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Dean's Winter Coat

Dean's Winter Coat

This blue coat is thick and has brown-plaid lining. It must keep Dean warm. It also has two nice huge big pockets on the front for missing-persons reports and lighters.

Brand Information: Australian Outback.


It's first appearance is in Scarecrow (1x11), Dean wears it for his entire time in Burkittsville.

In Faith (1x12), Dean wears it to the faith healer in Nebraska, and keeps it on for the remainder of the episode, except while researching in the motel room and saying goodbye to Layla.

FATE: Unknown
(Personally, I think Kripke objected to the boys actually being WARM, like it made them look less cool...poor boys. Even though Vancouver has the warmest winters in Canada, it is still pretty damn cold compared to where these boys grew up)

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