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Missing Supernatural...and Congrats to Jensen

And so it begins...when things remind me of Supernatural and I realize I'm so very far away from seeing the show again...

1) I realized today that my favorite store on the Drive is called Kali
2) Stuart McLean, who does the Vinyl Cafe on the radio, thanks his editor at the end of each show - Meg Masters.

According to rumour, Jensen and Danneel are getting/got hitched today in Dallas. Congrats to them! I hope it was as nice a day today in Dallas as it was here.

They'll have beautiful babies someday. BLINDINGLY BEAUTIFUL.

Jared and Genevieve should have kids too, then their kids can all be friends and wouldn't that be adorable?

Ok, I'm turning into too much of a girl here. I'm going to go out for some sushi and sake, while I still have most of my pride intact.
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