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Rewatch S3: Ep 13 & 14

I'm actually kind of tempted to just watch the last two episodes tonight as well. Mainly because I have to do work the next two days, and I don't feel like doing anything else tonight. We'll see...

Tonight we have Ghostfacers and Long-Distance Call...the former I love, the latter is sort of ho-hum, though it has it's moments...which, ironically, I don't talk about very much, but they are there.


Theme song! I love the theme song..."stay in the kitchen when the kitchen gets hot!" lol

We finally get a date! Everything between A Very Supernatural Christmas and Ghostfacers happens in January and February - that's four episodes.

I like this episode a lot. I think it's probably my favorite comedic episode of Supernatural. I like the break in the style of filming - the handhelds and the slightly different view of Sam and Dean than you normally get.

The fake slowmotion walk at the beginning always makes me laugh.

Ed and Harry: "Two lone wolves need...other wolves"

Corbett is very good-looking. You know you're old when you see a very goodlooking boy on TV and you feel like a cradle-robber for even noticing. Maybe he just LOOKS young...yeah, that's what I'll go with.

I love that the entrance of Sam and Dean is rumble of the Impala's engines and classic rock. If this was a Wagnerian Opera, that would be their leitmotif.

You know one of the reasons I love this episode? The swearing. I LOVE hearing the boys swearing, even if it is bleeped out.

Hehehe, Ed calls Dean "chisel chest".

Sam says it's 2 months until the deal is up, which means that the deal DID happen at the end of April or May...I just really want Winchester-Journals' timeline to be wrong about it happening on Sam's birthday, because OUCH man.

Harry: "Ed, you've got to be gay for that poor dead intern! You've got to send him into the light!"

Ed:"...all this time you were teaching us, about heart, and dedication, and how gay love can pierce through the veil of death and save the day"
-I always think that this line is totally referencing most of the fanfiction out there.

I like the review by Sam and Dean at the end:
Dean: "I think it was half awesome"
Maggie: "That's full on good!"
Sam: "Yeah, it's bizarre how y'all are able to honour Corbett's memory while grossly exploiting the manner of his death."
Dean: "Yeah, that's a real tight rope you guys are walking."

And then they wipe out all their hard drives - and I must say that ElectroMagnetic pulser thing is perhaps the coolest thing Dean's built so far on the show - though I do have a soft spot for his walkman-EMF reader.

Ghostfacers Confessionals

Special feature! This is just extended footage of the Ghostfacers (just as it sounds). It's a full interview with each of them, asking stuff like "what do you find scary" and stuff like that. I guess it's just the actors having fun adlibbing. It's humorous, just like the rest of the episode was. There is at least one more hint that Ed might actually be gay.

Long-Distance Call

This is why people shouldn't keep guns so handy - spontaneous suicide decisions are never the right choice.

Sam and Dean are fighting again, and they sound just like two people who fight all the time. Dean finally tells Sam that Ruby can't help them, and Sam takes it like a Man(Puppy) and storms off...throwing out a seemingly full can of pop in the process.

I love the little comedic moments:
Dean on the phone: "...completely rocked my understanding of the word necrophilia..."
*girl passing by looks at him in disgust*
*Dean checks her out anyway*

John Winchester's voice!

Sam: "Well, what did he sound like?"
Dean: "Like Oprah! ...like Dad, he sounded like Dad."

The "quotey fingers" of the museum tour-guide make me laugh too.

It's heartbreaking listening to Dean on the phone with his Dad. He turns into such a desperate little boy...you can so tell that he's been wanting his father, and you can also tell that he's still desperate to have his Dad's approval.

Man, that's the second guy in a row that's been killed right in front of Sam. I think this season's theme is "Let's kill people right in front of Sam while he yells 'No!'"

There isn't that much meat to this episode, it's mostly just a roundabout way to show that Dean is getting desperate, that the boys are losing hope...

Dean: [the only one who can get me out of this is me.]
Sam: "And me."
Dean: "And me?"
Sam: "What?"
Dean: "Deep revelation, having a moment here, and that's what you come back with? 'And me?'"
Sam: "Did you want a poem?"
Dean: "Moment's gone."

I love the one-handed-two-beer pass. Why say in words what you can demonstrate by giving your little brother a beer?
Peace out, boys
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