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Mostly VanCon stuff, but also some other things...


Boring job is still boring. I must repeat over and over in my head "I NEED THIS MONEY. THIS IS GOOD MONEY."


1. People are now selling silver-tickets for VanCon for $300 or best-offer...so, I suppose I could have saved money if I had waited until the last minute and found someone desperate. Something to keep in mind if I ever decide to go to one of these things again. It's nice this year that I'm buying from a member of my flist, who I know probably isn't horribly wealthy- so I know I'm helping her out. Also, I get someone who was at last years con to show me the ropes a little.

2. They keep adding guests! Now Brock Kelly is going to be there! That's insane - I hope people are nice to him. I liked his version of Dean, but I know some people didn't - it's hard to live up to Jensen, and I'm off the opinion that Colin Ford is actually the result of some sort of Jared Padalecki cloning experiment. But holy heck, people! Where are they going to find the time for all these people!

3. I still don't know what I'm doing for autographs. If buying things there costs $6-12, and there are fifty billion guests - that's a lot of extra money. I looked on the website and they have collages with everyone's heads on them, so that you can just buy one picture instead of fifty billion - but the collages aren't the best looking things on the planet. So, yeah...unsure how to approach this. I'm thinking - buy a nice picture for Jared, Jensen, and Misha...and then figure out something more groupy for the other's to sign....but what? Maybe I should just print off my favorite title card and get them to sign that. Who knows...I'm so conflicted. Ideas appreciated.


Now that I'm back from my vacation, I should start posting S2 clothes. So, look for those - if not today, then tomorrow.

Life again:

I signed up for an introductory course on the BC film industry - just trying to contemplate different career options. I really want to do something creative. Anyway, that's in September, so we'll see how that goes.

Vile Violent Vacations:

Just finished writing Chapter 17. I'm into the stuff that I've been planning for almost a year now, so writing has been going really smoothly. Actually, I tend to get really absorbed in it and I miss the passage of time. This is a good thing, some previous chapters were annoyingly written in 5 minute segments over days, because I just couldn't stay focused on them. 


Because VVV is going so well, I've been kind of ignoring my poor novel. I do think of it from time to time, so that's probably doing something. It's a lot trickier to write than fanfic...not really surprised about that, I'm just saying...it's slower going.
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