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Funny Family and Boy Schmoop


Sister: "Kids, I'm running to the store for milk. What's the rule?"
Niece: "Don't burn the house down."
Nephew: "Yeah, unless there are zombies."
Sister: "Wrong. The only way to kill a zombie is by chopping it's head off. Burning the house down won't hurt them, so don't try it."
Nephew: "Seriously? I wish someone had told me this last week."

Boy Schmoop:

I find the oddest things schmoopy and endearing and sweet. Well, I'm not sure if they are odd, or if I'm just the only one who speaks "guy" and realizes how sweet guys in their own really weird way...

For instance: in university, I was talking to a friend about his girlfriend, and he got this love struck look on his face and said, in an untraditionally heartfelt manner: "She's a dirty fuck"

And my reaction was not "How dare you say such a crass thing about your girlfriend", my reaction was "aww, that's sweet." Maybe because I could recognize, knowing my friends personality, that it WAS sweet. Similarly, I still hold his comment that I was "Every 18 year-olds wet dream" as one of the highest compliments ever paid to me.

So, I was watching videos from Rising Con...and someone asked Jensen and Jared what their "spy" names for each other were. And, well, first I was laughing at Jensen answering with a really heavy Texas accent...then Jared answered with "James Westfall" and I thought "Man, Jared can be so schmoopy" 

Because, he can only be referencing Anchorman...which means that he's calling Jensen his "left testicle." And for some reason, I think that's a sweet thing for him to say.

I acknowledge that I may have psychological problems.

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