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Rewatch S3: Ep 01 & 02

We kick off S3! Yay! I can't believe I have so little to do with my days...honestly, it's ridiculous. I should be getting ready for my trip, but in truth that won't take me very long, and I still have 14 days.


The Magnificent Seven

I love Sam's facial expressions during the first scene with the boys. The way he smiles and shakes his head, like he doesn't really approve, but he can't help but love Dean anyway and has to admit that he's hilarious. It's perfect.

And then he walks in on Dean having sex...hahaha...also done very well. What did he think was going to happen? I'm pretty sure when Bobby told him to come meet him, he could have waited a half hour or so...

It's been five days since the Devil's gate opened. I should really post my timeline...I could at least post the S1 portion.

That's an absolutely gorgeous shot of Dean when he opens the side door of the house after he hears the noise outside and sends Bobby and Sam to flank.

I love the Dean POV camera angle from the ground as Bobby greets Isaac and Tamara.

Sam: "So, how'd you get started?*
*awkward looks all around*

I think this slip up of Sam's is so important to understanding what separates the Winchesters from the rest of the Hunters. All other Hunters get started because something horrible happens to them...the Winchester boys were practically born started. They didn't have a choice. To them, or at least to Sam, starting to Hunt isn't a traumatic event. It's just something that happens. I mean, I know their Mum died, but to Sam that was just a story...and everything traumatic that has happened to him has been caused by Hunting, not the other way around.

Dean is hiding so much in this episode...there's a word for it that escapes me. He's avoiding? You know, using jokes and acting OTT in order to avoid thinking or talking about anything serious. My bestfriend does this all the time. I can always tell when something is bothering him, because everything becomes a joke.

It's Bobby without a trucker hat! I think this is the only time we see this.

Oh, Ruby is following Sam...and Sam's Sammy-Sense is tingling. :-P

Jared's accent really bleeds through when he says "...and they turn into stark raving psychos or something?"

Ugh, the drinking draino scene is so gross, I actually sped through it. Please forgive...but UGH.

And then Dean tries to sacrifice himself again and again...it's because he is terrified. It's painful to see.

I love the imagery in the prep-scene, where Sam and Dean are sitting by candle-light on the floor, pouring holy-water and cleaning guns...and they share that look. It's very beautiful, but you also get the sense that this is their bond and was their childhood as well. Sort of like you are intruding on a private moment between the two brothers.

Bobby: "Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son"  :-)

We get the first mention of Sam being "The Boy King" from Pride. Though, Pride then goes on to say that with YED dead, there's no reason Pride should bow to him, that Sam is fair game again. Makes me wonder how much of Sam's destiny is set in stone, and how much they can alter it.

Ruby's appearance is great. I love the speed-up slow-down style of the fight. Awesome.

Sam: "Think she's going to be alright" *referring to Tamara*
Dean: "No, definitely not."
-Dean was just in her position a week and a half ago, he would know.

Sam: "You know what, I've had it! I've been bending over backwards trying to be nice to you and I don't care anymore!"
Dean: "Well, that didn't last long"

Alright, more serious stuff:
Sam: "How could you make that deal?
Dean: "I couldn't live with you dead."

Dean: "Yeah, you're right. It was selfish, but I'm ok with that.
Sam: "I'm not."
Dean: "Tough. After everything I've done for this family, I think I'm entitled."

This is what I was saying in AHBL2 as well, that when Dean was finally left without the pressure of his family responsibility...when he could finally do whatever he wanted...all he wanted was Sam to be alive. His one selfish act in life was to sell his soul so that Sam could live. And I don't think it's just the usual Winchester-Martyr mentality. Because John was only a martyr when it came to choosing whether he would die or his kid would die (and what parent wouldn't sacrifice themselves for their kid?), but other than that his whole life he was selfish - dragging the boys around in order to get revenge. And Sam is a martyr because he wants redemption, but otherwise he's just as selfish as his father...but Dean is just an all out martyr because he doesn't have a selfish bone in his body - he really had given up everything except his life, and when it came down to it, the one thing he choose to do himself, that nobody asked him to do, was to give that up as well.

Anyway, let's continue, because I love this bittersweet funny line:
Dean: "Truth is I'm tired, Sam. And it's like there's a light at the end of the tunnel"
Sam: "That's hellfire, Dean."

Closer Look:

So this season doesn't have any commentary, which makes me sad. What they do have is these little interviews with someone who worked on the episode talking about it for five minutes.

Kim Manners talks in this one about some of the complicated stuff they did. He also mentions how we get to see a slightly different side of Bobby in this episode, since he's not just there to help the boys, he actually takes charge more and thus you see him sliding even further into a father-role for the boys.

The Kids Are Alright

The boys don't change their outfits once in this episode, even though I'm pretty sure that it takes place over at LEAST two days. I mean, there's just too much to fit into one day.

Random Facts: Dean's roadtrip was 8 almost 9 years ago...which means he was about 20 then, and Sam would have been 16. Sam and John were in Orlando, Florida at the time dealing with a Banshee. 

Dean: "She's a yoga teacher. It was the bendiest weekend of my life"

I love the Ben - Dean likenesses, how they're synchronized...Ben's just as adorable as Dean is.

Ruby: "It's because you're tall. I like tall guys...then there's the whole Anti-Christ thing."
-Ok, first mention of Sam possibly being the Anti-Christ. I find it odd that Sam never really looks into that. (I like keeping track of what is mentioned in canon, because you can get confused if you read too much fanfiction, since fic-authors tend to gravitate more towards certain ideas, whether they are represented in canon or not. For instance, paxlux  was confused the other day because every fic she reads has Dean driving Sam to the bus station when he leaves for Stanford...but there's absolutely no mention of this in the show.)

Ben: "No! Don't go over there. Only bitches send a grown-up."
Dean: "You're not wrong."
Ben: "And I am not a bitch."
-love that line.

Ok, both a Robert Campbell (died in 2001) and an Ed Campbell were among the people Sam called about, but when he talks to Ruby about it, he mentions "our uncle" in the singular. So, either Robert or Ed had to have been a cousin or something. Again *SPOILERS FOR S4 LOOK AWAY* If the Campbell's were Hunters then why didn't their uncle help John out...wouldn't he have been a hunter too? Or had he pulled a Sam and run away to try to live a normal life, only to be killed anyway...maybe when he tried to find out what had happened? Though, you'd think after his parents had been killed, Mary would have told him about making the deal...Either the writers have ignored the inconsistencies in the back story (which I think might be likely) or their uncle was REALLY estranged from the family...same would go for the cousin, I guess.*END SPOILERS*

I think Dean always wanted a family, that it's not just because he's got a clock ticking over his head that he's thinking about it now. Dean would be a pretty awesome father, I think...I mean, look how well Sam turned out! ;-)

Closer Look:

This time it's Kripke talking about how he wrote the episode because he had just had a kid, and wanted to explore what would make kids creepy. He says that it was the Director Phil Sgiccia that put in all the little unison-moves between Ben and Dean, and that he loved them.



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