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VanCon 2010: Day 1 (AKA: It was all good until the spider attack...)


Upon the suggestion of claudiapriscus  I made sure to bring my notebook and a pen. I'm really glad I did. Not only did it give me something to focus on when I became vicariously embarrassed or inexplicably nervous, but it also was handy for writing down thoughts and things I liked during the day. So, let me take you on a journey...

I began my day by skytraining it downtown. It was a really short walk down to the Wall Centre from Burrard station. Conveniently, the currency exchange place was on the way, so I was able to stop and get the money I owed raloria  for the ticket. Sadly, there was a transaction fee of $2.75, so my attempt at avoiding the $3 charge for money-orders at the bank didn't work out after all. Ah well.

While I waited for raloria , I helped some girls take a picture of themselves. I also told them about how the church across the street (which was the backdrop to their picture) was the same church that was used in Houses of the Holy. They did not know that, and I felt like I was being pretty helpful...I love feeling helpful, so that was a nice start to the day.

Anyway, raloria  arrived and I recognized her from the Christmas card she sent me, and we made our way inside. I got registered and went to the vendors room to pick out all the pictures I wanted people to sign over the weekend. I managed to get every one except for Misha...I didn't like what they had, and must have forgotten to choose one because of that...luckily raloria  printed off some extra nice ones, and she says I can use one of those. Yay! 

Then I chatted with a nice girl who had cool Supernatural ring tones on her phone and is a very talented pencil-sketch artist. I was impressed and jealous of her talent. It was her first Supernatural convention too, but she'd been to other types of conventions before.

Then we went to the main theatre:

It was weird walking into the theatre. I got that "this only exists on TV" feeling, only it was a "this only exists on youtube" feeling...yes, I was star-struck by the theater...the stage, with the directors chair, and the big screens and posters on either side...crazy!

Before you start thinking it's glamourous or something, I should point out that we were in the sub-basement of a hotel, and I was aware of this...and no matter how pretty the room was, I couldn't help but think "our culture is so strange.'

What youtube doesn't have is smell...the threatre smelled like fresh paint. I liked it. It was also FREEZING. I was really glad I brought my coat.

(Coincidentally, the "this only exists on TV" feeling is also the feeling I get when ever I travel to the states. It feels like I'm on an extremely elaborate film set.

It was impossible to take photos in the theatre - it was too dark and I was too far away. So, no photos...sorry dudes.

FIRST LESSON: People who have money waste money. 
raloria told me about how last year a lot of the gold-ticket seats stayed empty until Sunday, when they would come in just to see the boys. This means that a fair number of people bought $600 tickets and didn't even try to get their money's worth! It was the same today...many of the seats in front of me remained empty...granted, it was friday, maybe people had to work, I suppose I'll be more judgey tomorrow. In my opinion though, anyone who has had to work for their money would never waste it like that. Alternatively, they should see this as a way to reorganize the way they do tickets...and have the gold seating day-to-day instead of weekend. But then, they'd never do that, because they make more money the way it is.


She was very nice, but didn't come across as genuine...it felt very much like there was a character she was doing and that character was called Katherine. That seems really harsh of me to say, but I'm just being honest...she was nice and friendly and maybe that is actually how she is, but to me if just sort of felt like a bit of a show.

She talked about meeting the boys for the first time, and that she was afraid of Jensen because "he is not smiley when you first meet him." She thought that he hated her. She then gushed over Jared, and this was definitely played up for the audience.

Someone asked her if anyone had warned her about the Conventions when she booked the role, and I really really liked that question. I've been wondering it myself from time to time, so yeah...a question I was impressed with, yay! Anyway, she said that someone mentioned it when she got to set,, but she didn't know what they were talking about. Jared told her girls never last, so she didn't think much of it. Her brother however is a huge horror/sci-fi fanboy so HE was the one that kept her in the loop about the fandom.

She then gave a funny talk (with accent) about how there are a lot of different Texas accents, and people in auditions will argue with her about which one is authentic.


You can win money at Cons people! After Katherine talked there was a trivia game. I tried to win, and out of 30 original contestants, I made it to the top three...then I lost. One of their questions was wrong though, but not the one I lost at. Apparently the Impala trunk has a combination? I did not know this. Anyway...so much for that.


Before I left the house this morning, my sister called after me "Let me know what Young John's ass looks like!", so I texted her after Matt Cohen tallked with "Subject: Matt Cohen, Message: Young John has nice ass." She wrote back and said "Hahaha, my day is now complete with this knowledge."

Before that though, Matt Cohen spoke...

He thought it would have been hilarious if John had bought the VW and that's what Sam and Dean drove. He was asked about what he thought about reprising the role and being Michael, and he said that he was reading the script and thought there must be some mistake, because they had given him "the most awesome character ever."

He accidentally called Jensen Dean. It was pretty funny. He totally caught himself and then felt stupid.

Someone asked him about pranks (SERIOUSLY, WHAT IS WITH THIS OBSESSION!?! Ugh.)...he had a good answer though, he said that they didn't prank him because they were "scared of me, because I'm their dad."

He had a book of polish jokes in his backpocket and read us two.

Someone asked him what the auditioning process for John was like. He said that auditions are not fun...he compared it to going to the dentist five times in one day without freezing. He then went on to say how much he tried to look like JDM. "You want to SMELL like JDM". Then he described the audition: "I looked deep into the eyes of this 40-something year old man, and I asked him to marry me...and he said yes."

Apparently they only did TWO TAKES for that Michael scene. Holy hell Batman, that's a damn fine actor.

He then talked about the importance of the lesbian storyline in South of Nowhere, which was a teen drama he did once. He was really well spoken about it and his social awareness and compassion certainly endeared him to me.

Then someone repeated the question about whether or not he was warned about the fans (yay!) and he said no, he wasn't.  He then went on to say "You guys, all of you, are not as crazy as me. I don't need a warning. YOU need a warning. 

He thinks that every show needs a supernatural/sci-fi storyline. He then acted out a short scene, saying "you can only have so much of:
-"I'm angry at you!"
-"No, I'm angry at YOU"
-"Well, you aren't invited to my birthday party."
Then said, "then imagine it with people with horns on their heads."

He decided on the spot that he was going to pitch a prequel idea, where maybe we would get to see how Sam and Dean came to be..."we'll put it on showtime."

Sushi from the IGA eaten in the sunshine = delicious and nice.

Crazy assembly line. I didn't purchase any photo-ops because I don't think they're worth the money...more on this later...

ALDIS HODGE: Delightful!

So, yeah...I don't watch Leverage. 

Prank question about Leverage...SERIOUSLY?!? *dramatic sigh*

Aldis was kind of a weird guest for me...he had such a small role in the grand scheme of things and it was so long ago...but, I must admit, he was delightful and had a great stage presence. He came across as genuine (Matt Cohen did also).

He mentioned that he would like to use his martial-arts training on Leverage because apparently his character is a geek, and he is tired of the stereotype that geeks can't kick ass too. He also plays the violin....seriously, this guy is pretty awesome.

He did a voice for GTA and now he likes to find himself in the game and rob himself. HAHAHA

Someone asked a question that involved him speculating on a possible future for his SPN character should things have gone differently...it was a good question, but I had to concentrate on the notebook for a bit - because asking speculative questions about such a minor character to an actor who perhaps doesn't even watch the show was prime territory for being embarrassing. He handled it well though, saying that Jake probably wouldn't have agreed to be Lucifer's vessel unless his family was threatened just like YED did.

He did point out that Jake was really pivotal in driving the plot forward in the show, "How do these things happen: Jake Talley. By the way, you're welcome!"

His musical guilty pleasure "back in the day" was S-Club 7...HILARIOUS. Oh, man, Aldis.


What a presence this guy has. 

He came out and asked us "did you lie to the boss"...I had, so I thought that was brilliant.

He then jumped into the audience to ask new Con-goers where they were from. He talked to the girl RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME first. It would have been an awesome time to get a picture, if I hadn't of buried my camera in my purse. Instead I was just polite and decided not to take a picture 5 feet away from him.

After interviewing a few members of the audience, he jumped back on stage and said "Hi, I'm Richard, I play-PLAYED the Trickster..." and then he collapse on the floor in fake tears. "It's my first convention since my demise!" Awwww! 

He found out he was neighbours with Jeremy Carver...and in an unrelated incident, accidentally freaked Jeremy Carver out by making him think someone was stalking him.

Someone asked a question about Gabriel in the Bible vs. Gabriel in Supernatural...Richard replied "The BIble vs. Supernatural - somebody's got to do a PhD in that." NEWSFLASH: The show disregards most of the bible. I'm shocked, are you shocked?

Richard was just funny...he told this story about how when he was working on Tall Tales, the other show he was working on at the time called him because they NEEDED HIM DESPERATELY...so they rushed through Tall Tales and he flew back to LA....so that he could shoot a scene where he rolls down his car window and nods. :-P

Then he told the story about working on Hammer of the Gods, and how it was the first time he'd met Mark...and Mark wasn't Mark, he was Lucifer. Apparently he stayed in character all day, and he was a "scary scary man".  Mark would just glare at him the whole day and look intimidating with his face all messed-up....then after they were done shooting, Mark took him out for breakfast - "there's something liberating about having breakfast with Lucifer the day after he kills you."

Then he talked about how much he loved throwing Jensen against the wall in Changing Channels..he thought it was a great character reveal, and he also loved it because "that would never happen in real life under any circumstances. I could roofy him, cut his Achilles tendon...bind his hands...and he would still kick my ass." He then imitated Jensen and discovered it sounded a little like Elvis, so he went with it and just did Elvis while he imitated Jensen..basically explaining that Jensen choreographed the whole thing and it was "like a ride" for Richard.

If he had Trickster powers, he would make Jared short and Jensen a New York Jew, because "it would be nice to be more masculine than him for just a minute."

The first scene ever with the Trickster was the scene with him and Jensen in the auditorium.

He was glad the Gabster ended on a funny note with the porno.


Lots of people decided it was time to leave the theatre...this may have been because Aldis was doing his photo-ops, but I still felt bad for Jason. He's a nice guy...his music really isn't my style (just a little too country), but he reminds me of my friends who are musicians who grew up on working-farms...seems to be a vibe amongst them.


It was a bit of a wait for Autographs...while we waited the woman next to me asked if I had gotten any photo-ops...I then went on a huge rant about how they were a waste of money and why would I spend that much to be the ugliest person in the picture - because you just know that you pick your own image apart when you get pictures taken....and MAN, I really should have considered who I was ranting to...because yeah, she went all out and bought every single photo-op. On top of that, her husband had just died and the Convention was her special healing holiday...and boy did I feel like the biggest tool for opening my stupid mouth.

Thankfully, she was cool about it. But yeah, lesson learned. Before you rant, find out who you are talking to.

The thing is, despite my rant, I have a feeling that if I had tons of money, I WOULD have bought at least one or two photo-ops....just for the hell of it. So I'm a hypocrite anyway. 

Anyway, finally our row was called and we went up for autographs...and I learned that I really need to think of something to say while the actors sign my stuff, because otherwise it's just awkward silence. Katherine engaged me by asking if I was going to the party after the concert...which then meant that I had to lie to Katherine because no I wasn't going, but yeah...

I also have to remember to LOOK at them. I have this stupid habit of not looking at people when I talk to them. But man, they look at me, and then I seem all rude....and Matt Cohen is a cutie and I really should have looked at him for longer.


Since I didn't have tickets to see the Jason Mann's show...I decided to go home so that I could type of this report. Except when I got home, there was a HUGE spider in my room. My sister wasn't home either, so I flipped a bit. You see, I have what is known as a phobia...I'm not sure people really understand the LEVEL of phobia I'm dealing with. Eventually, I was able to get through to my sister on her cell phone and I burst into tears....I had been staring at this spider for 20 minutes trying to will it to go out my open balcony door...I was hungry and cold and scared...so my sister said "we aren't going to rescue you, but you can come over to the bar and forget about it for a bit..."

So, that's how I ended up at the bar. Of course, as soon as I got there, her friends started talking about spiders...so, yeah, totally not helping. Finally at midnight, they decided to leave the bar. We got home and the spider had moved. My sister agreed to give my room a quick search and get rid of it for me but ONLY because I was so upset about it. Eventually she picked up my mattress and let out a HUGE SCREAM. Which as you can imagine, caused me to let out a HUGE SCREAM. She had found the spider. 

She apologized profusely for losing her cool like that, and she got rid of the spider for me (safely capturing it and letting it go outside.) Then we had a good laugh about how she had lost it too, because I knew she was going about things thinking "if I stay calm, she'll stay calm...if I show her that the spider is no big deal, she won't freak out so much the next time."...and then she went and blew it by screaming.

She's warned me now that the next time she WON'T rescue me. I have to learn how to deal with spiders myself. What I didn't tell her was that before I went to the bar, I tried calling the cab company to see if I could get a taxi-driver to come get rid of the spider...and then I contemplated asking one of the drunk guys walking past my house if they would come in and get rid of it for me...I really don't think anyone understands how big my phobia is.

So, now it's almost 2:30 and I have to be up in 5 hours. MAN! Some day. 
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  • Ficlet: Wringer Washer

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