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Yay! Crew! and So Long to Ontario

 They added two crew members to the VanCon line-up: The Locations Manager and the Art Director!

Is it weird that I'm just as (if not more) excited about their talks than I am about the actors?!? I'm insanely curious about the behind-the-scenes workings of the movie/tv industry...actually, it's one of the options for my upcoming career change. So, YAY! 

Jensen and Jared who?  (Haha...I'm kidding...to an extent).

And now, a song by Emerson Hart...because I finally understand why Jensen and Jared complain about having to say goodbye to their friends and return to Vancouver every year, even though Vancouver is an awesome place to live:

I'll miss the Ontario landscape and it's many thunderstorms...and my cottage, and all my friends and family on this side of Canada.

Vile Violent Vacations chapter will be posted tomorrow morning as scheduled before I jump on a plane and head back to SuperNatural British Columbia.
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