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Two Days...

Two days until I start posting the Demented!sequel.

So far, "Vile Violent Vacations" is the leader for title, so it'll probably end up being that, unless any of you have a better idea.

I think I want to stick with the "adjective, adjective, noun" format and the alliteration. I liked Damned Demented Demons because it combined the HP and the SPN worlds in one - with Demented representing the Dementors of HP and Demons representing the enemies from SPN. But you can't have everything, I suppose.

Anyway, I'm really anxious for you guys to see the sequel - hopefully you like it. I like the way it opens anyway. I've still not gotten to the most exciting part in writing though - and I'm currently midway through chapter 14.

I'll be posting it every Wednesday - time of day will vary, depending how busy I am with work etc. I do live in Vancouver though, so for instance, it's 5pm on Monday here, but it's 1am Tuesday in Germany and 8am Tuesday in China. So, basically, judge accordingly based on where you live what day you should be checking for a chapter. Thursday is a safe bet for most of the world, I think.

I'll be posting it on sn_crossovers chapter by chapter on Wednesdays as well. Then when it's completed, I'll post a link to the complete story at spn_gen  and sn_fic . Let me know if you disagree with that system. Mind you, the only people who are going to see this post are people on my flist, so it's not like the people who only watch spn_gen  or sn_fic  will know that they should request that I post chapter by chapter there too...hmmm...ah well. I just don't want to fill up everyone's friends pages with repetitious postings.

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