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Day 21 - Favorite ship

Day 21 - Favorite ship

"There are red ships and green ships, but there's no ship like partnership"

My favorite 'ship' is friendship.

To me, friendship - as in, deep friendship - is the purest expression of love. How many married couple do you know where they can say "not only are they my husband/wife, but they are also my best friend"? Why do you think it's phrased like that? If friendship was a lesser love, they wouldn't bother mentioning it. Basically, I feel like that sentence translates to "Not only do I lust after this person, but I also love them."

Platonic friendship is just love without lust, and there's nothing wrong with that...it certainly doesn't diminish the amount of love.

So, I like all the different friendships in all my different shows.

Bonus points for those who can tell me where the quote above comes from ;)
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