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Rewatch S3: Ep 05 & 06

These write-ups are a bit boring. Maybe that's a reflection of the episodes, who knows!

Bedtime Stories

We suddenly jump from July (last episode) to October. No wonder the first Winchester scene has Sam and Dean arguing about the Crossroad's Demon.

Speaking of which, is it wrong for me to love the boys yelling at each other? I love how it comes down to "Because I said so!" and "You're not Dad!" and "But I'm the oldest!"...man, siblings, eh?

My absolute favorite part of the fight scene is after the argument has ended, when Dean says "Tell me about the psychotic killer" in a still-angry voice, catches himself, and then says really gently "Come on, Sam, tell me about the psychotic killer"...and it's such a gentle voice to be saying those words with. It's hilarious and also reintroduces the fact that Winchester boys have never been normal.

Sam's sketch in the hospital kills me. The first time I watched this episode with my little sister, we had to reverse and pause it on the shot of the sketch, and we laughed for a good five minutes. (My sister is actually an artist, which probably made it all the more hilarious to us).

Sam: "Let me guess, their hearts weren't missing?"
Dean: "No, but a part of their kidneys, lungs, and intestines were."
Sam: "That's just gross"
Sam: "Could have been a demon..."
Dean: "Why would a demon stop half-way through an attack?"
Sam: "Could've...umm...uh...I've got nothing."

And then we get one of my favorites:
Sam: "Well, I'm thinking about fairy tales"
Dean: "Oh. That's nice. You think about fairy tales often?"
-heheh...I like how Dean just roles with it...he's such a good brother.

Then Dean does 6 hours of research! Only to discover that the town has "the usual amount of violent childhood deaths for a town this size" and none of them were little black-haired girls - and I love the fact that Dean KNOWS what the usual amount of violent childhood deaths should be for a town that size.

Dean: "Dude, could you be more gay? *pause* Don't answer that."

Side note: I love boys when they are sleeping.

And then the demon goes on about Dean holding Sam back...and we get more of how Hell views Sam and Dean's relationship...the constant references to Dean being pathetically broken, that he's a burden to Sam...that Sam could do great things if Dean wasn't around dragging him down.

The first time I saw this, I was kind of mad at Sam for shooting the girl in the head...because, you know, there was a human in there too...but (and here is where I admit to being a total dork) I once played a very similar character to Sam in D&D and made the same choice in a similar situation. It's not about him losing his morals, it's about him being really protective of Dean...to the point where his morals don't really matter to him anymore where Dean is concerned. We see this later too, of course.

(Unrelated side note: When I told my sister that Jared had apparently broken up with his girlfriend, she shrugged and said "maybe she was mad because he shot her in the head" - it was pretty funny, especially if you looked at it from the view of someone overhearing our conversation and not realizing we were talking about actors.)

Red Sky At Morning

I love the saying the title comes from.

Jogger chick has a large bathroom and shower stall. You could fit at least five people in that shower stall...you could bathe baby-elephants in there....you could...well, you get the point...

Another Impala argument! It's like they know how much I enjoy them. I love Dean's line when he accuses Sam of going after the Crossroad's Demon because of the missing Colt bullet and he says "...unless you were shooting at some incredibly evil cans!" lol, if I could write crack, I would so write one involving incredibly evil cans.

My three favorite Bela-Dean-Sam conversations:

Sam: "How do you sleep at night?"
Bela: "On silk sheets, rolling naked in money. Really, Sam, I'd expect the attitude from him, but you?"
Sam: "You SHOT me!"
Bela: "I barely grazed you. Cute, but a bit of a drama queen, yeah?"

Dean: "Can I shoot her?"
Sam: "Not in public"

Dean: "How'd you get like this? Your daddy not give you enough hugs or something?"
Bela: "I don't know. Did your dad give you enough?"

And then we get Dean's James Bond moments of the episode...I like the way he says "don't objectify me" and then as he passes her, he breaks into a big smile at the fact that he IS hot...aw Dean, I love how you are so narcissistic, yet have such a low opinion of yourself.

Also, I like how uncomfortable Sam looks in his suit - he pulls at the Jacket after Dean and Bela take off to find the Hand, and then he as soon as he is back in the car he is taking off the tie.

I really hope they aren't foreshadowing anything with the Cain and Abel reference...that's the second time this season they've referenced that bible story. Sigh, oh me, it's impossible to fight the inevitable.

Dean: "I'm not blind, I see what you're going through with this whole deal thing - me going away and all...but you're going to be ok."
Sam: "You think so?"
Dean: "Yeah, you'll keep hunting. You'll live your life. You're stronger than me. You are. You'll get over it. But I want you to know that I'm sorry...I'm sorry for putting you trough all this."
Sam:" ...I don't want you to worry about me. I want you to worry about YOU. I want you to give a crap that your dying!"

Really, it's the bookend Impala conversations that I like in this episode...the Bela stuff is fun of course, and has some great lines...but there's not that much substance there. Besides learning a little more about Bela, anyway.

Closer Look

It's the Special Effects dude! I did not write down his name..but he talks about the ghost boat and how they did the final brothers-into-water shot. He's quite proud of it all and he should be.

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