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A Single Man

 My sister and I watched A Single Man tonight. Man, what a beautiful movie.

Not only is it filed with really good looking boys (of all legal ages), but it's also just amazingly beautifully shot. And it plays with colour the same way that Supernatural does...which completely won me over, of course.

Also, I was surprised to see a brief scene with Ridge Canipe! (AKA: Wee!Dean)...selling guns, no less!

It was just...ugh, no words.

My sister said: "I like the fact that by the time you saw Julianne Moore's character, they had shown you so much of how great the guy's relationship with his partner was, that I couldn't even picture a man and woman being together anymore - it just didn't seem right."

Anyway, this isn't really a proper review - I just felt like saying "Dude! I liked that movie!"
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