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If Clothes Could Talk: Season 5

Unique T-shirts:
Sam's Red V-Neck T
Dean's I-Wuv-Hugz T-Shirt

Long-Sleeved Undershirts and Sweaters:

Polos and Henleys:
Dean's Grey Henley
Dean's Beige Henley

Dean's Red Plaid Shirt of Angst
Sam's Blue Subtle Broad Plaid Shirt
Dean's Grey/Green S2 Shirt
Dean's Marine Blue Shirt
Dean's S1 Green Shirt
Sam's Mostly White Plaid Shirt
Sam's Brown and Blue Striped Shirt
Sam's Blue and Black Plaid
Dean's Beige/Green Shirt with White Buttons
Sam's Weird Red Flower Shirt
Dean's Rugged Green Shirt
Sam's 70s Brown Plaid
Dean's Brown Plaid Shirt #2
Dean's Rugged Blue Shirt
Sam's Grey "Heart" Shirt
Sam's Standard Blue/Grey Plaid Shirt
Dean's S3 Blue Shirt
Sam's Purple and Brown Plaid Shirt
Sam's Western Plaid Shirt with Rope Detail
Sam's S3 Blue and Brown Plaid Shirt
Sam's S3 Orange Plaid Shirt
Sam's Blue and Beige Plaid Shirt
Dean's Purple/Grey Plaid Shirt
Sam's Purple Plaid Shirt (with weird pocket)
Dean's Blue Plaid Shirt
Sam's Red and Grey Shirt
Dean's Dark Blue/Black Shirt
Dean's Scruffy Green Shirt
Sam's Trickster Shirt
Sam's Blue and Grey Shirt
Sam's Blue Wire Plaid Shirt
Dean's S4 Green Shirt
Dean's S4 Blue Shirt
Sam's Chocolate Western Corduroy Shirt
Sam's Green Shirt
Sam's Brown Shirt with White Buttons
Sam's Red Shirt with Black Design
Sam's Extremely Light Denim Shirt
Sam's Yellow and Green Striped Shirt
Dean's S4 Rugged Green Shirt
Sam's Dark Shirt with Invisible Buttons
Sam's Dark Brown and Blue Plaid Shirt
Sam's Deep Blue Horizontal Plaid Shirt
Sam's Black Shirt
Sam's S5 Green Plaid Shirt
Sam's Grey Stripey Plaid Shirt
Sam's Dull Blue Plaid Shirt
Sam's Country Plaid Shirt
Sam's Very Busy Plaid Shirt
Sam's Blue, Purple, and Grey Plaid Shirt with Black Buttons
Dean's Dark Buttoned Grey/Green Shirt
Sam's Royal Blue and White Plaid Shirt
Dean's Scruffy Beige Shirt

Dean's Black/Dark Blue Utility Coat
Dean's Leather Jacket
Dean's Blue Lightweight Jacket
Dean's Green Lightweight Jacket
Dean's Cozy Brown/Black Coat
Sam's Superhero Hoodie-Jacket
Sam's Two-Snap Green Coat
Dean's Blue Military Coat
Sam's Brown Corduroy Jacket
Sam's Green Panel Jacket
Dean's Scruffy Grey Utility Coat
Dean's Brown Military Coat
Sam's Dark Coat
Sam's Heavy Beige Coat
Dean's Green Coat with Sleeve Pocket
Dean's Green Utility Coat of Doom


And of the clothes worn in S5, this is how they break down by type:

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