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 So, it looks like I'm going to VanCon 2010! Crazy! 

On the same day that I decide to accept tickets to the Supernatural Convention, my sister decides to buy us tickets to a Swell Season concert (front row centre) on the SAME WEEKEND! Oh man...

So, my question to any and all convention goers...which on my flist may just be raloria ...Supernatural Conventions are usually all wrapped up by 6pm 4pm on Sunday, right?...right?? Concerts at 7 at 5:30pm in Stanley Park. If I'm already downtown, I can just meet my sister there. It's either that or I save $60 and tell my sister to sell the ticket to someone else - she did buy it without asking me after all, so I'd be well within my rights. 

Anyway, we'll see what happens...I'm both excited about the Supernatural convention and filled with trepidation! I will be wading deep into the jungle of a fandom that I usually only view from the outskirts...so I'll probably treat it like a documentary and pretend that I'm a cultural anthropologist or something. ;) 

I AM looking forward to seeing the actors in person though - if only to confirm that they really are that nice to look at. ;)


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Aug. 11th, 2010 04:47 am (UTC)
OMG I am soooo jealous that you got to go to VanCon!!!! I hope you'll have a great time there!!!!!
Aug. 11th, 2010 05:34 am (UTC)
Me too! I don't have the ticket in hand yet, so I'm trying not to get TOO excited (but let's face it, I'm failing miserably at not getting excited :P)

Now my main dilemma is figuring out what to bring for everyone to autograph! I can't afford to buy fancy glossy things, so it has to be something that I can make at home...hmmm...
Aug. 11th, 2010 11:07 am (UTC)
*jumps in* :)

It's hard to say when things will wrap up at the Con on Sunday. Last year they had J2, Richard Speight Jr, and Jim Beaver. That's a lot of guests for the last day. Things were fine up to a certain point, about mid-day if I recall, when the photo-ops ended up taking longer than planned. Soon, the whole schedule was off, which is why Jensen got his own Q&A and Jared didn't. Also didn't help that Jim took FOREVER with his autographs, but that's all part of his charm. I was there until after midnight.

Anyway, as it stands now w/only Jensen & Jared for Sunday, I'd guess that they would probably finish up around 6 pm....7 at the latest. I could be wrong, considering there's no other guests to work around, but it's my best guess.

As for what to have them autograph....last year a lot of people bought the small poster from the Vendor's Room and had all the guests sign that. I'd say it's about the size of 2 8x10s together. The other glossy 8x10 pics of the guests they sold cost $6 so I'm guessing the small poster cost maybe $12? I bought one, but I didn't have guests sign it. It's hanging on my bedroom wall. ;) The other option, like you said, is to make something at home to print out and bring.
Aug. 11th, 2010 02:31 pm (UTC)
Cool! I think I'm going to wait until they give us the schedule, and then decide whether I'm going to make it to the concert or not. The concert is doors at 5:30, but doesn't actually start until 7...so there's a good chance I can make it to both, especially since so far, they only seem to have the Js on Sunday.

Hmm...$6 or $12 really isn't that much money. I was worried they'd charge more...I'll think about it. It might just be easier to buy the official glossy things, since I'm really not sure what I would bring from home (the options are too endless).
Aug. 11th, 2010 06:21 pm (UTC)
That would be great if you can squeeze in both. :)

Last year there were tables along one end of the Vendor's Room that was nothing but glossy 8x10s of the guests. Naturally, there were more pics of Jensen & Jared to choose from and the number of pics went down from there depending on the guest's popularity. I think the smallest amount of pics I saw for anyone one person was 3. Of course, the sooner you bought the pics, the better choices you had, as eventually over the 3 days they started to sell out. They also had the prices in US and Canadian dollars. At the time the US price was the cheapest, so I got to pay for them all with my own cash that I had with me.

Photo-ops for the other, lower-end guests are cheaper to buy there, in person. No extra fees like Creation regularly charges. You just pay the flat price of the ticket. So it's something to keep in mind if you wanna splurge for a photo-op or 2. Outside of the photo-ops with the boys, and 1 with Misha, I'm waiting until I get to the con to purchase any with the other guests. None of them have sold out and likely won't before the Con. ;)
Aug. 11th, 2010 06:34 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I don't think I'll go for the photo-ops - 1)I'd be a nervous wreck, and 2)I can't really afford it. But nice to know they are cheaper there if I change my mind!

I'll be thinking over this autograph thing - so many options...but good to know they have lots of prints available if I decide that I can't make anything awesome enough on my own.
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