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Dean's Hell Hazers II T-Shirt

Dean's Hell Hazers II T-Shirt

Dean got this shirt by being one hell of a PA. It’s a black T-shirt that says “Hell Hazers II The Reckoning” on it.


Dean only wears this shirt during Hollywood Babylon (2x18), while working on the set of the film it references. He wears it after the first real death (death by hanging) until the second death (death by giant fan).

FATE: Unknown
Master Post


Oct. 13th, 2010 04:19 pm (UTC)
What's disturbing is that I have so much fun doing it :P

And yes, I Wuv Hugs is going to be added to the list too! I'm posting the clothes in a rough order of appearance...and sadly, I'm only part-way through posting S2.

As you guessed, I've taken a little break while I try to finish up VVV and work on my S5 timeline. Priorities.

Also, Dean has a few unique T's in S6...but those are a long way off in getting capped and posted.