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Sacrifices to the Greater Good

I've decided to stick with my contracting company and continue doing the job that I hate - though, this time, thankfully not working with child-abuse cases.

To some it might look like I'm passing up the perfect opportunity to leap into something new - but the truth is that I need money, and this promises to pay (because it's the private sector now, not the gov't, they won't be jerking me around as much). I need to dig myself out of this financial hole a little before I dig myself into a new one.

The other thing about switching careers is that you need money to do it. If I try to get into behind-the-scenes work in the film industry, I need to be able to pay for the necessary re-training. If I decide to go into freelance editing, I need to be able to pay association fees and cover the cost of networking events. If I decide to do something else entirely, I will need money to pay rent while I figure out what that is. 

The thing about my boring socially-isolating job is that it PAYS well when it does pay. So, yeah, I'm going to give the private sector a chance anyway - if they jerk me around on hours too, than I'll call it quits...but if they don't jerk me around on hours, I may suffer through this sort of work for another year until I get my finances back under control and see if I can find evening/weekend courses that will give me the right qualifications to do something else.