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Day 02 - A show that you wish more people were watching

Ugh, I have to go sit in the office all day. I am already crazy tired. This does not bode well.

Day 02 - A show that you wish more people were watching
I suppose I'll have to say Supernatural.

I'm sort of torn, because I like having my secrets and not being too mainstream. If Supernatural were the "it" show of the moment, some of...or, well, most, of it's magic would be lost for me.

That being said, I really wish the boys would get some recognition for being so awesome.

Other than that - I don't really follow ratings or entertainment magazines or anything, so I don't actually know who is watching what...besides the fact that everyone and their mother were watching Lost. There might be other shows that I watch that need more viewers, but I probably don't even know it.

(Google Chrome doesn't let me paste words in the blogging box unless I'm in the HTML format...what the heck is with that? I could switch back to Firefox, but it wasn't as reliable...at least Chrome's idiosyncrasies are consistent.)
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