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Rec: Meta by rusty_halo

 rusty_halo  has a nice Meta on S1 up. The first half of it is about the themes and character development overall, and last part goes into viewing the show from a feminist perspective (how much the show follows common sexist tropes and how much it challenges them). 

Anyway, check it out by clicking the quote from it:

The whole season is set up as a quest for their lost father, but what they're looking for from him--family, connection, meaning--they ultimately find in each other, not in John. 

Naturally, I like the first part of the meta - because I don't tend to see sexism where others see it, so I tend to be far easier on shows than most feminists. (My general rule is that if I can replace the female character with a male character (and vice versa) in my brain, and still believe their motivations/characterization, then the role isn't sexist. I'm well aware that all this exercise might prove is that I think men are "girly".) In terms of the complaint that women are marginalized on the show - "women exist only to serve the mens’ story" complaint - I disregard it completely, since every single character other than Sam and Dean exist only to serve Sam and Dean's story. (Notable exceptions: Castiel, Bobby, Ellen, and Jo in S5). Even John only existed to serve Sam and Dean's story. Again, I may just have a completely different view on what is sexist/misogynistic...and that's either a post I've already done, or one I should do in the future (which will no doubt alienate me from my entire flist, so maybe I won't at all.) 

ETA: The individual episode metas that are linked from the over-view meta are all fantastic too. 
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