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Away for the weekend and autographs...

I'm going on a drive down to southern Ontario for the weekend - to return Monday afternoon at some point. I'll get to see my bro's new house! He just bought a small mansion (complete with in-ground pool). Nice to know some of us our wealthy (though, I guess he's not now that he has to pay that mortgage :-P ). The house actually used to belong to one of the Canadian actors who was in The Neverending Story movie. Crazy!

Anyway...still debating in my head what I should get the boys to sign at VanCon. Here's one delimma: I really like that thing that Jared does when Sam is all mad - when he spreads his arms out wide. (Most iconically, this can be seen when he confronts the crossroads in 4x09 I Know What You Did Last Summer). Of course, the problem with printing something like that out for Jared to sign, is that because he always has the Angry-Face or the Completely-Wasted-and-Destroyed-and-Angry-Face. 

So, I don't know...maybe I'll just buy things...

My favorite desktop wallpaper that I have is a picture of Dean sleeping from Dark Side of the Moon (just before he wakes up and those Hunters kill him)...but yeah, going on the knowledge that I might frame the autographs and display them somewhere - it might be kind of weird to have a framed picture of a dude sleeping.

So, yeah, I probably can't use my favorite screen-caps for the autographs. Sigh....

Am I the only one who finds that the Arms-Out-Wide stance is the sexist thing? I wish he would do it more often...
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