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Rewatch S3: Ep 03 & 04

I forgot to mention last time that there is an anti-piracy commercial on the first disc of S3 that drives me CRAZY! I hate those things! Seriously, I HAVE BOUGHT THE DVD. ALSO, IF I were to pirate it, it'd just be the damn episodes, I certainly wouldn't include the stupid anti-piracy commercial. YOUR COMMERCIAL WILL NEVER REACH YOUR INTENDED AUDIENCE! Arrrrrrrrg...makes me want to just download everything from now on, so I don't have to put up with it.

Anyway, that's no fault of Supernatural...that's all WB or whatever.

So, episodes?

Bad Day At Black Rock

This episode is a favorite of many...including me!

I like the argument in the car about Ruby. Sam saying that he wants to use her, and he didn't say anything about trusting her...Dean asking him if he's feeling ok...Sam telling him to stop asking him that. It's all good stuff.

One thing I've noticed so far about the S3 is that the boys are much more brotherly with each other. In S1, it was all about getting reacquainted, in S2 they were all messed up because of John dying and his final words...but in S3 they seem to have finally sunk into their roles with each other.

Dean: "Man.."
Sam: "What?"
Dean: "Just Dad, you know, and his secrets. We spent all this time with the guy and it's like we barely know the man."
-Just in case there was any doubt as to where the brother's get their habit of keeping things from each other...

The devil's trap in John's storage locker has a star of David in the middle of it instead of the pentagram. That's a cool alternative.

Random useless facts: Sam played soccer in 1995.

I love the quick character descriptions this scene gives us. Dean finds Sam's soccer trophy and says that it was the "closest you ever came to being a boy" and then runs over to his own sawed off shotgun that he made in 6th grade. Sam was around 12 when he played soccer...Dean was in sixth grade (so, around 11?) when he made his first sawed-off. I mean, those two facts alone explain the characters completely. Sam came close to being a boy, Dean couldn't even see boyhood from where he was standing.

The scene where the other guys have the rabbits foot is cool, because we get to see a clumsy Dean and Sam!

I like Dean's mouthed "awesome" when Sam finds the silver watch in the parking lot.

Dean: "Alright then, I say we hit Vegas - pull a little Rainman. You can be Rainman"

Kubrik keeps reminding me of the Blue Brothers whenever he mentions being on a mission from God...this happens any time anyone mentions being on a mission from God. I just saw that movie at far too young an age.

The "I lost my shoe" scene! Golden. I've heard Jared talk about Jensen's expression in the picture they take in the diner, where he looks like he's five years old...Jared looks like he's five years old for most of this episode, it's hilariously adorable.

Bela: "We're all going to Hell, Dean, might as well enjoy the ride."
Dean: "I actually agree with you there."
-I like the comparison of Bela to Dean...both take the same information and do different things with it. Bela tries to live the most luxerious life possible, looks out only for herself...Dean finds out he has a year to live and decides that he's going to kill as much evil as he possibly can before he dies, save as many people as possible.

I love how Dean yells "See ya!" as he runs out Bela's door as she's shooting at him.

Dean: "I'm Batman!"
Sam: "Yeah...you're Batman..."

And then we get to see Jared crack up at Jensen's acting at the end and try to hide it...which I think just makes the scene all the more hilarious.

Even Gordan thinks Kubrik is nuts...you know you have problems when GORDAN gives you the you're-crazy "ooook"

Haha, and Gordan's new signiture sign off of "Sam Winchester must die" busts me up. I picture him doing ridiculous things "Hey, is my drycleaning ready?" "Sure, here you go, sir." "Thanks. Sam Winchester must die" "..?" Not that Gordan would have drycleaning, but my point still stands - it would be hilarious.

Closer Look:

This time it's Ben Edlund, who doesn't look like I pictured him, but looks like the sort of dude that would write the episodes that he writes nonetheless. He talks about introducing Bela and the importance of the storage space - having the boys reconnect a bit with their father, etc.

Sin City

The boys are hanging out at Bobby's again, while Bobby tries to figure the Colt out. I love how the boys tease Bobby a little, it's as close to heartwarming as Supernatural ever gets. Also, it really rubs in the fact that Bobby has become a family member - the new Dad to the boys. If the Bobby and Dean scene in AHBL2 didn't cement it for you, then this scene should tell you how much Bobby must love the boys.

And we get a mention of time...it's been two months since the Devil's Gate opened, which means that the Winchester's have had a lot more downtime this season than they did last season...or at least time we haven't seen. Probably needed the time to have Sam's shoulder heal after Bela shot him :-P

Random Useless Fact: Dean met Ritchie while hunting a female succubus during Sam's Stanford years. Ritchie makes the 4th younger generation Hunter in the show so far (the first three being Dean, Sam, and Jo).

Dean: "He's a moron - he's a sweet moron - but he's not a coward. He would jsut bail."
-I love how Dean calls Ritchie "sweet"...*squishes him*

Man, I had forgotten how Ruby was much more demonesque in personality in these early episodes...

And we get into Supernatural's take on Lucifer. (Random side note: Lucifer meaning "bringer of light" is true - it's why it ticks me off that the name Lucius is constantly used for villains, it's actually a very pretty name).

Meanwhile, other Demon dude is telling Sam that he sees him "out in front of the pack" and that he "could do some great things" and when Sam dismisses it, he says that Dean's lucky to have him and that Sam's "his brother's keeper." - and I think this conversation really starts shedding light on how Hell sees Sam and Dean.

Azazel - we get the first mention of ol' YED real name. John must have known it of course, in order to summon him...but this is the first one of the boys hear it.

And we also find out why an army never materialized...because Sam was supposed to lead it, but despite being Azazel's favorite, Sam isn't the type to lead a demon army..so now everything is just chaos with a demon army raping and pillaging because they have no chain of command. and it makes me wonder...because I still don't think Sam is ever really going to be the type to lead a demon army, not as long as something(Dean) is grounding him and keeping him from going off the deep end....so yeah...I'm curious to see where they take the show...like I've said before, I'm really never sure what to hope for when it comes to Supernatural.

Ok, here's a complaint: Whenever Jared tries to look like a cold-hearted killer, he always ends up looking drunk and sour. Seriously...it kind of makes me roll my eyes. Normally, I love the boys and I think they are really talented and are fantastic and all that...but that ONE look of Jared's just makes me want to cringe. I think he gets better at it (hopefully), but his cold-hearted-killer looks at the end of this episode and the end of ALBL2 really annoy me.

I'm actually not a huge fan of this episode. I'm not sure why. It's alright, it's just not great, you know? I think we learn some important information, but something about this episode just doesn't do it for me.


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