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Rewatch S3: Ep 09 & 10

Ok, I should not have watched these tonight. I have had no sleep and I have to get up early tomorrow...but the damage is done, so enjoy:

Malleus Maleficarum

For some reason this title always sound like fanfiction to me. I have no idea why that is...perhaps there is a propensity to use latin titles in the fandom? Who knows...

Ugh, the teeth scene...speed through this...so gross (and a somewhat-recurring nightmare of mine, so DEFINITELY a speed through moment).

Dean: "Dude seem a little evasive to you?"
Sam: "I don't know, I was under a sink."

Ugh, gross food scene...speed through this....I so understand why Dean hates witches, so nasty!

But one question? Who leads such a predictable life that someone else knows when they will be sitting in their car eating fastfood? Even after their wife just died? I mean, seriously...that's pretty sad.

I love Dean's reaction to the dead rabbit. We don't often see Dean get startled, and then when he says "And why's a rabbit always get screwed in the deal? Poor little guy" he's so earnest with the "poor little guy" it's hilarious...Dean likes bunnies.

I think it's pretty funny how the witches keep calling it "book club". "You don't really want to leave book club, do you?" "Just think of what book club has done for you..." Hahaha...maybe it's my extreme exhaustion, but I just find it hilarious.

It's Dean and Ruby's first meeting! And it goes so well...Sam looks like his parents are fighting, it's adorable and ridiculous.

Sam: "Dean, if she wants us dead, all she has to do is stop saving our lives!"
-good point, but maybe there are things worse than death...hmm? I still don't trust Ruby.

Another motel argument! This season is chalk full of them! Sam is trying to be more like Dean...I think it says a lot about how highly Sam thinks of his brother that he feels that the only way he'll be able to survive without him is if he becomes him...like Dean is the pinnicle of survival.

We also get the first time Ruby saves Dean's life! Does she do it another time after this, I can't remember...but anyway, it's a good way to gain the trust of a Winchester, they are way too used to things trying to kill them and only their family members trying to save them.

Then slightly-more-powerful-than-most Black-Eyed demon attacks Dean in order to draw Sam out...they really are huge weaknesses for each other in that regard, but it's not like they can change.

We have the demon referring to Sam's rival as a "he" the Crossroads demon also referred to Dean's contract holder as a "he"...

I like the brief shot of Dean's "Lesbians?!" face when Ruby is trying to sweet talk the demon.

And then Ruby and Dean have a little talk, and she tries to win him over to her plan to toughen Sam up...she also informs us that all demons were once human and there is no way of saving Dean from hell...Ruby is so cheery.

Dream A Little Dream Of Me

I love this episode! Good times, my friend.

FIRST, we kick things off with a Drunk!Sam (at 2pm no less!) Unfortunately, instead of being adorably pissy, Sam is adorably heartbreaking instead, because he is beginning to realize just how broken his brother is...
Sam: "The thing is no one can save you."
Dean: "That's what I've been telling you."
Sam: "No, that's not what I mean. I mean, no one can save you because you don't want to be saved. I mean, how can you care so little about yourself? What's wrong with you?"

And that ruins me right there...but Dean is saved by the phone ringing to tell him Bobby's in trouble. And we get to see again just how close Bobby and the boys have gotten since John's death, because the boys are Bobby's emergency contact (even though he knows tons of other hunters).

Sam: "Only one problem: We're fresh out of African Dreamroot. So unless you know somebody who can score some..."
Dean: "Crap"
Sam: "What?"
Dean: "Bela"
Sam: "Crap"

Dean and Sam both open the door the exact same way when Bela arrives (Sam's time being in his sexy dream of course.)

Dean: "Well should we dim the lights and synch up the Wizard of Oz with The Dark Side of the Moon?"
Sam: "Why?"
Dean: "What did you DO in college?"

I love how they filmed the dreams slightly fish-eyed, with the outside colours super bright (reminds me of the OVERLY colourful Smallville...which I find annoying...or Pushing Daisies...which I find entertaining).

And Dean tells Bobby that he's like a father to him...awww.

We get Bobby's Hunting-backstory though...the reason he tends to specialize in demons. I like that we get a brief glimpse into Bobby's house before it was Bobby's house.

I LOVE the motel-forest hallway. I think it's actually a perfect dreamscape for either of the Winchesters.

The Dean vs. Dean scene kills me. Every line is worth noting...it completely lays out Dean's low self-worth like linking puzzle pieces...the obedient attack dog, the blunt weapon, that their father doted on Sam, that Dean still hears his Dad's voice in his head giving him orders...and then we get the part of Dean that we never get to see, the opinions that he hides underneath his desire to convince himself that his childhood wasn't that bad...

Dean: "My father was an obsessed bastard!...all that crap about protecting Sammy, that was HIS crap!...He's the one that let Mom die, who wasn't there for Sam. I always was! I didn't deserve what he put on me, and I don't deserve to go to hell!"

And I love that, because for once we get the troubled childhood story from Dean and not Sam. We start getting the idea that while Sam tried to run away and constantly complained about it, Dean was put through so much crap that he was too broken to even complain....as much as John tried his hardest, I think it was mostly just good intentions gone awry, because it makes sense that the constant ordering of Dean to watch out for Sam was because he wasn't...that Dean had to pick up so much slack when it came to his Dad's parenting, because his Dad just wasn't there - physically or mentally. I think Dean made excuses for his father for Sam and repeated them until he believed them himself, and as a survival mechanism just buried everything else...including what it was HE wanted out of life, so of course he ends up with his Dad's car, jacket, and unfinished business, and feeling like he doesn't have a thought of his own left in his head.

Anyway, enough of my psychoanalyzing our poor boy Dean...

They throw Bobby asking Sam if his dreamwalking abilities might have been because of his psychic abilities - and I like that, because we haven't had any psychic-Sam stuff for a while and it's a nice reminder that of 'hey, this might not be over...'

And then I LOVE this conversation - more than I love the motel conversations in the previous episodes, because it's an instance of saying TONS in very few words:
Dean: "Sam? I've been thinking - and I don't want to die. I don't want to go to hell."
Sam: "Ok, we'll find a way to save you."
Dean: "k, good?" (and man, it's the tone of voice on "k, good" that gets me...because he actually does ask it like a question...like he's still wondering if he is allowed to not want to go to hell...)

Closer Look:

Kripke again! He talks about how originally they were going to have Dean's dream be a tribute to an 80s slasher movie - specifically Friday the 13th...but they couldn't get the rights. So adding in Lisa was actually a decision made about 3 days before shooting...but he likes it, because it's more heartbreaking, especially since Dean is embarrassed that Sam witnesses the whole thing. He also said that it fit in well with Sam's dream, because you have Sam who is the good well-mannered guy on the outside and then has a horn-dog dream, and Dean who is the opposite and has a dream about the "mini-van" life.

Then Kripke talks about how the first version of the second part of Dean's dream had John in it. That Dean was going to walk into the room and have John yelling at him...but that JDM was busy filming Watchmen, so they had to come up with something else - so they did the Dean vs Dean scene, which even though is full of DEAN still completely centres around John. Then as per Kripke-style, he commends Jensen on the performance, saying that basically Jensen is playing two facets of the same character, and he pulls it off so well that you know exactly which one is which the entire time even though it's the same actor in the same clothes.
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