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Happy Thanksgiving!

It's Thanksgiving up here in Canada...yay! I'm taking tomorrow off work, because I CAN. We are not eating turkey though, because Thanksgiving was never actually that big a deal for us growing up. Also, there is only two of us, and turkeys are big.

Sounds like the Supernatural convention in Chicago turned out to be a laugh riot. I can't wait for the sneaky youtube videos. It's funny, as more time passes since VanCon, I feel more and more ok with the fact that I might never go to a convention again - sometimes I think I SHOULD never go to a convention again. It's as though I've had my convention moment, and trying to capture it again would only disappoint.

That being said, I'm mad jealous at all those people who got to have a Jensen+Jared+Misha panel at Chicago...and I'm pretty sure that if there's another last minute ticket for VanCon in 2011, I'm going to leap on that thing like a dying man....and if my friend in Winnipeg finds a ticket too and decides to come out, then we'll be all over that thing like Finns in a sauna.


Readers who were disappointed by the lack of chapter last week will be happy to know that I've got a chapter all prepared for this week. Not only that, but yesterday I spent a good part of the day losing focus and staring off into the mid-distance for long periods of time...this usually happens when my brain is writing faster than my fingers (it's either that or I suffer from petite mal seizures and mistake it as a sign of creativity).

Long story short though: At the end of the day, I was able to write a more detailed outline of just the last few chapters...which means that I'm in the homestretch writing-wise. I've got all the major events laid out....oh ok, i just lost time again. Dude, writing in my head is fun and all, but I seriously come out of it and it takes me a second to remember what I was doing.

So, yes, everything is neatly mapped out (and I can't stop visualizing the pivotal scenes), so writing the next few (and last few) chapters should be relatively easy. Therefore, I don't foresee any more breaks in the updating schedule. Also, once I'm finished writing, I'll start updating twice a week! So, that'll make people happy.

TIMELINE will also be updated once I finish my S5 rewatch.
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