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Two more days (sort of)!

I've had a fun time in Singapore! It is very hot though, so I am looking forward to getting back to more Canadian weather.

Things you learn by watching Supernatural with a Chinese speaker:
In Long Distance Call in S3, the phone number that the monster uses to kill people shows up on caller IDs as "SHA333" (I don't actually remember the numbers, but I'm pretty sure they are 3s). When my friend and I watched this episode together, he started laughing as soon as he saw it.
"What?" I said.
"Sha means, among other things, 'kill' in Chinese." he replied.
"Well, that's appropriate." 

Anyway, my first order of business in Vancouver is 1)Nap, 2)Catch up with Supernatural.

So, please still no spoilers in the comments! My sister has all the episodes lined up and ready to go...I can't wait!

PS: Although I originally said I would write some more fic during my trip, I haven't actually. But hopefully I'll get back into it once I'm home...I've still got the ideas for fics, I just need the time to type them out (and check up on a few facts).

I miss being able to look at my friends page!
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