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Rewatch S5: Sympathy for the Devil (5x01) and Good God Y'all (5x02)

 Alright!! Rewatch time. It took me a bit to get into the grove of doing everything at once...I have to:
A)Take notes for timeline
B)Take notes for my thoughts
C)Take notes/screen shots for If Clothes Could Talk series.

In the rewatch posts though, I'll only be sharing my thoughts. If Clothes Could Talk, and the Timeline will be updated after I've finished going through the entire season.

First, a review of the packaging:
-It's the same packaging as last year. So, same height as my S4 set, and same plastic thing with insert. The stamps on the DVDs don't look as spiffy though.

On with the episodes....

Sympathy for the Devil

I always have to remember that for Sam and Dean this is all happening IMMEDIATELY after 4x22. Unlike us, they didn't get 4 months to digest and come to terms with the fact that Sam beat-up Dean and then accidentally unleashed Lucifer. I know some people we mad at Dean for being all silent and mad and kicking the puppy...but for him these wounds are so fresh that he probably still has the bruises on his neck.

I actually think a whole day passes between when they are on the plane and when they are in the car. That's just me though...the time on the radio doesn't make sense otherwise.

Oh man, Dean getting upset that Cas died. I like how in S4, both Dean and Sam made friends outside the family, and both friends ended up betraying them - the only difference is that Dean is so awesome that Cas unbetrayed him in the end. Sam doesn't seem to get that Dean is upset though..."stupid? he was trying to help us!" Sam's both defending Cas, and somehow managing to not catch onto the fact that Dean didn't mean it like that.

i love Chuck in this scene. I think I love him partially because he KNOWS Sam, inside and out...so he's not mad at him, or chastising, when he sees him. He's genuinely surprised and glad that Sam is alive - it's all water under the bridge for Chuck, even though his house is in shambles and he has a molar in his hair. (Quick analysis for those who believe Chuck is God: Everything I said still stands. Though, I wonder if HERE is when God decides to bring Cas back...the sappy part of me wants to believe it's because Dean was so sad about it. God decided to throw them a bone.)

Zachariah calls Dean "boy" and that's his last mistake - and Dean knows it too, by the little smile that comes onto his face after Zach does it. There are only two people on each who can call Dean "boy" and get away with it, and one of them is dead.

I like how Sam runs through so many emotions when he comes in with the hex bags. He's first happy that he's being so useful, then he's a little bit proud that he made the hex bags himself, while at the same time, you can see him start to realize what Dean's next question is going to be...and then he's so reluctant and sad to admit that he learned it all from Ruby.

Oh geez, I have to watch the Nick scenes again on rewatch. These are so uncomfortable. Well done, but they make my insides squirm. Mark does an excellent job here - because if you think about it, all Nick's scenes (except the conversation with Lucifer) are all SILENT. He's got to carry the whole scene without saying anything. It's very well done...and very creepy.

The hallucination Nick has in bed where he wakes up and there's blood everywhere - and then it's gone. I get that too sometimes, only instead of blood it's spiders. Do you think Lucifer is trying to take me as a vessel? I really hate it. Much like Nick, I end up standing beside my bed with hopped up on adrenaline trying to figure out if I've gone insane or not...and then it's REALLY hard to get back to sleep.

Becky's fanfiction seems to be leading to porn, but it never actually gets there...she could have just been writing a very homo-erotic hurt/comfort fic. I love how it's all just insinuated. "More than brothers" doesn't necessarily mean what we jump to the conclusion of it meaning...after all, they're also hunting partners, right? Haha....I just noticed all that. It's not as blatant as the slash conversation in S4. Those of us who have found the weird incest-loving part of the fandom immediately take the meaning of the words to mean that Becky writes erotic incestuous fiction (and that in her story, Dean and Sam were just about to get it on), but the more innocent people out there might not jump to that conclusion. My point is: Well done, writers.

I really like Emily Perkins (who plays Becky). I just think she's great.

"You ok lady?" - Haha, Sam...I love the fact that you called her "lady"

"The Michael Sword is on earth, the angels lost it" - True! I also love the use of the description of "The Michael Sword" Instead of "Michael's sword" or "The sword that slays Lucifer" or "The sword of the archangel Michael"...just, "the Michael Sword"...

"Becky, can you quit touching me?"

-Hmm...did I say I like Emily Perkins? I think I meant to say that I'm jealous of her.

Bobby is CARRYING his hat when he pulls up in the Impala. That should have been our first clue.

Also, Bobby's hugs are less personal - sort of customary and cold, rather than given with any genuine affection.

According to demon!Bobby, Michael commands the heavenly host. So, it was actually told to us in the very first episode who the boss man was upstairs while God is away. So...really, Michael is to blame for manipulating Dean and Sam all these years...just as well he ended up in the hole with Lucifer then. Bastard.

It's the Puppy Face of DOOOM! It's absolutely brilliant staging to have Bobby standing on a platform up a flight of stairs while Sam delivers his apology and kicked-puppy face - because it means Sam actually has to look up...and he looks so YOUNG. It really drives home how small and worthless Sam is feeling, as well as driving home the fact that Bobby is in the position of power here - as the surrogate father that can give or deny love to the child-like Sam.

And UGH! Sam is so crushed when Bobby tells him to lose his number. The catch in his voice is heartbreaking.

The interesting thing to note here is Dean's face. It's hard to interpret - on the one hand, he looks slightly disapproving that Bobby is kicking his puppy...but on the other hand, I think Bobby being angry helps Dean justify and keep his own anger going.

I think if Dean wasn't so busy obsessing about where the Michael sword is, he would realize that Bobby is acting REALLY out of character.

"You really think your dad had the Michael sword all this time?" - Yes, he did. It was riding around in his car, and wearing his leather jacket, and following his orders.

Then BAM, demon!Bobby punches Dean and it's ON!

Meg makes her appearance and of course, it wouldn't be Supernatural, if a man wasn't getting sexually assaulted (if not metaphorically than literally), so we get the forced kiss...which Dean really doesn't enjoy. And thank goodness he's not allergic to peanut butter. I will point out though, that this is as close as Dean gets to being violated in the show (not including his time in hell). He remains until the end of S5, the only character NOT to have been possessed at any point in the narrative.

We also get the second instance of a character being able to break out of possession when faced with killing Dean. Dean has super anti-possession powers on his loved ones...and this foreshadows that nicely. Surprisingly, the only one who couldn't do it before was Sam...which certainly makes the finale even more interesting. Mind you, it's my theory that Meg kept Sam "asleep" for mostly all of her time inside of him, whereas both John and Bobby were conscious of the actions of their body when they were attacking Dean. So, maybe Lucifer's mistake was allowing Sam to see the ride.

When Sam comes into the hotel room in the middle of the fight, the first thing he sees is Bobby on the floor with a stab wound. A lot of S4 was spent on the relationship between Bobby and Dean, but here, and in the next scene, we really see how much Sam loves Bobby. When they get to the hospital, it's Sam who insists that they can't leave him, and when Dean tells him they have to go, Sam's response is an adamant "No. No way, Dean." - and all this even though for all Sam knows, Bobby really doesn't want to ever speak to him again.

"Oh thank God, the angels are here" - Jensen has such a great delivery of this line.

And Zachariah confirms that they did indeed loose the Michael sword....because of Sam's hex-bags...and that Dean is the sword. And man, I wish they had continued to refer to Dean as "The Michael Sword" rather than "Michael's vessel" just because the equating of Dean to a weapon is such a delicious piece of writing.

"Life as an angel condom? That's real fun. I think I'll pass" - I love that line - again, sexual imagery for possession.

"Say yes, and we'll heal him. Say no, and he'll never walk again." - this is my explanation for why a frontal stomach stab wound could end up paralyzing Bobby...Zach followed through on this one threat. When Castiel came and told him to put the boys back together, he did...but Castiel only talked about the boys. The threat against Bobby was still carried out to teach them a lesson.

Back to Nick...
"I'm an angel"
"An angel?"
"My name is Lucifer."

*Swelling music stops, Nick's voice loses awed tone*
"Sure. Naturally. Would you do me a favour there, Satan, and remind me to quit drinking before I go to bed."
-Hahaha, perfect bit of levity in a so far extremely dark side-story.

Lucifer: "There are only two rational answers, Nick - either he's sadistic or he just doesn't care."
-I'll come back to this in the discussion for the next episode, because Dean actually echoes the devils' words here, but with a slight difference.

I like how Lucifer offers "justice" which is a nicer word for Sam's "revenge" - meaning, nothing good can come of this. We live in an unjust world for a reason.

Lucifer doesn't lie. It's attack of post-modernism! It's not a lie if it is true to your personal narrative. Or, as George Costanza but it on Seinfeld - you can pass the lie-detector if you just BELIEVE what you are saying. Or, better yet, for those A:TLA fans: if you are Azula.

Dean's pep-talk. First off: It's hilarious, and sort of cliche with the "GED and give'em hell attitude" line - so it made perfect sense when it was revealed later that it was all an act. But I don't want to talk about that...I want to talk about the fact that Sam believed it. I love Sam's expression when Dean first starts talking. It's this sort of "You're completely crazy and ridiculous, and I LOVE YOU SO MUCH RIGHT NOW"...I think all of Sam's affection for his brother was very clearly displayed in the small brief amused smile. 

Then Bobby doesn't cut Sam out, and I love Sam's happy smile - and Dean....I think Dean was using Bobby's supposed anger to back up his own. Now that Bobby had basically said that he forgave Sam, Dean suddenly was the only one who hadn't. At this point, it's been what - three days - since is brother tried to strangle him and then chose a demon!girl over him...I think Dean's entitled to his anger.

Plus, it's basically been three days of Dean ignoring Sam. Really...look back on the episode. Sam and Dean barely speak to each other. It's always mitigated through someone else, or strictly about immediate business. Sam is willing to talk, but Dean isn't. So, it's been three days of Dean stewing in his anger, as Dean is wont to do. Heck, he stewed in his anger at his father for about 24 years...

"You were the one I depended on the most, and you let me down in ways I can't even..."
-This is a big thing. Besides maybe Bobby, Sam is the ONLY one Dean trusted. Sam is the primary person in Dean's life. Like I said, I think Dean's entitled to his anger.

"I just don't think we can ever be what we were...."
-Well that's good, because what you were was an uneven team, where Sam had to do everything you said and wasn't allowed to be in control of his own life. I think you guys can be better than that, personally. You just have to hit rock bottom first - which, you know, you have...and will again.

"...I just don't think I can trust you."
-Some people have criticized Sam for looking surprised here. As in, "what did you think was going to happen?" - but I think the shock of it all for Sam is that Dean never really trusted him in the first place - not REALLY...which is what led Sam down the dark road in the first place. So, basically, Sam, finding himself dissatisfied with life, tries to correct it through use of drugs, only to discover that it's made all his problems worse! I think that's basically the story of any person struggling with substance abuse. The drugs only compound the problem - and I think Sam is just starting to really get that.

Good God Y'all

Bobby hasn't spoken in 3 days. Man, when Bobby decides to sulk, he pulls out all the stops. 

"We got to cheer him up...maybe I'll give him a backrub"
"Well what then?"

-I love how sincere Dean sounds, but Sam still calls him with a Dean that translates to "this isn't funny!"

Sam says Castiel really oddly...and then I jumped forward and listened to the commentary on The End, and realized that Kripke says it the same way. They say CAStiel, instead of Casti-EL (which is the way Castiel and Dean both say it).

When Misha says "The one who began everything" you can totally hear his poor voice crack. Poor Misha. Having to speak all gravelly all of the time.

"No, he's not on any flatbread"
-I think this was the first time I realized the full comedic potential of Castiel.

"He's either dead, and that's the good theory, or he's up and kicking and doesn't give a rat's ass about any of us."
-Remember I was going to talk about Lucifer saying that God was either A)Sadistic or B)Uncaring? Well, here we have Dean's version - only Dean is kinder to God, and doesn't entertain the notion that God is a sadist, rather, that he's either DEAD or uncaring. In my extensive reading on the Holocaust, I came a couple of discussions on what it did to theological debates - how could a just God allow such things to happen. My favorite theory (if I were to believe in God at all) was The God Who Turned Away. Anyway...that's sort of beside the point. I just thought it was really interesting to compare the differences between Lucifer and Dean.

Misha's lip catches on the left side. I think it's from that bike accident he was in when he was a kid (he posted quite the gory picture of himself on twitter once). 

I like studying Bobby when Castiel talkes about the amulet. I think Bobby knew the whole time what Dean's amulet did. When Bobby says "An amulet?" his eyes slid ever so slightly to Dean and then immediately back to Castiel so that he can say that he has nothing like that...for whatever reason, I think Bobby wanted Dean to keep that amulet. Sadly, I'm not sure we'll ever see it again.

"What this?"
"May I borrow it?"
"Dean, give it to me."
"Alright, I guess. Just DON'T LOSE IT."

-I like how when a request doesn't work, Castiel issues an order. Also, I like how Dean's reflex was an outright no. And it's the beginning of the end for the amulet, my friends. Now it becomes both a symbol of faith in God, and a symbol for Dean's faith in Sam...and we all know what happens when he loses both...

The destroyed bridge is so well done! The visual effects department is so awesome on Supernatural.

And we also get Spirit in the Sky - very awesome. I like the fact that at least in the beginning of the season they had more classics.

Right away we see the mustang, and Dean whistles at it. I like that, because I really didn't think anything of it when I first saw the episode, but now I realize that it's fairly obvious that it's important.

"What are you - allergic to giving me peace of mind?"
-Aw, Ellen, how I love you. I also love how she glares at Sam to include him in the chastisement. It's little non-verbal communication like that that really makes this show I think. They could probably have an entire episode without any dialog and we'd still be enthralled.

"You don't want me going out there..."
"I didn't say that!"
"...around demons"
"I didn't say that!!"

-Again, I love Jensen's delivery here. It's such a sibling-fight. Also, the "I didn't say that" defense is used later by Sam too.

So, twenty paces outside the church and Sam is already panting. Nothing has happened. Do you have asthma, Sam?

Sam is the slowest bag-boy in history. Seriously...salt is not breakable, feel free to just throw it in the bag, Sam.

Here is where you start realizing something is amiss - there's no flashy-flashy on the knife, and the "demon" didn't seem to flinch when Sam threw salt at it.

And then Dean comes in and glares at Sam as though he KNEW Sam couldn't be trusted to kill demons that were attacking him...wait what? I think Dean needs to either tone down his accusatory stares, or admit that he can read minds...because really, there's no reason to be all pissy at Sam.

That being said, I like how Dean still cares enough to ask Sam what's wrong when he's off sulking in the corner. There's hope yet! This is how you tell that despite their problems, Dean still loves Sam like a limb.

"I just wish I could save people like I used to."
"Like when you were all hopped up on demon blood?"
"I didn't say that"

-Ah, sometimes I think they know each other too well, and that's the problem. Sam can tell that Dean doesn't trust him farther than he can throw him, and Dean can tell that Sam is jonezing for demon blood even when Sam has barely admitted it to himself.

Then Sam pushes Dean!! This is the ONLY time Sam has ever hit Dean when not possessed or hopped up on demon blood. And it's just a push. I find the abuse cycles inside the Winchester family fascinating.

Ellen tries to question Sam on what's up, and he deflects like a pro. Asking about Jo instead...

"Weren't you always saying she couldn't hack the life?"
-For some reason I find it sort of heartbreaking that Sam is delivering this line. Sam is only two years older than Jo, yet he's so much more battle hardened. Sam and Dean are Ellen and Bobby's equals, and Jo is the kid....it's just...sad, is all.

"My daughter may be an idiot, but she's not stupid." 
-Haha, Ellen, did I mention that I love you?

"My instinct? My instinct is to call Bobby for help...or Sam!"
"Well tough! All you got is me and all I got is you, so let's figure it out."

-Dean is finally becoming more of a commander, rather than Daddy's obedient soldier...and Ellen's teaching him how. It's also the first time Dean's NOT rushed off to save Sam. Which, though some may see it as a bad change in the brotherly-love relationship, I see it as a positive one - where Dean realizes that there are more important things in the world than trying to keep his brother safe...and yeah, I can see why that might seem incongruent to Dean's personality...but just think of where the "save Sammy at all costs" has gotten him in the past?

Mmm...Dean reading the Bible aloud...I should not be finding this sexy, but goddamn it, I do.

Dean realizing the mustang belongs to War, and when questioned he just says "It's how I'd roll" - I LOVE THIS. I have a secret (not so secret) love for the idea that eventually the Winchesters will become lore and legend themselves...and the fact that the Impala will become just as legendary as the Horseman's steeds.

"People don't need a reason to kill each other. I mean, have you seen the Irish? They're all Irish."
-As someone who has studied Irish history, I absolutely loved this line. The Irish fought the bloodiest civil war over perhaps the stupidest reason. (My apologies to any Irish who take offense at this, but seriously...look into it!)

War to Sam: "Lust for power...you want to be strong again. But not just strong - stronger than everybody"
-War really does hit the nail on the head here. As someone who has been treated by his brother and father as the weakest link, someone to be protected and controlled, OF COURSE Sam wants to be stronger than everyone. He equates strength with respect and being able to control your own life....two things he's sorely lacked his entire life.

You know, sometimes odd things occur to me...like the fact that Sam spent at least 18 hours tied to a chair, and PROBABLY at some point, would have had to pee. I think someone out there should write really realistic fic where Sam ends up having to wet himself. I'm not on some sort of pee-kink (actually I find it really gross)...it's just, realistically? Unless they took him to the washroom - he would have ended up wetting himself at some point. It's just facts. Also, his legs would be REALLY stiff when he went to get up - I wouldn't be surprised if some limbs had fallen asleep. I've spent 14 hours on a plane before and it's brutal.

I have to point out though that even when they're fighting, Sam and Dean work really well together.

"Can't kill War, kiddos!"
-No one calls Sam or Dean "kiddo" except Sam or Dean! PUNISHMENT IS GETTING YOUR RING FINGER CHOPPED OFF!

Sam is very psychologically insightful this season. He's just full of introspection....and he's not even the Winchester who watches Oprah.

"The problem is me - how far I'll go"
-Interesting repeat of Dean in S1 - that how far he'll go scares him sometimes. I think all Winchesters have a problem with obsession. Dean just obsesses about different things than John or Sam.

Again, much like in Sympathy for the Devil, we end with Sam realizing that he's compounded the problems he was trying to escape from. He hated not being trusted, and now Dean trusts him even less. He hated feeling like a liability and wanted to be strong and powerful - and not he's even more of a liability because he can't even trust himself, and Dean is worrying about him even more than before. Drugs never solve anything people! Supernatural is trying to teach us a very important lesson.

"You ah...you want to take the Impala?"
-I love Dean offering Sam the Impala. It's basically the equivalent of saying "We can't be together right now, but you don't have to be the one to leave home. I can do that." It's a way of trying to tell Sam that their separation isn't a punishment. 

Just a continuity thing: I'm sure a lot of people notice that Sam moves his leg out from under the picnic table twice...but did you notice that Dean's breast pockets start off unbuttoned, but then are buttoned magically by the end of the scene? Wardrobe continuity! I've totally missed my calling.

I love Sam's caress of the Impala as he walks away...only bringing one backpack and his laptop with him. (He travels like me!). But yeah, I love the small show that although he doesn't practically make love to it the way Dean does - Sam loves that car. I think he's punishing himself by not taking Dean up on his offer...plus, of course, with the trunk arsenal is just makes more sense for Dean to keep it.

Alright, that's it. Man, that took forever. I'm obviously not going to churn these rewatch posts out as fast as I normally would.
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