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Vancon 2010: Day 2 (AKA: Misha puts his fingerprints on everything...)

Today started bright and early with my alarm going off at 7:30. I was able to stagger out of bed and run some warm water over my head to wake myself up...answer a few comments on LJ...then I grabbed my gear and walked down to the Skytrain. I made it to the hotel about 5 minutes before Fredric Lehne started his panel and the unnatural hour of 9:25am.

A word before I start though: From what I heard, it sounded like I should have stuck around for the karaoke party last night. People said it was hilarious, with the actors playing backup singers and dancing. 

Another word before I start: My seat-mate friend Mel told me that last night a poor woman collapsed during the Jason Manns concert and had to be taken to the hospital. Mel was scandalized by the amount of time it took the ambulance to come. Poor woman! I do hope she recovers well from whatever is wrong. 


It was cool to have an actor of an older generation...he seemed like a different class of people, and I can definitely see why he might be cast more in like, Italian mob shows or something. He admitted it himself, saying "I got a face that is untrustworthy and kinda smirky."

He talked about filming in the woods, next to a pig farm and an airport, with contacts that made him blind...he described it as "Helen Keller in Hell"

SPOILER: Umm...I don't know how to do the highlighting thing...maybe I'll write in white? I'll try that: He's going to be in the season premiere. He said, "don't miss the season premiere...well, don't miss any of the episodes but..."

A fan asked is he felt there was a difference between the Lost crew vs. the Supernatural crew...he said the Lost crew had better tans.

Someone asked if he thought JDM would ever come back to the show...I don't know why people keep asking about JDM (and why ask Fredric Lehne? Weird.) Anyway, yeah, it should be QUITE APPARENT that JDM is WAY too big of a name right now to come back to TV. Plus his character is DEAD, people...get over it. Anyway, that's basically what Fred said, but he said it nicer: that even if JDM wanted to, his "people" probably wouldn't let him.

He did talk about working with JDM..."As I got closer, he got taller...it's a bad set for a short guy...luckily Kim Manners was there. 'If we have to, you get on my shoulders and we'll take them out'"

If he could play another role, he'd be Bobby, because Bobby is on the show so much that he gets residuals.

He says he likes working on Supernatural because he can really "ham it up"
-"Was I too big?"
-"What does it matter? Go bigger!"

His favorite scene was the campfire scene with Aldis, because he could actually see Aldis's face - "It was a treat!" (How flattering for Aldis. ;)

ROB BENEDICT (The Prophet(?!) Chuck):

Oh man, one of the Questioners said it best: Rob is "cute and awkward"...he is absolutely adorable.

Interesting thing: a lot of the guests so far in the convention have been just walking around the stage and weren't given chairs. Rob was the first one that told us that Creation actually told him they wanted him to walk around and weren't giving him a chair...I thought that was pretty odd of them.

Anyway, he came out and said an excited hi to a few people in the gold seats, stating that he's "getting to the point where I'm starting to recognize some of you." - It amazes me that there are people who seem to literally go to every convention...or at least every convention in North America.

Someone asked the question about whether he was warned ahead of time about the fandom (again, I love this question). Rob said that he didn't know about the following OR about how a great a show it was. He got hooked when he started researching for the part. He then talked a little about the differences between The Real Ghostbusters and reality...saying that reality is better because we are women, there are more of us, and no one is getting killed. 

If he could be anyone in the show, he'd be either Sam or Dean - he then talked about how with his looks he's the scared help (the Radar type) rather than the hero who saves the day. He did a little impression of the hero staying calm in a crisis...it was adorable. Haha.

Someone asked him if he'd rather win an Oscar or a Grammy...he said Oscar, because practicing his Oscar speech is something he's done since he was young.

He then spotted a large poster of him and Jared on the back wall and commented on the amazing height difference - even saying that it was even sadder because he was probably standing on an apple-box.

He talked about having an earthquake kit because of the fear of earthquakes in LA right now....except that he has weird stuff in it like microwave popcorn and S2 of Buffy. This was in response to a question about what he would do if the world was ending, he talked about wanting his family around, and then said "oh, who am I kidding, I'd order a bunch of hookers...huge bag of cocaine, hookers...no, I'd want my family to be with me...*someone shouts from audience about them dying too then*...bring them down with me!"

He said that on one of the takes he actually did hit Jared hard in the face with the plunger, but Jared is such a tough guy, he just brushed it off.

Someone asked if Chuck would publish his books or if he was too scared of Dean. Rob replied, "yes, because Chuck as God is still scared of Dean...he's a very frightened God." - in between those "..." he talked about how it's still open to interpretation about Chuck=God, because Chuck WAS so timid and afraid  of things.

Someone asked about why the Amulet didn't glow hot - and let me just say that I don't like this question either. Firstly: Rob wouldn't know, he's not a writer...and secondly: if the amulet DID glow hot, there would be no debate about whether Chuck was God or not, and Kripke likes the debate. Now that all being said, Rob was really cool about it and he impressed me because he actually did know some theories as to why...like he'd looked into it or something.

Then someone presented a theory from a friend of hers who went through the scene frame by frame, and says that when Chuck's wearing white there looks like there is a body on the couch behind him...so maybe Chuck was actually asleep and God temporarily took his form. Rob was really...impressed...by that level of investigative work. He said "I wish I had a chair so that I could sit and think about it." and then one of the organizers brought him a chair and a coffee, and Rob was REALLY impressed, "Wow, you guys...I really am like the man!...It's a dream for all of us out here!"

I forget what question prompted this, but Rob gave a really funny explanation about how he was the sort of guy that if he were in the army, everyone would want him to be their buddy, but they wouldn't necessarily want him to go into battle. He's the type of guy who stays behind and looks after the toilet paper and makes sure the tents don't get ransacked...then one of the audience members called out that he might get killed back at the tents while the other guys were fighting, Then Rob acted out that scene a little:
-"'Oh they got him! They got Rob!' - and I'm dead with a spear through my chest, holding a roll of toilet paper."

Then someone asked something about if he's had any weird experiences in Vancouver or something...and Rob told a hilarious story about how years before Supernatural, he was filming something else here in Stanley Park...and he got a little lost in the park and ended up in this area where there were a lot of men...(basically he found the part of Stanley Park where men go to have anonymous sex with each other)...and he quickly ran out of there, but some of the crew saw him run out of there and they thought he had been there on purpose.

It was a funny story, but Rob was embarrassed and didn't want to end on that note, except the organizers started playing his exit music! Rob's reaction: "I'm getting the music!?! It's my Oscar speech!!!" and then he proceeded to act like he was trying to thank people overtop the music...hilarious.


Someone mentioned his dancing from the night before and asked him to do it again...he told her no, but then he did anyway. It was hilarious...EXTREMELY cheesy dancing.

Someone pointed out the fact that JDM's eyes are brown, but Matt's are green. Matt said that he had a theory, and he fully encouraged us to use it for out fanfiction (and wow, talk about the modern-age, when the fanfiction is acknowledged so openly)...his theory was that John's eyes were "darkened by tragedy."

My favorite answer to a question came when someone asked him if there was a book he thought should be made into a movie, so that he could play a certain role in it...Matt's response: "I can't read!" 

He talked about the scene between Jared and him in The Song Remains The Same and what he tapped into to give his performance or whatever...and he said that the "Best acting advice I ever got...that it doesn't matter, man or woman...be in love with them at that moment." Then he praised Jared, saying that "If it wasn't for Jared being so emotionally available, it'd just be two guys who do a lot of curls talking to each other in a room."

He then talked about Jensen helping him with the Michael stuff - something he repeats anytime ANYONE compliments him on Michael...he added that "that's why the show is so successful, because those guys care about every scene and every actor."

He went on to explain a bit about method acting...which surprisingly made me feel very uncomfortable, because I was raised not to admit to possessing human emotions...but, um, enough about my own weird neurosis.

He joked about the scene where he tells Sam and Dean to shut-up in the car. Saying that he kept asking for more rehearsal because he liked telling the two male leads to shut-up. Anytime they tried to protest the extra rehearsals, he'd interrupt them by yelling "SHUT UP!"

Anyway, conclusion: Sweetheart!

CLIF (J&J's bodyguard and Tiny from Folsom Prison Blues)

I was a little in fear of this panel, because I know the crazier bits of the fandom have a hate-on for Clif...just because he has the right personality for his job or something. It went alright though! Creation (the organizers, for those who don't know) had his back and when the questions slowed down one of them would ask him questions. I actually thought of a question to ask, but it was towards the end anyway, so I just left it.

Misha quickly crashed the panel! And it's funny, because as soon as you hear his voice you think "that's familiar..." and yeah, he stood at one of the microphones and asked Clif how the dynamic between him and the Js has changed now that Clif is obviously more famous than them. Clif went along with it and said that Misha would know because it's the same for him...then as Misha wandered away, Clif muttered "I hate that guy" hahaha...

He talked a little about the girl who snuck on set as a PA in S2. He told a funny story from filming the night before (apparently they were just a few blocks from the convention!)...anyway, the story was that he was chatting with some of the Teamsters and then Jared calls over with "Hey Clif!" so Clif snaps to attention and starts "looking for snipers or something" and Jared says "who's that beside you?" and Clif turns and RIGHT BESIDE him is a paparazzi guy. So, Clif laughed about how good he was at his job.

He worked with Kurt Russell before as a bodyguard and thinks he's awesome and a great guy.

He detailed the job a bit...saying he basically worked 80 hours a week. His dog bit Chad Everett (Old Dean) and now his dog isn't allowed in the hair and make-up trailer anymore. Oh, and Jared breaks things.


I fled the auditorium because I got vicariously embarrassed when Creation tried to start a "stump the experts" game and no one was volunteering to ask trivia questions and I couldn't think of any to ask myself...then afterward,raloria  pointed out that I should have just quizzed them about clothes! Man, I'm silly

Still, good thing about fleeing: I met Kathleen who actually lives in my neighbourhood (or well, the loose definition of my neighbourhood). She also fled because of being embarrassed, so yay, stuff in common right away! We chatted for a bit and then made plans to meet up for lunch.


She came out and was confused about the lack of chair, so she sat at the edge of the stage.

Someone commented on her short hair, and she said that she cut it years ago, but saved the hair, and Supernatural made a wig out of it for her to wear so that her character would still look the same. I thought that was crazy cool.

Someone asked a question about communicating so much without dialog, and she complimented the writing for it, and how it's always "only about loving those boys."

Apparently Jensen loved his I Wuv Hugs T-shirt, and he may have kept it.

Finding out Mary was a hunter added a whole new layer for her, because it "allows you to be even kinder" because "you know the dark, so you can embrace the light." But she's glad she didn't know about hunting when they filmed the pilot, because she would worry it would change the way she acted it, and she thinks she acted it the way it was supposed to be acted.

Then she told us all about the ghost she has in her house. 

She doesn't think Mary would have ever trained the boys to be Hunters, and that she'd be mad at John for doing so.

Someone asked a prank question...ARG! CUT IT OUT! NO ONE LIKES YOU! (I'm sorry if the person who asked is reading this...I know you just want funny stories from set, but maybe just ask for that, instead of using the word 'pranks').

She told a story about her small little dog biting Jared's huge dog on the nose and scaring him.

Then she answered a question about Dean's failed warning, explaining that Mary had just forgotten...some strange guy in the 70s tells you something vague, and you are a new mother who is woken up in the middle of the night by your baby crying...you aren't going to know what day it is.


Unlike all previous guests, the question lines started forming 10 or 15 minutes before Misha came out. I figure with Jared and Jensen tomorrow it'll be even earlier...it makes me wonder about those people who stand in line that long just to ask a really lame question. Mind you, I know sometimes the lame questions can lead to funny moments...like when someone asked them if they'd ever had pickles stuffed with fried rice and Jensen laughed so hard he cried.

Before Misha came out, the organizers announced that the woman who collapsed at the concert the night before needed to take the train home, and train fair was $500 and they were taking donations because they only needed $400 more to reach that goal. I know I've been pretty shocked and appalled by the amount of money that is thrown around at the convention on what I think are pretty frivolous things...but I must say, it's pretty awesome when it only takes 5 minutes to raise $400. 

Then I braced myself...and Misha arrived! Carrying a cheese plate so that he could show us the sort of thing they were treated to back stage.

He started with "I understand someone collapsed because Jason Manns is so revolting." He then said that he was wearing a band-aid on his thumb that he had signed, and he was going to auction it off to contribute to the fund for the train ticket...and because the people back stage didn't believe that anyone would bid on a used band-aid. 

The bidding quickly got up to $50...Misha was appalled. "Who's sick enough to pay $50?" He sold it for $75. 

A questioner asked him about what conclusions he's drawn about fandom after these series of social experiments that he's been running...he says we're "smarter than average" But only most of us.

Someone asked him the Shag, Marry, Kill question (Given Sam, Dean, and Castiel, which would you shag, marry, and kill?). "Well I've always wanted to fuck myself." Then he got a bit confused and started talking about Jared and Jensen's traits in terms of who would make the better life-time partner....someone pointed out that Jared was younger and would live longer...Misha pointed out that big guys have lower life-spans and then apologized for having said so (personally, I WAS pretty depressed when he said that...I don't like to think of people I like dying, even if it's inevitable.) He said that they were both good in bed, and that Jensen made a mean crepe...then he realized that the question had been about the characters, so he chose to marry Dean and kill Sam.

Someone asked what Cas was up to in S6, to which Misha replied "chillin' with his homies."

Someone asked for him to talk about the charity...and he joked around and didn't really talk about it in any sort of serious capacity. It's here that I remembered reading other people's accounts about how Misha puts on a different persona for the cons. I don't think it's a different persona per say. I just think he makes himself rules - just as he's not allowed to talk about Supernatural or acting on Twitter, I think he has set a rule for himself that he cannot be serious at cons, and has to have a funny answer for everything.

He talked a bit more about being mistaken for a girl when he was young...he was most amused, it seemed, by the time that he was called a Lesbian when some people saw him making out with his future wife. He was also given a female roommate in college, because they thought he was a girl.

Someone asked him "Is there a question that you'd like people to ask you?" and he replied, "Yes! That one! Thank you!"

He mentioned how some of the overseas dubs of the show are horrific...mentioning one in particular where Sam sounded like he was 12....but he wouldn't name the countries for fear of offending people.

He says that he thinks they should do a crossdressing episode because Jared and Jensen love incorporating their personal lives into the show.

He then told a story about how Jared pranked him using the cell phone. Apparently Misha has an AT+T plan in Canada where it costs him 50 cents each time he sends or receives a text. On his birthday, Jared sent him a birthday message one letter at a time. Misha tried to stop them coming in, but discovered that there is absolutely no way to stop such a thing. Then, a few weeks later, Jared got a surprise...apparently Jared has two phones, one for the US and an AT+T one like Misha's...he accidentally used his AT+T one for the prank and ended up costing himself the same ridiculous sum of money. Misha says he is able to write off his bill as a business expense, because it was "work related."

Then suddenly Misha realized his jacket was on inside out! And had been ALL MORNING, through ALL his photo-ops! He admonished everyone for not telling him.

Oh man, then someone asked Misha what he thought about Jensen calling him a whore at last years Vancouver Convention....Misha, though he cracked up twice, did an awesome job of acting like he was crushed beyond belief....haha, it was weird...I knew he was only acting, but I still felt SO BAD for him.  

Then Misha accidentally sat on his water bottle and got water all over the seat of his pants. He then declared that the panel was "like that dream you have when you are 8."

Someone asked him if he's visited any tourist spots in Vancouver, but she slurred and he heard "trysts"...to which he replied that he HAD had some trysts: "most recently on a small dirt path in Stanley Park" and then he said, "as for tourist spots...I recommend you get on a ferry *meaningful look to audience* and just ride it as long as you can." He then went on seriously about all the islands between here and Vancouver Island...the person who asked the question admitted that they were from Campbell River (meaning they are from here), to which Misha replied: "So why are you asking this question!?...I try to give you helpful tips and instead I look like an idiot - FOR THE THIRD TIME TODAY!"

He didn't want to end on feeling like an idiot, but they started playing the music, so he too treated it like an Oscar speech and thanked his agent in a rush... :-P


Holy crow! NOT what I was expecting. Demore is the COMPLETE opposite of his character! I'm thinking another Aldis type, but nope...Demore is REALLY SMILEY and HAPPY and you know...just really unapologetically his very bubbly self. He's a good actor if he can go from that to "God is dead, Castiel!"

His voice is higher in person too, one of the questioners told him that she had a friend who was in love with his voice, and he said "and now you're going to tell her I sound like a school girl."

He joked around a lot...maybe because he followed Misha...maybe because he can't tell us anything about S6. In any case...I think some people were a bit annoyed that he was joking around too much and wouldn't give them straight answers. Whatever. I was entertained.

He had a running joke about how Raphael is in love with Castiel. To the point where one of the people asked him to recite a poem that Raphael might write for Castiel. He came up with:
"I see trees of green, red roses too,
Castiel, I see them bloom, for me and you.
Do you want to come back to my room?"

Someone asked him to dance...which he did, very flamboyantly. I couldn't help but think of the girl at my office who didn't like the convention last year because she felt like the guests were just preforming monkeys...I think you could definitely see it that way, but you could also see it as the fact that everyone who works on the show is goofy and comfortable enough just to be ridiculous and fun loving.

Other than Supernatural, there was a lot of talk about The Unit, which he was also on.

RUSS HAMILTON (Locations Manager):

This was an interesting crew-talk about the process of finding locations and how hectic the job is. It sounds like EVERYONE works 80 hours a week or so...crazy! Maybe working in the film industry isn't for me after all :-P

Russ talked about how it helps that the crew is all local, so they care about keeping the locations nice and clean and usable.

Someone came up to ask a question, and I forget their question, but before they walked away they said "the reason I ask is because I'm from Portland and we're going to steal the film-industry."....and DUDE, NOT COOL. Do you even know who you are talking to? LOCAL VANCOUVERITES! People who need the film-industry here to make a living and feed their kids...if you want to be catty, be catty, but I thought that was a pretty mean-spirited thing to say.

He misheard a question about having back-up "emergency sets" as "emergency sex"...and thought that sounded like a brilliant idea, "every time something goes wrong, I think I should have emergency sex."

He talked about how they were filming down the road last night. He said they put up signs pointing the opposite direction to mess with us...and someone stole the signs.

He said they've never had any major issue with fans, and they actually think we're fantastic... he says during S3 it was really because of the fanbase that they were renewed.

He also said that they actually research what houses look like in different states, so that they can find similar ones in Vancouver.


Another long wait. I chatted with my seat-mates...we're all friends now. It's fun. I can see the appeal of getting really enthusiastic about hanging out with the friends you've met at next years con too...and hey, maybe if I could afford it....

It was a bit of a longer wait, but they were personalizing so I didn't mind! I was able to think of something to say to each one of them as they signed...Samantha engaged me, so that was easy...Rob I was lame and just asked him how he was holding up, and talked about how long a day it was - I think I could said something better in retrospect, but ah well...I actually had planned something to say to Misha, but when I got there he engaged me. 
Misha: "Innovative spelling!"
Me: "That's what makes it a girl's name"
Misha: "Well thanks-" goes to hand me back my photo and accidentally smudges his signature. Then looks extremely annoyed at himself. "I smudged it!"
Organizer-lady: "No, you didn't."
Me: "That's ok."
Misha: "No, I smudged the Ls"
Me: "They still look alright. No worries."
Misha brightens: "Well, now you have my fingerprints!" *takes sharpy covered fingers and presses them to the bottom of my picture a few times*
Me: "Right....I'll run them through a database or something, haha"
Misha: "Right!"
Me: "Thanks!" *is shooed away by organizers*

The ironic thing? I have this obsession with fingerprints on shiny surfaces...in that I can't STAND them. I'm constantly trying not to touch things. I actually don't know if I could ever own an iPad or iPhone or anything of that nature. I obsessively wipe fingerprints off of EVERYTHING. 

I showed my sister when I got home and she had a good laugh about it. "How ironic...of all people, he smudges yours. Leave it to Misha..."

Yet, somehow sharpy-Misha-fingerprints are not bugging me at all! I'm in agreement with my sister - "It's perfect!!"  I may just have it framed. :-)

(That just took me 2 hours to write!, now it's once again 2:30am. Thankfully, I don't have to be downtown until noon tomorrow, because I'm not doing photo ops. I can wake up and read the tweets about the breakfast from the comfort of my apartment. :)

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  • Happy Anniversary to Me!

    *Technically, the anniversary is tomorrow - but I have two other things to post tomorrow and I didn't want to overwhelm you all. DRUMROLL.... 10…

  • Computer repaired!

    Panic is over!! Thanks for the good thoughts!

  • Broken Computer :(

    I was halfway through the rewatch for today when suddenly my keyboard stopped working - so I was like "okay, I will turn this computer off and…