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If Clothes Could Talk - Project Update

 I've now started cataloging S3, but I've only posted S1 T-shirts, polos, and coats.

I've found that the problem with posting as I go is that it gets sort of annoying...because every time I catalog a new episode, I've got to go back and edit all the entries I've put up as well as update the file on my computer. 

So, I'm thinking I might hold off posting for a bit...or maybe only post clothes that they seem to have definitely stopped wearing. And I'll hold off updating the coat entries until I've finished an entire season or something.

Or, I could post what I have regardless of whether they've stopped wearing things or not and then just update everything when I've finished cataloging an entire season...

I don't know, I'm just thinking out loud here.

It's a fun project, I just don't think I'm running it as efficiently as possible.

It's kind of annoying, because there are posts that I'm really enthusiastic about like the instances of clothes sharing, or Dean's Red Plaid Shirt of Angst....but, I want to get them right, so I want to make sure they are complete before I post them...which means that I'm holding off on the fun posts anyway...

Sigh...debating debating...
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