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Rewatch S3: Ep 07 & 08

Icon appropriate! Yay! Oh boys...

So, got an email from work informing me that I'm being placed on a different project and I have to go in for orientation/training on Monday. This means that I might actually get some hours before I leave on my trip, which will be nice for my wallet. It also means that I MIGHT not have all day to watch Supernatural...we'll see. Funny how they reassign me a week and a half before I leave the country for 6 weeks...nice timing, dudes.

Anyway, you guys did not come here to hear about how silly the Canadian gov't is! Did you?

Tonight we get Fresh Blood and A Very Supernatural Christmas - which melts my hard heart, I love the wee!chesters.

Fresh Blood

Oh, the demise of Gordon...

Anti-Christ is mentioned by Gordon this time - hardly a reliable source, as Bela so nicely points out, but still, it's a mention of it. I like to note these things.

I like the scene between Bela and Gordon. That's really all I have to say about that.

I like when the girl says, "He was old - like 30!" - Dean really appreciates that, I'm sure...mind you, I guess he's figuring that he'll die at the tender age of 29 with his youth still intact.

And then we get a slight mirror-tribute to Heart - where the girl doesn't know she's a vampire and the boys have to gank her even though they feel bad about it - but this time it's Dean who does it and Sam who flinches at the noise..and neither of them are crying, because no one was dumb enough to fall in love with her before hand.

Vampire-Victim describing Dean and Sam to Gordon as "One of 'em was real tall" made me laugh. Poor Sam, he is apparently the only tall hunter that works in a two-man team.

Multi-enemy fight scene! Just when you think you are against a vampire, you are against two crazy hunters too! And then the vampire you were after does you a favour and kidnaps one of the two crazy hunters...Yay! Or boo..because we all know what happens next...

But first Dean calls Bela and tells her that he's going to kill her....and she believes him! Heck, I think I might believe him too...I mean, he IS pretty protective of Sam, so helping a psycho-killer find him was probably not a wise move on Bela's part. I like though, how she actually does look afraid at the threat - that for all her joking around about Dean's ineptitude, she actually does take him seriously enough to be concerned when he threatens her.

So, we've had the evil vampires, and the good vampires, and now we have the sad evil vampire. I like sad evil vampire - poor guy, so sad, yet still so evil.

Sam: "We've got to kill him"
Deam: "Really? Just like that? I thought you would have been like *puts on slightly whiny voice* 'No, we can't! He's human! It's wrong!'"
-The way Dean imitates Sam so brings back Dean's version of Sam from Tall Tales.

Bela: "By the way, the spirit had a message for you: Leave town, run like hell, and whatever you do, don't go after Gordon"
-I like how Dean just cocks his eyebrow and carries on like normal...

Vampire monologue about desperation and spending an eternity alone...and yeah, Dean knows exactly what you are talking about. But I like when the vampire says "..an eternity alone...can you think of a worse hell?" and Dean says, "well, there's Hell"

Here's a question: They have the mattresses all stacked against the windows and the bed's taken apart...which is all well and good, and I suppose they did it when they were holding vampire-chick hostage just in case she got loose or something...but I think about four days pass in this episode...where do the boys sleep?

Sam jumps when Dean's phone rings. I love little things like that.

When the boys are separated in the warehouse, they both try the patented Dean-kicks-in-door Kick to try to get to each other.

Gordon: "You're not human"
Sam: "Look who's talking."
Gordon: "...I'm a blood-thirsty killer"
Sam: "Don't talk about it like you don't have a choice"
-I like how Sam doesn't deny that he's not human, but he doesn't confirm it either.

Then we get the awesome fight scene, where Sam cuts off Gordon's head with barbed-wire, and MAN, it's amazing what they can show on TV - I wonder how the Germans edit this...they allow such little violence on their TV (and oh, so much sex)...it must be a pretty short show! It's either that or they put it on REALLY late at night with all kinds of crazy warnings.

Dean: "You just charged a super vamped-out Gordon with no weapon - that's a little reckless, don't you think?"

And then we get the auto shop lesson, which, yeah...oh, earlier I forgot to talk about the motel conversation when Sam gets all teary and tells Dean that he knows that he's terrified and that he wants his brother back...and MAN, the third season is really emotional. I like those scenes, the boys are good at them, but geez...I hadn't realized how much more emotionally-charged this season is as compared to the others.

A Very Supernatural Christmas

Hah, the opening title is awesome! I had either forgotten about it or it was strangely absent from my bootleg copy the first time I watched this.

Three conversations I like:
Dean: "What could you possibly say that would sound crazy to me?"
Sam: "Umm...evil Santa?"
Dean: "Yeah, that's crazy."

Dean: "Santa doesn't have an evil brother. There is no Santa."
Sam: "Yeah, I know, you're the one who told me that in the first place!"

Sam: "Dean, those weren't exactly Hallmark memories for me."
Dean: "What are you talking about? We had some great Christmases!"
Sam: "Whose childhood are you talking about?"
-I think the fundamental difference between Sam and Dean is that Dean's survival instinct has always been to focus only on the good things, whereas Sam either remembers everything equally, or actually dwells on the bad things too much.

Christmas 1991, Sam was 8, Dean was 12 - and they were both adorable.

It was "Uncle Bobby" who gave Sam the amulet to give to his father, saying that "it's real special." I'm noting this because A)It's actually a canon instance of one of the boys calling Bobby "Uncle Bobby" when they were younger; B)We have still not discovered how special the amulet is - that so far all we know is it's sentimental value; and C) Bobby gave it to Sam so he could give it to John - I wonder what Bobby thought when he saw Dean wearing it? If we ever find out what makes it "real special", I might have a good idea for a fic right there.

We get the new Winchester tradition of busting in the front door of the wrong people! Haha, the bad singing...

Again, we have Sam's attention to detail, because he's the one that notices the common wreaths.

Dean: "What's Bobby say?"
Sam: "That we're morons."

Hahaha, Bobby.

I love how one of the things the gods grant is mild-weather - That's a good way to explain why there's no snow without coming right out and saying "Dude, we film this in Vancouver, which happens to be the only major city in Canada that hardly ever has snow!"

Haha, and then we get another Playthings type scene, where Dean makes Sam the gay guy without his permission and Sam delivers the "It was yummy" line with that same deadpan voice - his expression cracks me up everytime.

In the flashback now, we get another glimpse of Dean's superhero complex/fetish, when it comes to how he views his Dad. It's both extremely cute and heartbreaking that Dean has such a high opinion of his father...and also really does believe that his Dad is pretty much invincible.

One thing I love is body language, especially subconscious body language...communication without realizing you are communicating and whatnot...anyway, what I'm saying is that the weirdest small things catch my attention - like when Sam and Dean go to the pagan gods' house and as Dean bends over to pick the lock, Sam pulls the wooden stakes out of Dean's backpack. Intimacy can be found in the strangest of gestures.

The torture scene is both hilarious and hard to watch. Especially when they pull out Sam's fingernail! Ouch! Really, that finger would be out of commission for the rest of the episode, but Sam is still able to rip apart the Christmas tree and turn on the TV later.

And yeah, then we get the really sweet Christmas that Sam puts on for Dean...and they both get each other junk from the gas station, and they are both super happy the gifts - because they've probably been getting each other crap from the gas station most of their lives...and Sam is all sad, but follows Dean's no-chick-flick-moments rule and turns on the game instead.

(Once I got into a fight with my male best friend - we didn't talk all day, then I decided I should cut him some slack, so I went to his place and said "Hey" and he said "Hey, have you eaten?" (one of the things we normally did was have dinner together) and I said "A bit, but I'm still a little hungry" and he said "I'll make you a sandwich" and then we watched a hockey game...and then we were back to normal....boys are remarkably easy that way).

Closer Look:

It's Kripke again. He tells us about how much he loved this episode, how he wanted to make the most violent, brutal, anti-holiday, holiday special. He said that there were three scenes he absolutely wanted to have in the episode: 1)Santa being sucked up a chimney and murdered, 2)"Santa" coming down the chimney walking passed a seven year-old, beating his father and dragging him down the stairs in a sack basically killing him, and then taking one of the kid's cookies, and 3)The Winchesters using a Christmas tree to kill something.

He also talks about how much he loves the title sequence, because that "Special Presentation" thing is how all the Christmas specials Kripke used to watch as a kid started.
And there we have it. Until next time....
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