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Croatoan, Snaps, and If Clothes Could Talk

 I capped Croatoan today for the "If Clothes Could Talk" thing that I'm doing. I noticed a few things:

1. Sam notices the word Croatoan carved into that lamppost because he walks INTO the lamppost. Hahaha...hilarious. It takes talent to walk into a lamppost. 

2. Sam is doomed and Dean isn't going to let him die alone. It was all the way back here in S2. Also, coincidentally, Sam is wearing the same coat.

3. Sam really likes to wear shirts with snaps, while Dean is a button-man. However, Dean never does up his button-shirts, whereas Sam always has his snaps done up. My conclusion: Easier to undress Dean, but more fun to undress Sam ;-)

In other "If Clothes Could Talk" news - I've finished posting the unique t-shirts, polos, and coats for S1. Tonight I'm going to start in on posting the dress shirts. To give you an idea of how many different shirts (and hoodies and henleys) the show has: My coat and t-shirt files are both around 22 pages. My "shirts and hoodies" file is 54 pages.
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