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Obligatory Tuesday Post

I've got the demented!verse to post tomorrow, but nothing to post about today. I didn't even watch any more episode last night, because I still haven't updated my files with the info I got from 4x04 and 4x05 yet.

So, instead you get a funny story about my sister...

A trailer for the two upcoming Harry Potter films was released yesterday and we watched it on my laptop. My sister has never read Harry Potter, she ONLY knows it from the movies (and she only watched the movies after the fifth one came out and I finally convinced her to give them a try).

We watched the trailer, and then she paused it on a shot of Harry fighting in a ruined courtyard.

Susie: Where is that?! 
Me: Where do you think it is?
Susie: The SCHOOL!?! Does the school get destroyed?!?! I don't want the school to be destroyed!
Me: Well, they're wizards. I'm sure they can fix it.
Susie: Oh, ok. I keep forgetting about them being magic. They can just go "Schoolio Repairo!"
Me: Hahaha!
Susie: Don't ever tell anyone I said that.
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