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4 Days in the Meme

Because I'm starting to get tired of posting every single day (as I'm sure some of you are getting sick of hearing from me every single day...)

Day 26 - OMG WTF? Season finale

Is this a good OMG WTF? or a bad one? It's hard to tell...I'll go with what actually caused me to say those words:

Devil's Trap - I know, you'd think Dean going to hell would rank higher up, but - due to my sister's thoughtfulness in not allowing me to view anything that would spoil how the season ended (beyond the fact that I knew there was a second season) - that semi took me just as off-guard as it did the Winchesters. So, not only did they FAIL to defeat their arch-enemy in a dramatic confrontation, they were also t-boned by a semi while rushing to the hospital! If the show hadn't been picked up for a second season, that would have been a horribly tragic ending to the short series.

Day 27 - Best pilot episode

Pushing Daisies - hands down. What a gorgeous, well crafted, show that was.

Day 28 - First TV show obsession

Due South - two guys solving mysteries while driving around Chicago in a classic car, all while trying to negotiate their weird friendship. Excellent mix of comedy and drama (mostly comedy).

Day 29 - Current TV show obsession

Supernatural -
two guys solving mysteries while driving around America in a classic car, all while trying to negotiate they weird brotherhood. Excellent mix of comedy and drama (mostly drama.)

In Other News:
I just chased a daddy-long-legs out my balcony door with a broom and am now shaking like a leaf...I really hate my irrational fear of spiders.
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