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She lives! (I'm still not fully back though)

Hey Everybody! Remember me?!

I'm finally finished the China leg of my grand adventure, which means that I am out from under the Great China Firewall and can access livejournal again. That being said, I still have not seen any episodes since 4x11 and I won't be watching them until March 3rd (when I get to the Vancouver portion of my grand adventure)...so please, NO SPOILERS IN THE COMMENTS....and that also means that I'm a little afraid to check out my friend's page due to spoilers. So, although I can once again use livejournal, I probably won't be.

I have missed you guys though! Thankfully I got my friend in China watching Supernatural too, so when I arrived he was midway through the 3rd season, and when I left we had just watched 4x09 together...so that was nice. I got a little rewatch of S4 in before the DVDs came out.  Man, am I ever addicted to this show.

Anyway, just wanted to give a quick "I'm alive" post. I'm in Singapore at the moment. I didn't even know people drove on the left here - you learn something new everyday.

This trip is exactly what I needed. It has been AWESOME.
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