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Sam's Blue Zippery Jacket

 Sam's Blue Zippery Jacket

Sam’s Blue Zippery Jacket has a lot of zippers. Each pocket zippers, and in case the four zipper pockets on the front weren’t enough, there is also a zipper on his left sleeve...but much like Sam, the jacket isn’t as as it appears...It has RED LINING!

Brand Information: Levis.


Sam first wears the jacket in Dead In The Water (1x03) for almost the entire episode. He takes it off before he and Dean dig up the bike and jump in the lake, and it stays off for the final goodbye scene.

In Phantom Traveler (1x04), Sam wears it from the beginning of the episode until he changes into a suit (to impersonate Homeland Security). The jacket doesn’t appear again until it’s time to say goodbye to Jerry and listen to Dad’s voicemail.

In Bloody Mary (1x05), Sam wears from the trip to Fort Wayne until the confrontation with Mary.

In Skin (1x06), Sam wears it when he says goodbye (forever) to his college friend Becky.

In Home (1x09), Sam is wearing it upon arrival in Lawrence, and wears it for almost the entire episode thereafter, only changing to a different jacket for ‘the morning after’ goodbye scene.

In Hell House (1x17), Sam wears it when he and Dean first visit the Hell House, meeting Ed and Harry, and do their preliminary research. He also wears it when they confront the record store guy about making up the story, and at the end of the episode when Ed and Harry drive off.

When Sam gets back from Bobby’s during In My Time of Dying (2x01), he has changed into this jacket (as his other jacket was very bloodstained by that point). Sam leaves it on for the rest of the episode.

In Everybody Loves A Clown (2x02), Sam wears it at John’s funeral pyre.

FATE: This jacket got ridiculously small on Sam’s frame as he filled out:

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