It is a losing battle, and I don't want to get into it.)

I wish we could have heard the wording of Death's message to Bobby...because yeah, it doesn't actually jive well with the end of the season. I'll discuss this later. 

Did I mention Jim Beaver was awesome? Because he is...

"You mind telling us who you are?"
"Friend of Bobby Singer's"

-I love how PROUD Sam is when he says this.
"Town drunk?"
"No, I thought he [Digger] was the town drunk"
"Who told you that?"
"Bobby Singer"

-Hahaha...aww, Sammy, they just don't know him like you do.

"It's alright, they're idiots. They can't pick a lock."
"Don't you ever get tired of being wrong?"
"I'm making this stuff up as I go! Sue me!"

-Actually, Dean DOES get tired of being wrong, Bobby.

"She was the love of my life. How many time do I gotta kill her?"
-I'm going to borrow from Mark Reads Harry Potter here and say: MOST DEPRESSING SENTENCE IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE EVER.

"I don't know if they wanted to take my life or my spirit, either way they wanted me out of the way."
"But you're going to be alright, aren't you, Bobby?"

-Oh Sam. You are so much like a little kid here, who believes that their parents are infinitely strong and unbreakable. If only. It's funny, if the plan was to take out Sam's support systems - they'd really have to take out Sam himself, because these days, it's not everyone else keeping him strong, it's him staying strong despite everyone else losing hope.

Now, about the whole message to Bobby about not helping the Winchesters...it doesn't jive with the fact that when Dean DOES track down Death, he's an ally not an enemy. So, either this was a plan set in place by Lucifer, which Death had to carry out because he's on that "leash" he talks about later...or it's just inter-season discontinuity. Being the optimist I am, I'm going with the idea that it was Lucifer's plan...but, I know many of you out there tend to err on the negative side and will probably call it discontinuity. That's fine too though, I could see it both ways.

I will say that I know from interviews and stuff last year, that originally this episode was supposed to air BEFORE My Bloody Valentine. I kind of think they should have kept it that way. Where it is now, it breaks up Dean's three episode decent into despair (5x14, 5x16, and 5x17). But, what can you do.

Vile Violent Vacations will go up in the morning. So, until then...have a good night folks! 

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