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Rewatch S5: Free To Be You And Me (5x03)

 I'm going to do these one at a time now, because they take way too long to do them two at a time, and I'm a busy person!

Ah Jess...this scene is so sad. You can really see how much Sam loved/loves Jessica. Still misses her and thinks about her...they haven't touched base with Jess for a long time on the show, and it's really nice to see. The fact of the matter is that Sam had just under a year to deal with Jess's death before he had to deal with his Dad's, and then Dean's impending death and actual death...and really, it's no wonder the poor boy ended up with crazy issues. If I were him, getting hopped up on some form of drug would look pretty appealing.

"Last time I wanted to be normal. This time I know I'm a freak." 
-Ugh, my heart, the way Jared delivers this line breaks it. How he looks down and away from Jess - perhaps still afraid of her rejection now that she knows the truth, how heartbroken he is...and how he's accepting something that he never wanted to accept - that basically his worst fear is true. He is (partially at least) what he was raised to hate.

"...you knew there was something dark inside you. Maybe that's what got me killed."
"I was dead from the moment we said hello"

-Whether fallen or not, (dick-) angels play the same game to get their vessels to say yes: They strip them of hope and play to their insecurities. Here Lucifer is playing very nicely into Sam's "everyone dies because of me" complex....the idea that the love of his life was doomed, just because he loved her: well, yeah, nothing much worse than that.

Then she goes on to take away all hope, with this lovely line: "Things are never going to change with you ever."

So, yeah, Free to Be You and Me gives me the first "Two possible vastly different interpretations of timing" for the timeline. You'll see this when I post the S5 timeline at the end of my rewatch. But basically, there's no guarantee that these two story lines are happening simultaneously. I'm actually strongly convinced that they aren't...that we're seeing Sam in August, after two months of wandering from town to town like The Littlest Hobo, and Dean sometime in June...just because I don't think Cas would go that long without dropping in on Dean.

That all being said, we get this awesome little montage - it's perhaps my favorite montage/song-choice of the season (neigh, the show).

We know it's been one week since Sam arrived in Garber - and from the looks of things, he burned his IDs and got a job on the first day there. If he HAD been wandering for two months before he arrived, he may have been using his false credit cards and IDs while doing so. It would make sense if he wanted to eventually set up a more stable identity that he'd need time to forge documents too...and he came up with Keith. Makes me wonder why he chose that name above all the others.

Back to Dean...

Did you notice how much Dean had to hack threw that vampire's neck in the montage? I mean, usually on the show you see them do it really quickly (almost impossibly) with a large machete and one massive stroke - but Dean just has a ten inch knife and a lot of perseverance here. It's sort of shades of Bloodlust (and I argue, Jump the Shark) where we see Dean dealing with his issues by becoming a little bit scary...I mean, we can talk all we want about Sam having a darkness in him, but I often think Dean is just one step to the right away from becoming what Hendriksen always accused him of being.

I like how Cas looks around for Sam - where could someone the size of Sam possibly hide? More than that though, I like how he actually seems SOMEWHAT concerned when he can't find him.

Oh, I also love how they actually SHOW Dean getting the bloodstains out of his coat. It's one of the little displays of Winchester-style domesticity that thrill me so.

"You were wasted by a teenage mutant ninja angel?"
- the way Jensen delivers this line reminds me a lot of Ray Vecchio (the first) talking to Benton Fraser. Actually, I'd go as far as to say that the whole Dean-Cas dynamic is very similar to the Ray-Fraser dynamic.

"For what? Revenge?" 
-Dean really hates people doing things for revenge. 

Cas: "I need your help, because you are the only one who will help me."
-In his short time among the humans, Cas has certainly learned the power of the guilt trip.

Back to Sam...

"You're kind of like a..."
"Riddle wrapped inside an enigma wrapped inside a taco?"

-Sam so rarely displays a sense of humour, but when he does, it tickles me.

Then he goes and shoots a perfect game of darts - super sexy. I love a man with good aim. ;)

Back to Dean...

"Because we're humans, and when humans want something, we lie."
-Ah Dean, I'm not sure you are teaching Cas about humans in the best way possible, but you aren't wrong.

Then he goes an adjusts Cas's tie for him - and I know it's just so that Cas can pass as FBI, but it's such a doting gesture...and I love doting Dean.

"Because that's how you become president."
-Again, these guys just have the best delivery. 

And I love how Cas looks down at his adjusted tie in confusion.

We all know how hilarious Cas is as Dean's partner during the interview with the cop...so, I won't talk about it much, besides to say that I love Cas's perseverance in getting the "demons" message across! Haha...and Dean's exasperated face.

Back to Sam...

Dean has a New York City cell number. Also, Adele lives in Vancouver. Also, all the numbers in Sam's phone are of the format "(area code) 555-01***" Also...who the heck ARE all those people?

"Dean didn't tell you?"

-I love Sam's slightly distressed face here at the idea that he might have to be the one to break the news to Bobby.

"Ok, let me think of the best Hunter who might be in the immediate vicinity. Oh, that'd be you."
"I can't Bobby. I'm sitting this one out-"
"-I gotta go. So sorry."
"Hold on, Sam-"

-You know, I'm starting to understand why Dean wasn't sure Sam would answer a call from him when he was at Stanford. I'm pretty sure half of Bobby's frustration was with himself for possibly causing Sam to not want to answer his calls in the future...the other half was probably at Sam for being such an issue-avoiding idjit.

Back to Dean...

Dean is actually reading John's journal when Cas drops in to the cabin. I wonder why he was reading it? Doesn't he know that thing backwards and forwards by now?

Ok, I really don't like Dean/Castiel stuff - but I have to admit that the way Jensen delivers his lines in this scene is really...well, just his inflections make him sound like he's a little pissed at Cas for taking off without telling him where he was going, and it's all very coupley.

"Where have you been?"
"Oh. How was it?"

-Again, can't really record the inflections, but the way he says it totally reminds me of the time my best friend took off to Strasbourg without telling me, or telling me that he wouldn't be back for dinner...not cool man, maybe *I* wanted to go to Strasbourg too, eh?

"It's oil. it's very special. Very rare."
"Great. We're going to trap Raphael with a nice vinaigrette?"

-Again, just the way Dean says it is so...snooty? It's hard to explain, but there's something so gilted gay-lover about the line. Maybe it's the fact that he actually used the word vinaigrette. 

I do love Cas's one word answers here. It really displays how he is someone who does not know how to make conversation - or read social cues.

"Last night on earth - what are your plans?"
"I just thought I'd sit here quietly."

-Aww...Cas is me!

And yes, Burt and Ernie ARE gay. As much as I don't like the modern-day equating of all affectionate male relationships to homosexuality, even I have to agree with Dean on this one.

Back to Sam....

You know, no offense to the other dudes, but when those other Hunters show up and their all scruffy and whatnot...you really start to realize that Sam is WAY too pretty to be a Hunter. Look how goddamn pretty he is! It's the ultimate disguise!

Keith Sam...hahahaha

Back to Dean....

Ah the den of iniquity. 

"Cas! His name is Cas."
-I love how Cas actually jumps...and I also love Dean introducing him like that. Actually, now that I'm thinking about it, this is just the second human that Dean's introduced Castiel to (that we've seen) - the first being the cop. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure up until this point we only ever saw Cas converse with other's angels, or Sam or Dean, or Chuck....no non-prophet civilians. (Hahaha, non-prophet).

- So, last episode it was Dean reading the Bible that I found sexy...this episode, it's Dean using a Hebrew word. I've got odd kinks for an atheist.

"I just looked into her eyes and told her it wasn't her fault that her father, Gene, ran off. It's because he hated his job at the post office."
-Hahaha, oh Cas. I don't think your version of intimacy is what that sex-worker had in mind.

"This whole industry runs on absent fathers"
-This whole SHOW runs on absent fathers.

Back to Sam...

"Witness protection, right? You're mafia."
*laughs* "I'm not mafia"

-Holy hell is Jared gorgeous in this episode. Sorry, that's off topic...I got distracted...what I meant to say was that I love the outsider POV here. Because with the way Sam was talking, I'm not surprised Lindsey jumped to the mafia conclusion.

"No one has ever done anything so bad that they can't be forgiven - they can't change."
-Lindsey really serves an extremely important role in this episode. I think it's because of her that Lucifer's attempts to take away Sam's hope fails. Sam really needed someone to boost his morale, and that's the function Lindsey served - because she's RIGHT. Sam was on demon blood for the same reason most people get hooked on drugs/booze/whathaveyou...and well, I'd argue that there were maybe a few people in the Holocaust who I don't think can be forgiven...small scale mistakes (even if they start the apocalypse unintentionally) can be forgiven. 

Back to Dean...

"I'm here, Raphael. Come and get me you little bastard."
-I wonder if Raphael is short in his true form.... That aside, it's sort of cool that Castiel is angry that Raphael killed him.

How do you set fire to a hospital room in the middle of the day and not have anyone notice?

Raphael's entrance is pretty damn cool.

I also love how Dean postures more when he's scared. Jensen does this so well - making Dean appear to be both cocky and nervous at the same time.

"God? He's dead, Castiel"
-Awesome delivery...love his voice.

"This is funny to you? You're living in a godless universe!"
-Dean was living in a godless universe until S4 there, Rafe. It's called atheism. And I believe Dean described it as: 'There's no god, no angels. There's just chaos and random unpredictable evil that comes out of nowhere and rips you to shreds.' - So, I think Dean had 27 years or so to get used the idea that he was living in a godless universe, I doubt he's really all that concerned that his belief system is still partially true.

I like how Raphael never yells. Dean and Cas are both yelling over the wind and rain, but Raphael always keeps the same steady voice.

Ok, here, Cas and Dean walk out and leave behind...THE GREEN BEER COOLER!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! WHERE WILL DEAN KEEP HIS BEER?!?!

Back to Sam...

The Hunters come in all threatening, and I really like this exchange:

"...or she dies"
"You wouldn't do that."
"It's funny how watching your best friend die changes that."

-I love this because there are a LOT of things Dean and Sam (especially Sam) wouldn't normally do, but have done, because of the other dying. Love is a dangerous thing. It can bring out the worst in you just as easily as it can bring out the best.

I love fight scenes.

I think even if Lindsey hadn't been there, Sam probably wouldn't have killed that guy...but that being said, it's a nice moment. Also, I love Sam yelling "Don't think I won't be here!" and the fact that Lindsey totally just saw the mystery that was behind Keith and she might be regretting wanting to know in the first place.

Back to Dean...

"I do know a little something about missing fathers...who cares what some ninja turtle says, Cas, what do YOU believe?"
-I mentioned this in both S2 and S4 I think, but I love how Dean (an atheist) becomes the champion for both Sam's and Cas' faith. 

"I've had more fun with you in the last 24 hours than I've had with Sam in years, and you're not much fun! It's funny, you know, I've been so chained to my family, but now that I'm alone, hell, I'm happy."
-Firstly, have you ever lived with someone so long that you become so used to them that nothing you do with them seems new and entertaining anymore? Also, have you ever lived with someone while you were barely talking to them because you just got back from hell and were all pissy? Also, have you ever lived with someone who is really depressed because their brother who they love dearly is going to DIE because he stupidly sold his soul...also, have you ever lived with your siblings after your dad died? I'm just saying...I don't think you not having fun is SAM'S fault, Dean.
-Secondly, you are totally all talk there, Dean. Maybe if you repeat it to yourself a few more times, you'll stop looking forlornly over at the passenger seat every 100 miles.

Back to Sam...

Kiss the devil on the neck there Sam. Then close your eyes in pleasure as Satan pets you gently....

"I love you, Jess...but you're wrong. People can change. There is reason for hope."
-Yay Sam! You're optimism wins the day!

Sigh...poor Sam. He's just so crushed and self-hating when Lucifer tells him he's the vessel. 

"I will kill myself before I let you in"
"And I'll just bring you back."

-Again, the expression on Sam's face when he realizes there's no escape...at least, no ultimate one.

"I will never lie to you. I will never trick you. But you will say yes to me."
"You're wrong"
"I'm not. I think I know you better than you know yourself."

-You know the reason this makes Sam cry? Because there's a possibility that the devil's right, and Sam knows it. I think during all this introspection, Sam realized that he was lying to himself a lot the year before - fooling himself into thinking he was someone he wasn't, or denying who he was becoming...and I think that scares him. For all that the demon blood was a quest for control, Sam actually LOST control of himself in a way he never believed possible before. 

Anyway, on that really depressing note, the episode ends.

Next time, THE END, and Commentary on THE END!
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