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Quick Reaction: 6x03 The Third Man

Hey folks...I'm  home from my friend's place. This time, I made a Supernatural playlist to listen to while I walked there and back. It's the Supernatural soundtrack interspersed with classic rock songs. Let me just say, there's nothing quite like walking home in the dark while listening to the Supernatural soundtrack. Haha

Anyway, on with the episode....

It's a test of my memory on wine tonight...let's see...

We begin with a GROSS opener. Super gross!! I had to watch through my hand.

Then we get Dean in bed...shirtless. Not to objectify him or anything, but...umm...that was a nice treat. Also, dude, if that's how Lisa wakes Dean up, I think *I* want to marry her. Sadly, Dean's not actually in bed with Lisa, he's on River Road. I was just there last weekend, as fate would have it...small world. (There's a sunken boat there that's good fodder for my sister's art).

Sam's in Pennsylvania. When Dean gets there, he's on the phone with Ben, because Ben broke something and isn't telling his mum...ah parenting. Sam is also tickled by this. Sam's sort of odd - I mean, he wanted Dean to have a normal life, but now he seems confused that Dean is actually parenting and stuff. But, Sam is odd for a lot of reasons. Oh hey, I'm forgetting something....

What the heck was up with Sam and that woman? Oh...also...um...shirtless Jared was VERY nice...not to objectify him of course, but I am totally objectifying him....and he has the tattoo, CLEARLY. So, yay body-continuity! They may not do it with bullet wounds, but they'll at least always keep their tattoos. I've digressed though - Sammy never paid for sex before...so what are your theories? New Sammy, new stance on prostitution? My friend thought maybe he was paying her for something else, and we were only meant to assume it was sex...like demon-blood or something. I don't think Sam's on that train again though...so, I can only assume it was actual sex...but I'm sure there are other's with thoughts on this.

Anyway, back to where I was...I like Dean's comment about Sam's "plastic car". It's my main beef with modern American cars actually - too much plastic. I did like Sam's comeback about Dean's milage though...the truth hurts.

Oh yeah, boil-guy TOTALLY GROSS! UGH!

So, they go check out the dudes partner and it's TOTALLY GROSS! Also, WHY THE HECK WOULD YOU KEEP THE LOCUSTS?! BRAIN LOCUSTS!!?!?! GROSS!!! (sorry, I'm having too much fun yelling "gross"...in my head, I'm not actually talking out loud, that would be crazy).

Then we get to the action of the episode! CAS IS BACK! I was just as mad at Sam though, that Dean gets special treatment...and I had to laugh at the obvious fanservice line of "Dean and I share a special bond....I wasn't going to say anything" - hahaha.

Dean's little speech about how Sam THREW HIMSELF INTO HELL for them, and how Cas should have come when Sam called though really brought the point home that Castiel was a pretty big ass for not coming, even if he didn't know. However long Sam was in hell for, it was obviously long enough for Cas to forget how to be good friend.

I loved Cas' comments though - "I've spent the past year as a multidimensional wavelength of celestial intent". Awesome, totally answers my question about what angels look like while they're traveling. Also, his use of the quotey fingers while yelling about how his "people skills" are a bit "rusty", were awesome. Also, his continued annoyance when Dean uses references that he doesn't know.

So, it's the Staff of Moses...that's cool. Misha's analogy at ComicCon of heaven being like post-Soviet Russia is REALLY apt. Again, I have to say that I loved Cas' line of "I think we can rule out Moses as a suspect" - good to know! I think you might offend a few billion people if he WAS responsible.

Nope, the real culprit is an adorable little black kid, who just wanted to avenge his brother, and did so by SELLING HIS SOUL TO AN ANGEL?! Holy crow...Heaven is the new Hell. Angels are the new demons. Black is white. Up is down. Everything we know is wrong. So, naturally, Castiel kidnaps the kid and decides he should REACH INSIDE HIM and FEEL HIS SOUL.

I'm with Dean on that one...I mean, umm...as most of you know, I tend to think of possession as a metaphor for sexual assault...so, although, Dean equated this with torture....I was even more squicked by it. Anyway, unsurprisingly to us (because Sam is a cylon), but surprisingly to Dean, Sam does not protest. And Cas gets the information. It's Balthazar. (who was one of the wisemen, according to Wikipedia...which might explain why Castiel needed Myrrh). 

Oh, but first Mr. Smith attacks and him and Castiel FALL OUT A WINDOW ONTO SAM'S CAR! I can see what Jensen was saying about the scripts being a bit "bigger" under Sera. But Cas is fine, because he's an angel.

Anyway, I love the scene of Castiel figuring out where Balthazar is...because he's all flitting all over the place, and Dean and Sam are like "hold on, what? Hey that's our stuff? Wait, the kid? What the?" And poor Dean is the only compassionate member left on Team Free Will.

We get to Balthazar's house and Dean makes another cultural reference that Castiel doesn't really get. And it's kind of funny that Castiel is somewhat bonded to this human that he can barely understand half the time. Anywho, Balthazar has turned into a weapon's dealer/crossroads-angel...and Castiel is not impressed. Apparently Castiel and Balthazar go way back and were best-buddies at one point or another....that aside, Balthazar is not going to help a brother out. He's in it for himself...saying that he's leading off Castiel's example of exerting free will, but with only his own interests at heart. So, yeah...way to miss the point that Castiel was setting a more COMPASSIONATE example, not a "do what you want and create chaos" example. Poor Cas.

Raphael shows up and there's another angelic fist-fight. I will have to assume that Castiel gained the power of Explosion-Resistance when he was brought back the last time, because although Raphael still kicks Castiel's ass...Castiel's been exploded instantaneously by two arch-angels before...

Then Raphael gets turned to salt, and that's the end of Demore Barnes' Supernatural run...which sucks, really, because I quite liked his presence.

Then Dean traps Balthazar and gets him to give the kid's soul back. That's nice of Dean...also nice of Castiel to let him,, before he ultimately let's Balthazar go, because heck, that's diplomacy for you. And Dean complains, but Cas doesn't stick around...sigh...I miss friendly Castiel a little, as much as I like the flitting around.

Ok...now Sam's car is destroyed, so they're back to cruising around in the Impala...order is NEARLY returned to the universe. Except Sammy's all weird. It's almost like the only emotion he's letting himself feel is "slight amusement" and "annoyance". Dean tries to get him to talk about Hell, assuming (like I have) that Hell completely messed up his personality...but Sam rightly points out that Dean only knows what Hell was like FOR HIM, that Hell messed up DEAN, but that Sam is NOT DEAN. Point for Sam - we all deal with trauma differently...that being said, is Sam just in denial? Is this actually Sam? What the heck is going on?

So...hopefully I didn't miss anything too important...

A brief note about "How could Cas find the Winchester's when they have the rib carvings?" - I think it's because Dean prayed for him. And that's the only reason...of course, the plot hole this opens up is that in Point of No Return when Dean wanted to give himself to Zachariah, he could have just prayed for him the whole time...so, who knows...maybe he didn't realize this at the time? Anyway, we'll see if it happens again.

Oh, another brief note: Dean's angel banishing sigil burned when he used it. So, sadly, the angel-sigil-burning-effect in 5x13 was not just because it was Sam's blood. Pity. I was so hoping that would be a thing...I guess I'm a little disappointed that there's not more openly apparently consequences for Sam having demon-blood in him. It must have just been a caveat to being Lucifer's true vessel or something...some rule somewhere that the True Vessel needs to have been infected with demon blood at 6 months of age or something. Ah plot holes...how I love to fill you with LOVE.

A)The "Traditionalist Angels" wanting to restart the apocalypse and finish it properly...SO NOT COOL. What a total kick in the face to Sam. If he could feel at the moment, he'd be devastated.
B)Wendigo mask...nice callback to S1, to point out just how much things have changed..

Ok, that was fun. 
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