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Quick Reaction: 6x02 Two and a Half Men

Home again home again jiggity jig...(watched again at a friend's house - hence the late post.)

So, let's see how much of this I can remember, shall we?

Recap - it would be nice if they didn't show that the MOTW was going to be a shapeshifter. It would have kept the mystery up for just a little longer. But yeah, I get that they are still trying to make it so that newcomers can come watch the show and not be TOO confused. 

Opener - Bloody woman hiding under the bed...nicely done. That being said, if that were a real situation, that baby would totally pick up on the months mood and howl. At least in my experience, that's what babies tend to do when someone freaks out around them.

Then I can't remember what we get first - if it's Dean or Sam...but let's talk about Sam briefly:

I've mentioned this before, and I'll mention it again - I love how at ease the boys are around law enforcement in these later seasons. I love how they actually come with their sense of authority and that the law enforcement respond to that more than their fake badges.

We get another mention of how Sam doesn't seem to be understanding himself. That even Sam knows that there's something weird going on with him - or that he's changed, and he's having a bit of an identity crisis. Poor Sam. I'm fully convinced it's all some coping mechanism from hell...but them what do I know - maybe he's not really Sam and the show's publicity (and Jared) have been lying to us...

Dean in the garage...it's Sam's shot-gun that he picks up and looks at longingly, isn't it? That's adorable. If it's his...well, that just proves that he does miss the life. It's been horribly teasing just to see the trunk of the Impala and nothing else of it, I must say.

They moved again. This retroactively explains the move between 5x22 and 6x01, in my opinion. I think a couple months after he moved in, Dean went "OCD" and made Lisa and Ben move - just in case. It's either that, or they wanted a house with a bigger garage. Anyway, side note here: I've seen a lot of people write codas or reactions to last week's episode and talk about Sam being back for the WHOLE YEAR. Sam didn't fall into the hole and then pop right back out again, people! The night we saw Sam under the streetlight was NOT the same night that Dean arrived at Lisa's. When Sam told Dean how long he'd been back topside, he said "ALMOST a year" - to me, that's anywhere from 8-11.5 months. Meaning, that Sam could have been in hell for 4 months just like Dean had been - so, Sam HAS lived through hell-years. He didn't have anyone to torture in that cage, but I bet it wasn't all candycanes and lollipops.

Anyway, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, the Braedans moved. I love how they show us what Dean's thinking without having Jensen speak. (They fail at doing this a couple of times in the show - but that's mostly with Sam being a bit of a Riker with Samuel, where he states what's going on when it's obvious to EVERYONE what's going on. 

I'm digressing again, back to what's going on with Dean! I like how we see Ben looking dejected at the table, and Lisa trying to cheer him up...and I couldn't help but think that there must have been many a similar scene in Dean's youth, with Sam looking dejected and Dean trying to cheer him up, because John had moved them again. I also LOVE how Dean looks at Ben's bike like it's some sort of evil-incarnate. Hahaha, seriously...he's like "If only that kid didn't have a bike, he wouldn't want to LEAVE AND BE KILLED!"

So, we get Dean being the paranoid Hunter that he is and trying desperately to keep his family safe, by "forgetting" that they were supposed to go out for lunch. As much as I understand where Dean is coming from...I really feel for Ben. Personally, I HAVE to at least walk around the block every time I move somewhere new, or else I feel really unsettled and depressed.

Samuel learns how to use a computer and him and Sam have the SAY OBVIOUS THINGS conversation - and then Sam goes to the house to discover BABY! Only - why didn't Sam chase after the Shifter after he cut it and it ran? If it was too fast for him to catch up to, they should have SHOWN that. Filming wise, they've been using a lot of tight-shots on seemingly hand-held cams for these sorts of scenes, and I'm not sure whether I'm liking it. It certainly adds to the sense of unease, but it's also slightly annoying. 

I forget exactly where the garage scene with Ben comes in, but I'll talk about it now. First off, who the heck wouldn't flip out if their kid got into their gun storage unit?! Dean isn't exactly special in this case. Last week I said I wanted more Dean-Ben interaction, and I guess I got it...I was just sort of hoping it would be more LOVING rather than, you know, Ben getting into Dean's stuff and Dean flipping out. Still, there are some important bits in this scene - like the fact that Ben is obviously picking up on Dean's tension and wants to help protect them. Also, Dean's statement that Ben is "never going to hold a gun". I thought that was really important, because it's obvious that Dean never wants Ben to go through any aspect of what Dean went though...even in a healthier way. Dean wants Ben to be a complete civilian. 

Also, it's extremely important because when Dean yells, Ben is actually terrified...and you can see it. I don't think it's because Ben has REASON to be terrified, but rather, it's because the Winchesters - whether they want to be or not - are VERY INTIMIDATING WHEN ANGRY. It's not something they can turn off. Also, it's important because you can see how much knowing that he scared Ben completely rips Dean apart.

Lisa questions him on it, and Dean says that Ben got into his "tools" - and I like the fact that he covers for Ben there. 

Then we get the phone call to Dean, where Dean insists that he's "Out" while salting his windows. Poor Dean. I feel so bad for the guy.

But Sam says the magic word, which I imagine is something like "dude, there's a BABY and PLEASE SAVE YOUR GIGANTIC BROTHER FROM THE LITTLE BITTY BABY!" So Dean goes running...well, chugging along in his truck...to have a look.

Now, why he had to go meet Sam and have a look when he was going to have to go home and pack a bag again is beyond me, but that's what they did. 

I like Lisa being confident and competent with the gun. Also, the little kiss before Dean leaves. It's so strange to see Dean performing such a domestic gesture like that.

So, then they meet up, and Dean says that they have to "get supplies" and Sam says that he has an arsenal in the trunk...and Dean's like, "yeah...not the supplies I meant."

Ok, so at first I was a little disappointed that they explained away Dean's capability with babies by mentioning a niece of Lisa's or something...because I know I, and much of the rest of the fandom, were looking for confirmation that Dean is good with babies because he looked after Sam as a baby. But, then I realized that I was being ridiculous for many reasons:
1) that's FANON - there's no evidence that John was THAT horrible of a father. 
2)Dean was 5 or 6 when Sam was a baby-baby. Speaking of someone who was 6 and 7 when their sibling was a baby-baby and who has a a VERY GOOD MEMORY...I have VERY little recollection from that time. Now, we know Dean has an awesome memory, because he remembers a fight his mum and Dad had when he was 4...but even with a strong memory, you aren't going to remember the ins and outs of caring for a baby from when you were 5/6. So, it's unrealistic to have that be the reason that Dean knows.
3)We know the boys had babysitters when they were young. Dean talked about one in S5, and we also MET one in S5.

Anyway...I liked the two of them freaking out when it started crying. That was funny...also, BOBBY-JOHN! Best name for Sam and Dean's baby EVER. Hahahaha.

Wait, let's get serious for a minute here. I think it's a really cool way to show the current dynamic between the brothers - because Dean is the one that says "Bobby" and Sam is the one that says "John". So, what we can take from that is the fact that Sam is identifying more with John at the moment - which, you know, wouldn't be the first time. And that Dean has switched allegiance over to their other *cough*better*cough* father-figure...the settled, calm, and more paternal father-figure.

I think this is the first time they've ever fought a monster in a public setting! COOL! I mean, not cool, because it totally looks like Dean tackled and then tried to stab an old lady...but, yeah...SUPER COOL. 

Dean's lullaby is awesome. 

Also, magic-fingers YAY!

Apparently this baby shifter just has to SEE someone and they can switch into them. That's cool...I always thought they had to knock them out or touch them or something...but I guess I was just making that up.

So, they don't know what to do, and Sam suggests going to see Samuel, and Dean's like "no!" and Sam's like "you got any better ideas?" and Dean's like "No...fine." and I'm like. "Dudes?! BOBBY?!??!" But no...apparently they'll name their kid after him, but they won't think of him as a potential babysitter....weirdos.

We get to see the Campbell Compound. Dean doesn't trust anyone further than he can throw them...and I don't either. He's also right not to, as we find out later, the Campbells have already been infiltrated. (Unrelated sidenote: Two of the characters in my novel are named Campbell, so this is so weird for me to write. I was thinking of renaming them anyway...maybe I will.)

Mark - the only Campbell we could like (simply because he didn't speak, so we could assume he was a good person) is killed. It's a sad world.

I was so thrilled when Sam showed up to fight Sam...SAM ON SAM VIOLENCE! Oh man...but, yeah, sadly, I guess it'd be really hard for them to do a FULL fight scene, so they didn't. Then we get DEAN ON DEAN VIOLENCE! Again, short...and we get Dean being choked for the second time this season. Meaning Dean-choking is currently 2 for 2...putting Dean very much in the old Sammy-role. I wonder if monsters are going to start going after Sam's heart?

People recover, and Dean takes off to go home...and questions Sam about whether he knew the whole time that they were dealing with the Alpha....whether Sam was using the Shifter kid as bait....and Sam says no, and scoffs, but Dean isn't convinced. And here, my friend's husband brought up the fact that Dean's used kids/people as bait before....and I thought that maybe Dean was just upset about not being let in on the plan...but my friend's husband thinks they're trying to show that Dean's become more of a fatherly protector type, and actually doesn't think using kids as bait is cool anymore.

We get a teasing scene of Samuel ANSWERING to someone...DUN DUN DUN. I really don't trust that guy. 

Dean goes home and he and Lisa chat about how conflicted he is...these two halves of him basically in constant battle, and his constant fear that he's becoming his father. Lisa mentions that he terrifies her too sometimes, and Dean's just crushed by that. Also, really important here is that Dean mentioned that John used to terrify HIM as a kid. That's...really really sad. 

I really like Lisa though, because she knows that this is a decision she has to make FOR Dean. I think she realizes that Dean will stay with her because he wants to protect her and it'll make him miserable, because he HAS been miserable already...he's probably been slightly miserable since he got there, but never acted like he had a choice, so she let it go. But now that he has a choice...if he leaves, she knows that he'll feel horribly guilty for leaving them. Whereas, if it's HER decision that he goes, on the grounds that he comes to visit (in one peace) then he can hopefully get the best of both worlds...the hunting life with his brother, and a normal family untainted by hunting.

I also love the fact that she says that he's been talking about himself as though "what you are is a bad thing" but it's not. Man, Lisa's really awesome. Dean is a VERY LUCKY MAN. I really hope she doesn't die in a fire.

And then...THEN....IMPALA!!!! \o/

And man, the SONG, the CAR PORN...the SMILE! 

Awesomest episode ending EVER!

A couple random things:
1. Shifters are always rapists in this show....except for the bank episode, I guess.
2. Did anyone else think that the sound was a little weird on the episode?
3. Man, I forget what else I wanted to talk about...let me know if I missed anything crucial!
4. ETA: I remembered! I wanted to talk about how Christian totally gave Dean a hard time about torturing, and that is NOT COOL. Grrr!

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