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Sigh, worrying continues...

Before the S5 Finale aired, I hinted at the fact that I would actually be fine with Bobby dying. I explained in a PM to a member of my flist, that I would mainly be alright with it, because I am sick of WORRYING that he is going to die. Haha...so, that being said...

People are posting that 6x03 or 6x04  (the episode they are filming first, and the episode that Jensen is directing) is called "Weekend at Bobby's"....so, now I'm back to thinking that Bobby is going to die. Just because the title could only be a play on "Weekend at Bernie's."  Still, that's an awful flimsy thing to base any speculation on. Especially since if they were going to kill Bobby for good, they'd probably do it in a season opener (like John) or the mid-season finale (like Ellen and Jo) or a season finale (like Dean.)

Still, this solves the question of how much Jensen is going to have to direct AND act - sounds like it's going to be a Bobby-centric episode, with hopefully copious amounts of Sam poured on top (because I love me some Sam), and perhaps only a side-order of Dean. (Hmmm...I think it's lunch time).

I'm getting all excited. I'm even just excited for the day that I know they are both back in town and working on the show. I'll have to keep my eyes open for SFI shooting signs the first week of July - it'd be cool to get to see them film a bit with Jensen as the director. Still, Supernatural is pretty stealthy when it comes to location shoots - not to mention they are usually out in New West - so I won't get my hopes up.
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