Hell's Half Acre (hells_half_acre) wrote,
Hell's Half Acre

Random Clothing Fact

Did you know....

Sam wore the same shirt for at least a week! From The Rapture (4x20) to Sympathy for the Devil (5x01), inclusive. Seriously, not being able to change during When the Levee Breaks and Lucifer Rising makes sense, but if I were Sam the first thing I would have done once I was reunited with my brother and my belongings would be to change out of my dirty shirt...not keep it on for another 3 days.

That had to be one smelly Winchester.

In other news, I've now completed my own files for the If Clothes Could Talk project - so, now all I have to do is continue to post things incrementally. I'll update what I have posted so far with S4 either tonight or tomorrow.
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