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Hello and oh man, am I stressed...

First off: Hello to all the various people who have friended me in the past few days for seemingly no reason! 

Also: Hello to those that I met at VanCon!


1) When the show is on, I post quick reactions to the episodes. I like to keep things positive, because I like to ENJOY my favorite show. So, I rarely complain.

2) I do timelines and a clothing inventory. I'm currently backdating the clothing inventory so that I don't clog people's flists with screen caps. 

3) I currently have a fairly epic Harry Potter/Supernatural crossover going on. I'm somewhere between a half and three quarters of the way through the sequel in the verse.

4) I occasionally complain about my life (as I am about to do), sometimes I flock these posts, sometimes I don't.

5) I live in Vancouver, so occasionally I will go out to a recognizable shooting location and take pictures. I once found the crew while they were filming, but I'm not likely to do so again, because...

6) I don't like spoilers

7) I only write Gen. I don't like Wincest, and real people stuff squicks me most of the time (though I do read the occasional AU). I'm a big fan of friendship being more meaningful than sex.

8) I tend to only friend people back when we've at least conversed in comments and have similar attitudes.

Now...to the subject of my post...

ARG I'm STRESSED OUT! As of tomorrow I'll be down to only a 2.5 chapter buffer on Vile Violent Vacation! I never realized how much I really need my evenings and weekends to work on that thing. I had VanCon all weekend...I ditched work yesterday to go Location Hunting (pictures to come), and then worked until 11pm tonight to make up for it...and man, I really wish I was paid for writing my own blathering nonsense, instead of being paid to enter documents into databases.

Anyway, it's the long weekend coming up, and I only have two commitments during the weekend, so I'm sure I can make up for it....so, don't worry, I'll try to stick with the schedule. Last year I worked off a 2 chapter buffer - mind you, I didn't have a full-time job at the time.
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