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Rewatch S2: DVD Special Features Edition

Since I stayed up so late last night, I slept in...which means I am not tired tonight...which means that I watched all the Special Features on the Season 2 DVD. No easter eggs this time :-( 

The Devil's Road Map

This is cool because they give you the approximate location for each episode. It is here that we learn that for some reason Mary Winchester's memorial headstone is in Illinois and not Kansas (I guess the lost Uncle lives in Illinois?..question: *MAJOR SPOILER FOR S4*, if Mary had a brother and Mary's parents were hunters...wouldn't Mary's brother know all about everything? Why am I just thinking about this now?*End Spoiler*

Also you learn that In My Time of Dying takes place somewhere between Kansas City and St. Louis...so, Missouri somewhere. We also learn that yours-truly has very poor knowledge of American geography and has to constantly refer to google maps.

When you click on the little pins on the map, they'll give you a little bit of information about either the episode or the lore behind the episode. The lore ones are movies, the information about the episode is usually just a voice recording of one of the team. Let's talk about some notable ones:

Ep3 - Bloodlust - Sara Gamble talks about how beautiful the last shot of Dean was - how the light was just perfect and made it look like he had a halo and he was so angelic.

Ep4 - Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things - Jared did the entire episode with a castless broken hand. Ouch.

Ep6 - No Exit - Kim Manners talks about how he made the boys crawl through wet sewers all day, so they through him in the water at the end of the day, so he dumped those buckets of water on them at the end of the shoot in retaliation.

Ep7 - The Usual Suspect - answers a question I had about this episode! There are a bunch of in-jokes at the end of the episode, where Dean mentions that Diana looked familiar and he has a craving for pea soup, and I did NOT understand...turns out Linda Blair played Diana and she was that chick in the Exorcist. I have never seen that movie so I was out of the loop...though I know enough about it to get the references now.

Ep10 - I learn that I've been spelling Eva's name wrong. Oops...too late now.

Ep11 - Playthings - That dollhouse cost $25,000...holy...

Ep14 - Born Under a Bad Sign - Jared talks about having to wear uncomfortable gortex under his clothes, and Dean punching Sam at the very end when Sam says "what did I miss?" was his and Jensen's idea, and he was really thrilled that everyone else liked it and kept it in.

Ep19 - Folsom Prison Blues - Jensen tells us that it was his birthday when they were filming the yard scenes, and someone had all the extras sing Happy Birthday to him when he walked onto set...and given the setting of the episode and the extras they had hired, it was the scariest birthday song he's ever heard.

Ep22- All Hell Break's Loose II - this launches into a whole Making Of video...about how the script was much more complicated at first and they had to widdle it down. And all the other problems they had with the shoot - having to reshoot Sam reacting to seeing his Dad, having to build the graveyard on a soundstage...all sorts of stuff. The cool thing I learned from this episode is that the director and the writer have "Tone Meetings" - about what tone of voice the lines should be said in...I thought that was neat.

Jared's Original Screen Test

This is fun to watch. You get to hear a Sam and Dean dialog that never made it into the final version of the Pilot. I also learnt that I can never be an actor. Much respect to the boys.

Webisode Gallery

There are three of these: One with head of Special Effects talking about what those dudes do, one with the writers talking about what they do, and one with the Prop Master talking about props. We learn from the prop master that Dean's favorite handgun is the one I drooled over in Croatoan and it's a Colt 1911 and that Sam's favorite handgun is a Taures PT99.

Gag Reel

Not much to say about this other than: Fun!
Thar be my review o' Special Features. I am now done with my S2 DVDs! Now it is time to move on to S3! Will I fit them all in before my six week disappearance into the world?! THE SUSPENSE!
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